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This book is a companion piece to the economic revolution "or" cultural renaissance. If the "economic revolution or cultural renaissance" is the author of future society in a bold idea, then "culture to guide the future" one book focuses on the idea of the theory is described and demonstrated in detail. The basic viewpoint is: culture will play a central role in the future of the global development and human affairs, it not only to individual and institutional development, but also for the community, regional, national and international development plays a key role in.
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D. Paul Schaefer, the famous Canadian scholar, working in the cultural field for 40 years. Once in the UNESCO in Sierra Leone, the Bahamian archipelago and the New Zealand team work, is currently the director of the Canadian World Cultural project. Taught at York University, University of Toronto, canada. His works, mainly has: "the key Canadian culture -- Canada's future development" (1995), "Canadian culture and Politics -- to the Canadian culture" (1998), "culture and Canadian customs" (2006). The "economic revolution or cultural renaissance" has been published by me.
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1 preambular? Cultural center of global change to seek new cultural world system: the key to the future 2? As a whole the overall concept definition of cultural evolution of cultural concept defined culture culture culture of different methods as a disciplinary culture 3? Challenges critical cultural causality culture culture culture integrity the cultural value of the cultural identity of cultural conflict cultural observational culture creative cultural power in the next 4? As the development of cultural property and cultural knowledge and cultural reality of culture teaching necessity was 5? Interpretation of history culture historical interpretation power economic interpretation of history and historical cultural interpretation the use of the interpretation of the history of the culture and the abuse of 6? Cultural personality culture personality connotation of cultural personality concept of cultural personality culture personality culture of behavior of 7? The importance of community cultural development community as the culture of the whole community cultural landscapes of community culture management of 8 components of national cultural characteristics of culture? The national idea culture national culture national management 9? International cultural relations of the human family human cultural heritage Joint production of international relations and change the world culture 10? Future mileage inscription development and policy of cultural development and cultural policy arts and cultural development of the essence of cultural policy mechanism of cultural development and policy of development of traditional culture and policy 11? To culture in the age of Appendix A: licensing and acknowledgements appendix two: reference books
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"Culture" is really "a beacon for the future", provides a new understanding of art is full of vitality and the culture of this new paradigm to explore the way ahead for us. This book is a must read politics, education and business elite. We need to know all the cultural environment, so as to realize played an important role in the continuation of human culture in the future. The book is strongly recommended. -- Walter Pitman, the Canadian educators D Paul Schaefer, director of the Canadian world cultural projects all over the world, he called attention to the concept of culture. He from multiple fields of anthropology, philosophy, aesthetics and history of culture was reviewed. He wanted to correct the deviation of human -- split, inequality and over development in an overall and comprehensive perspective in the future. He used "the logic of culture", for our personal, group, country and the whole world of life have a profound enlightenment. -- James Peacock, President of society for the Anthropology of American
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  •   How do we need in the future, we will have what kind of future depends on our construction, what kind of culture!!
  •   This book basically represents the world view of culture, this is "the whole concept of culture", "the central organizing principle". The whole universe but I prefer Aurelius and me view, culture is just the pendulum.

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