East Asian modern and Western Modernity

Date of publication:2005-9   Press: Sanlian Bookstore   Author:Xia Guang   Pages:377   Words:270000  

"East Asian modern and Western modernity" this book tells the story of the contemporary significance of Confucianism seems to have been a lot of people have said many times, so the book how much is the harp on the old tune. But I have no intention to blindly for the modern new Confucianism arrogance. This book is designed to compare the modernity of East Asia and the West from the perspective of culture. The central argument of the book is: East Asian and Western modernity represent two different modern mode under the background of globalization, and the difference between the main and the respective cultural tradition. Needless to say, this view is not the novelty. However, learned from the literature, in the study of different traditional culture how to influence modern pattern corresponding to the lack of in-depth analysis, system theory. I can't pretend to do so, but in this direction have made some attempts. The basic framework of this book is from the author's Doctoral Dissertation (Department of University of Toronto in 1997, social) evolved. During the thesis writing, the teacher Jaitlin (irving.m.zeitlin.zeitlin) and the other two steering committee member Qin Jiayi (Julia Ching) and Isajo (wsevolod w.isajiw) is benefited, hereby thank. There are some teachers, classmates and friends and the Sociology Department of University of Toronto in the process of writing this paper also provides a lot of help, this in the back of the attached paper of the original acknowledgements has been made, here is not to go into details.
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Xia Guang, born in 1964 in Hubei, Ezhou. In 1997 graduated from the University of Toronto in Canada, ph.d.. Now the social China Academy of social science research institute. The main research field is the theory of Cultural Society of Western science. The main works of "postmodern social theory", in addition to have professional publications in Chinese and North America some social science published numerous papers and Book reviews.
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In order English acknowledgements 1 Introduction: from the perspective of culture modernity 1.1 "Modernity" and the liberation of the people 1.2 East Asian Modernity and social theory in the 1.3 East Asian Modernity and cultural interpretation of 1.4 under the background of modernity dialogue 2 western theory and Confucian rationalism 2.1 western rationalism: nature and nature method the 2.2 Confucian Rationalism: knowing the knowledge and reasonable ceremony 3 western humanism and the Confucian doctrine of 3.1 Western Humanism: individualism and humanitarianism 3.2 Confucian Humanism: the harmony between man and nature the order pattern and 4 Christianity, Confucianism and modern 4.1 Confucianism and other East Asian tradition: "syncretism of the three religions" 4.2 Confucianism and Christianity: in the context of modernity and compare 5 Confucianism, familism and "post Confucian values of Confucianism:" 5.1 China family ideology 5.2 Confucian familism and "post Confucian values" 6 modernity and cultural: China research and his theoretical framework of revaluation heritage of Webb's 6.1 Webb 6.2 beyond Webb's vision of Modernity: the "post Confucian hypothesis" 7 Confucian tradition and modern East Asian society in economy, politics and culture 7.1 Confucianism and capitalist economy: Confucianism Confucianism and the spirit of capitalism 7.2 liberal democracy: Confucian values and human rights issues in 7.3 daily life of the Confucian Tradition: the relative and the feminist family's 8 conclusion: under the background of globalization of East Asian Modernity and western modern reference name table
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