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1917 autumn day, Peking University, Xi Zhai C No. twelve dormitories, then became a famous historian Gu Jiegang, and later served as acting president of the Peking University, Fu Sinian, is in talks, Is it right? Will drive a new professor Hu Shi from Beijing University Philosophy Department's class. Although two people live in the same dormitory, not a line, Gu is the Department of philosophy, Fu is Chinese system. This year twenty-four year old Fu Gu, aged twenty-one, is the second grade students with. They don't know their subsequent career, not know they talk about things, will determine a significant period in the academic history of Peking University. Gu Jiegang said, they are wearing this semester to a new professor, called Hu Shi, is American students, former professor from the Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns talk, talk about the two years before the Shang Dynasty, the new Professor Tang 虞夏 aside business, directly from the week announce King speaks, the classmates all say this is cut Chinese philosophy history, this is thought to rebel, how such a person to tell the history of philosophy of Peking University. The students want to be the professor away, he himself felt that Mr. Hu lectures and new ideas, but also indecisive, hope the other party to listen to lectures, do an evaluation, to determine Is it right? Will the new professor. The same is the second grade students, is only the different disciplines, and Gu Long Fu Sansui, why did you so solemnly to Fu asked to make a decision? This is to say to his skill. Fu Sinian gifted, at the age of eleven after reading the classics, can recite many text. In the three year of matriculation, has displayed remarkable scholarship. And the same year he, then became a famous literary historian of Russian water said: at Peking University matriculation, Fu had said to him: "Zhang Gaowen is a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, the article and knowledge is the first and so on, but not the first." Mao said to Fu first meaning is not very clear, but rather fear him reading knowledge, insights into the remarkable. When the foundation is Tongcheng sent by the master of the world, so deep the old foundation, natural by old scholars favor, new students envy. Shortly thereafter, the disciple white north, the person that still is old, just learning methods vary. In this way, the undergraduate Fu Sinian luck, soon to become Liu Shipei, Huang Kan, Liu Hanzhang these too disciple's favourite pupil, especially Huang, is regarded as the students. Fu Sinian's reputation in the students, matriculation more manifest than. Moreover, Fu Sinian as a student, he demonstrated strong organizational ability, is an expert in a student strike, catch the professor. And don't say in a few years after the May 4th Movement, who is the main organizer of the rally, in conversation with Gu Jiegang not long ago, he did something nice to Professor feat. According to the Peking University Students Luo Jialun memories is this: Zhu Pengxian is Zhang Taiyan students, learning can not say no, just teach the "Wen Xin Diao Long" non director, in the classroom, not a little error, can want to cite these errors, the students notes is hard to believe. Just a classmate to borrow Professor Zhu notes the manuscript, to Fu Sinian review. Fu with a night of time to read, pick out thirty error, by the whole signature book Cai president. Mr. Cai is the expert, to see to understand nature, but he does not believe it is the students themselves find, in order to prevent the professors arguing with each other in the wind, then suddenly summoned the signature of the class. Students panic, afraid of Mr. Cai to test, and if one person Fu Sinian assumed the responsibility is too heavy. So until you see Mr. Cai, a person sharing a few, ready just in. Indeed Mr. Cai face to face interview, sharing the students answered closely reasoned and well argued. After examination, Mr. Cai was silent, students also silent, one one bow filed out. Soon after, in an appropriate time, Zhu Pengxian did not teach this course. (Luo Jialun "Fu Mengzhen" Fu Sinian vivid spirit) is also very conceited, listen to the words of Gu Jiegang, agreed to listen to Hu Shi's class, to decide Is it right? Will this new studyStudents from Peking University Department of philosophy class. After carefully attended several classes, Fu for those going away Hu Shi's classmates said: "although this guy can't read much, but the way he came to. You can't make." So Hu Shi stayed in Peking University Department of philosophy. Of course, Hu Shi to stay in Beijing University teaching, not to say all this played a role, but to a newly returned students, if a horse lost its right away, from the plant down, the development of the career in the future, that is not a great obstacle. It is also, Fu Sinian never to pride, how many years did not ask Hu Shi said. After the death of Fu Sinian, Hu Shi missed in the article to mention this matter, is said with emotion: "I this twenty year old student, teaching at the Peking University, in the face of general mature students, not caused by storm; after ten years just know is Meng Zhen secretly made my protector." ("Hu Shi" thought Mr Fu Mengzhen) after listening to Hu Shi's class, method of scholarship on Hu Shi's admiration of Fu, from then on, he alienated Huang too students, went to Hu Shi's. From time to time tend to visit, consult the knowledge, on the. It is in the house of Hu Shi, to meet with the Peking University and not in a department of the Luo Jialun. Cited in the article said: I and Meng was met at the Peking University, 1917...... We began to have a deeper understanding, but in the house of Mr. Hu Shi. Then we go, first politely ask benefit, later became the discussion argues said free place. This period is optimal published "on the" literary improvement, but has not yet been formally proposed "national language of literature, literature of national language", before also is not formally literary revolution advocated as a call. Mr. Meng really amazing. What China deep knowledge and refined, and he accepted by the scientific method after finishing the old and creating more and deep. Mr. Right is often very modestly said, when he first entered university, Professor, often be always on tenterhooks, double hard, because he found that many students learning better than him. (after the victory of the war of second years, the North said Mr. Xi, speech, at the Nanjing International Festival Club dinner publicly this modest words.) This is Fu Mengzhen, the Russian water, the two or three people such as Gu Jiegang said. The real Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Liu Shenshu (Shi Pei), Huang Jigang (Kan), Chen Bo (Han Zhang) gentlemen, also very appreciated Meng Zhen, holding the old Confucianism such ideas, he inherited the tradition to Yizheng or the school. Meng Zhen hesitate at the crossroads of qualifications, but has a revolutionary, modern minded Meng Zhen, never hesitate at the crossroads, he jumped into the literary revolution camp. After the literary revolution banner, because Meng really surprise. Gu Jiegang advised Fu Sinian to listen to Hu Shi's class, to decide whether Hu Shi away, at the beginning, does not matter, but who can expect, then there will be a series of results. Things often hiding the beginning of historical events, but this is often the know, many historians hindsight. Hu Shi also talked about the old school and new school university. Hu Songping and Hu Songping spoke of Tsinghua origin Zhang Yinlin, asked: "if he does not enter into the Peking University Tsinghua, can make the research work in the next to Mr., he will have a special achievement." Hu Shi said: "no, the inside also conservative, is in the north, will not necessarily follow me. He is a Cantonese, or for old family; and if he have good friends, make sure different. You don't think North book is new, then there are the Wenzhou school, you know? Chen Jieshi, Lin loss are. Their uncle and nephew two people do not have what thing, values must not strike. Then Ma Xulun. Ma Xulun is probably the Chen Jieshi students." Hu Songping asked again: "Fu Sinian was not very conservative?" Hu Shi said with a smile: "yes, Meng is really very old-fashioned. Then wear the gown, holding a palm leaf fan." (Hu Songping Hu Shi in his late years "conversations" page sixty-third) there is a trivial matter, also suggests that confrontation and suspicion between the north of new and old factions. In 1918 December, Fu Sinian and Luo Jialun in response to the new culture movement, set up "fashion" magazine, Chen Duxiu on them is still a doubt. Zhou Zuoren in the "knowledge Tang memoir" said: "trendy" trunk is Fu Sinian, Luo Jialun's deputy, ability is poor, Fu in the Institute also single recognized a Kan article group "the backbone", can see a year ago or yellow sect. But in seven years in December, was completely transformed. So although Chen Duxiu himself in the series of "New Youth", but not confident that mana, at that time once asked me, "they can not be sent to do careful?" Although I taught this class, but it did not know the details, but to bring a romance to a happy ending to say nice things, said since they intentionally learn, want to be reliable. ("Zhitang memoir" page 376th) Fu Sinian of the change, its significance lies in the student at the Peking University, began the decline, opened a new era in the academic history, that is to study English in a number of liberal scholars, will become the real master of Peking University. This batch of liberal scholars, students and the struggle, also will more and more intense, which have different academic ideas, there are ambiguous political opinions, there are private people act on impulse in handling things, also be rather baffling personnel disputes. The trend, it is the advanced culture and ideology and traditional culture ideological struggle. The first is the academic contradiction, later evolved into the idea of conflict, finally is the social position of the sea. Of course, the opposition and struggle between conduct evil activities openly, in after years. History of the elderly are carefully arranged a big business, they make concerted efforts to do a temporary need, then let them into the road and Yang the darts. This event, is both the cooperation, work together to create the prosperity of the early new culture movement.
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The first chapter: Lu Xun and Hu Shi arrived at the same time to the crossroads of history to get Hu Shi out of the fortune and misfortune of new culture movement change of Peking University Classroom Peking University academic schools of Lu Xun's starting and ending time is the second chapter of Hu Shi: now we come back to the new culture movement and a member of the owners what freedom is to the society of modern Chinese grammar point error the cooling action of writings in the vernacular meaning and "vernacular history of literature" the forerunner third chapter Lu Xun: new cultural figures strongly criticized Lu Xun's face fan who to Mao Zedong's evaluation of Lu Xun before and after two different evaluation of Lu Xun's thought resources of the new cultural figure strong criticism in fourth chapter from the retraction events into two camps confrontation who dare to put Lu Xun's manuscript out "I love" is a satirical who two camps confrontation and the "Crescent" feud between the first step the fifth chapter "Youth must read" infighting Sun Fuyuan sounded the opening percussion also pushed back Xu Zhimo's run. This can let Lu Xun was Lu Xun really against Reading Chinese book the sixth chapter "female normal wave" in the Ming two party was sent and the Anglo American law, intentions and forced Lu Xun and Lu Xun Chen Xiying Zhang Shizhao debate entanglement how many books to say the outcome of the results of seventh chapter "gossip" event...... The eighth chapter "three one eight Massacre" in the ninth chapter less read against Lu read old don't read Hu Shi @##@ bibliography The study of Lu Xun, for me is a academic training. As one of the last times, Lu Xun's life is full of twists and turns, but also complex, have to also have change. He has his glory, with his sad. There are two points to note, one is my study, not involved in Lu Xun's ethics, also is not to his personal character, only to see him at what position in the historical period, played what role. Two I put this research, defining before 1927, since then Lu Xun has both revolutionary soldier's identity, beyond the scope of my. There is also a consideration, also can not be said. Because the past revere Lu Xun, thought that Lu Xun was right, take with him a debate or the opposition, all relegated to the backward or reactionary, too sorry history do, too sorry to those who have to China social progress to make contributions to the people. Is Lu Xun a reasonable, but also of historical justice, but also the history of many people a fair.
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Since the new cultural movement of Lu Xun's don't approve of sound. Ming and Cold War Secret two cultural camp. Show two cultural leaders all-round contest. This is Lu the shame of a book. This is a "make Lu academic shame" China modern literature history research monograph. Author Han Shishan "literary swordsmen" said, in recent years, Han mountain devoted to the study of literature, the book is heResearch efforts. Mainly describes the China thirty's cultural debate, revealed to Lu Xun and Hu Shi as the representative, the conflicts between two cultures. Show since the two cultural leaders all-round contest and the new culture movement of Lu Xun's don't approve of sound. Reproduction of the prosperous and bustling scene thirty's cultural circles, from "the incident that remove draft," youth must read struggle, female normal university student strike of struggle, gossip event and a series of historical events, the thought of two represents the academic camp is studied. Reproduce between active in the thirty's China literary group of the cultural elite conflict and struggle.
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