Ecological spirit of grassland culture

Date of publication:2008-6   Press: Foreign Languages Press   Author:Chen Shoupeng   Pages´╝Ü197  

To implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, realize social harmony, cannot do without the historical experience. In the face of shocking sand raging, rivers, land desertification, deterioration of the ecological environment, Chinese people should establish what kind of ecological idea and ecological consciousness? China people should use what kind of attitude and practical action to face the world on environmental issues concern? "Ecological spirit of grassland culture (English version)" these pressing issues discussed from a new perspective, new point of view, it is another important achievement of Chinese prairie civilization.
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Chen Shoupeng, member Chinese Writers Association, Gorky study senior expert, enjoy the famous professor of special government allowances, eighth, nine, ten National People's Congress, the eighth, the nine session of the National People's Congress science education culture health committee. To join the army during the war of liberation, 1949 in the Yangtze crossing campaign. In 1952 graduated from the Shanghai Russian college. Beijing served as the "people" magazine editor Chinese Russian version. 1958 to the University, Inner Mongolia University, the Inner Mongolia Institute of education has put the president, Dean, director of the Department of. From 1988 to 1989 as a senior visiting scholar in the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union again in 1991 to academic visit. Department of Chinese Ecological Moral Education Association, member of advisory committee of experts, the State Forestry Administration, China Agricultural University, visiting professor of Chinese celebrities executive chairman of the association. Published "Golgi's aesthetic thought on the draft", "Golgi", "Golgi on the creation of draft night Festival and other", "Golgi" into the depths, translation of "Len Golgi", "the creation of the initial age", "Lenin" and so on more than 20 ministry and intellectuals. Published novels, prose, critic of more than 100, the award-winning.
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PrefaceForewordChapter I An Ecological Journey around Grassland CultureChapter Harmonious Soul of Nomadic ProductionNomadismPastureMan The and HorseChapter The Simplicity of the Nomadic LifestyleDressFood of and DrinkDwellingChapter Culture--the Magic of GreenShamanismHeroic EpicsMyths Grassland and LegendsRock Pictures and Metal WaresGrassland Songs and A Totally New Inspiration from DancesChapter V an Ecology CultureEcological Ideas: Reverence for Life and Respect for NatureEcological Ideas in the Societal DimensionGrassland Ecology CultureInspiration from Grassland CultureBibliography ReferenceAppendixPostscript
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"Ecological spirit of grassland culture (English version)" Chinese version has been published by the people's publishing house, and held a ceremony in the Great Hall of the people, the book by ecological ideas steppe horseback nation as the research object, discusses the nomadic production the soul of harmony, the nomadic life of the simplicity of the wind, the grassland culture Green rhyme problems, finally pointed out: in awe of the natural grassland culture, can provide new inspiration for the ecological civilization.
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