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Taipei fault, Shanghai can make less? A Cheng, my name is A Cheng, surnamed zhong. 1984 began to write something, the signature is A Cheng, to be responsible for your own words. I was born in 1949 mu of the Ching Ming festival. Chinese miss the dead time, I muddled. School over, "Cultural Revolution", and then to Shanxi, Inner Mongolia to jump the queue, then to Yunnan, such as more than 10 years. In 1979 he returned to Beijing. Son. How you live, I live. There is a little different, I write some words can be printed out, put into place, change some money to supplement the family income. But with a go doing odd jobs carpenter, is also a craftsman. At the end of eighty's in the United States, has written many plays, novels, biography writing. Born in Pingtung in 1951 Taiwan board gave Amy 197l Kaohsiung Agricultural College agronomic graduated from the Department of Architecture Department of Tokai University 1975 to attend, under the famous architectural culture scholar Mr. Bao De 1985 the establishment of personal design studio, interior, landscape, public art and design work. Have founded the business impact of young people in Taiwan city life culture "old love will Coffee Pavilion" and "Apocalypse Now beer hall" 1988 year self imposed exile wandering in Europe and America, wants to have a look the world, is from the world to see myself, decided to reduce the work, find yourself 1990 began to work in Taipei Shanghai in two. Bank contacts for ten years, and write the urban culture art columns and essays in newspapers and magazines, and published a Book of "wandering eyes", "heart of Taipei" Shanghai love 1998 officially settled in Shanghai, the establishment of the Shanghai environment design studio. Taipei architect Mr. board gave Amy, studio leased the Suzhou river before the liberation of the original. Sea Tycoon Du Yuesheng's barn, two buildings and two on the third floor surface layer, "product over 2000 square meters. What city and I went up the stairs, and finally to our conversation, A Cheng mentioned his first two grade two on the amazing feeling! To sit, talk, just cry a little. In fact, because of the amazing studio, created the two old friends the opportunity to meet. Board began passing acquainted with A Cheng for many years, they were in Losangeles, New York, Taipei at the same time to live. A Cheng has also been board began passing studio in Taipei, but he didn't come to the studio in Shanghai, a place where we talk about architecture and culture magazine requirements of the topic, it is very fit. Also because of the studio, located in the Suzhou river gold position, in Shanghai the current rapid development of the city construction and demolition, may not have let Mr. board began passing long live of hope. Yefiye, it is hard to say.. (of course, this article was published, everything changed. This article published in 2000 January.) Board gave Amy: I choose Shanghai as my career starting point design, because people love the city vigor and opportunities. I called the chance, just that I'm going to development opportunities, but including the city itself opportunities and potential. This city is what will become? It is hard to say. This city One's fighting spirit soars aloft. to become the international metropolis, but international metropolis is not your cover many new high-rise buildings to be. Only the building, the last seven or eight years, Shanghai is the history of the development of the whole world on the same time the huge construction site. Unfortunately there is no cover a building can get international up said to represent Shanghai in this era of building. So many chances, just grab a can turn her into an international topic. Like Bilbao in Spain (BILBAO), a small city. , was unknown, the map is not easy to find -o but because of the new built a American Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao branch 'overnight, famous throughout the. The Ball. The world does not have a city to build a cultural public buildings so much in such a short period of time, not to speak of folk architecture. I have never seen such a city, in foreign countries like Japan, cover a Tokyo the New City Hall spent more than twenty years. A Cheng: the system is not the same. The parliamentary system, how to spend the taxpayers' money, to be discussed. Here is the power of concentration, the results could not be met for. Board gave Amy: what good looks, not only look at the sight, with now and in twentieth Century ninety years ago, will feel the city beautiful. We want to go out, to see the world. In the condition of socialist power use superior financial concentration, this city is too have the opportunity to make international thing, can be in the international leading, not foreign what we followed it what to do. Take the Jinmao Tower, she told the New York high-rise buildings grow really does not have what difference, is almost a replica of the Grand Theatre, New York; style with the French like. A Cheng: soil and ocean, is a kind of ideology. Say, what is the earth? Soil is a fear of others think they don't yang. Beijing, Shanghai, almost all have this kind of phobia, but Shanghai is the cover up well, but the bones or soil. I have a friend do a test, is on Huaihai Road. Take a closer look at a woman thighs advertising, the pass by Shanghai people behind repeatedly said "country folk", have proved effective every time. Board gave Amy: I take the Suzhou River in Shanghai don't old warehouse into a studio, which in foreign countries is nothing out of the ordinary, New York SOHO is such an old warehouse district. New York is the original people not regional, thirty years ago poor artist in residence, and then enter the gallery, trendy shops, become the birthplace of New York even American modern culture and the arts. It represents New York, represents a symbolic American open art. In the process of development of many foreign cities, have passed this old building demolition process area. But many advanced countries the majority still retain considerable area, from New York to London, from A Cheng Amsterdam to Seattle, San Francisco, kept many of these storage plant. These were later to become a leader of the urban regional or national innovation culture. But such areas, more than the rest of the Shanghai, is also a wide range, because it has too many business and industry. Not only is the Suzhou River, Yangpu District has more large factory area. I see a warehouse where, inside an elevator to take a truck into the open, that is a hundred years old elevator, every detail is as beautiful as art, it can also be used, if it moved to the Museum of fine arts, the museum to be scary. Heard that the German company is willing to take one million yuan to buy back, then helped install a new to them. But these places are quickly removed. In fact, we can create a new function, to retain the old industrial buildings, making it a chance. But if you think it is backward, it occupies the central position the best position, the best map of Shanghai, to build high-end hotels, senior housing, you will take it down, if change an idea, you might create a Shanghai soho. Also be overnight, the industry in the Suzhou River fate fate. See the experimenter cultural conscience and good solution, an idea. P2-5

Yu Leiqing, in 1985 graduated from the Fudan University Chinese Department of Shanghai, the same year in Shanghai literature and art publishing house so far. Has long been engaged in art magazines and art editor of book planning work, Bo learn dawn.
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In the conversation in the book, except for the last one of Chen Danqing and Andy dialogue for two hundred seven years, the rest were formed in two 10 to two hundred years, I was serving the "art world" magazine, dedicated to "talk" column, invite various Jun to stagger, especially their professional, let them to the general reader about art. The first ten dialogue in the book had set the book "face to face with art -- relationship", in the two hundred two years after publication; ten this will set the book, due to various reasons delayed. The merge publication, it has a finish. Today, look at the dialogue, not only talker look and then I don't feel scene reproduction, time has passed these years, more is that they are talking about the problem, and there are still more prominent, not out of date. If an opinion, a kind of thought, last ten years, it only shows that the speaker is not mature and lack of vision, because social change is quick, human nature, but is always a difficult to move mountains. This book interlocutor, is the outstanding figures in their respective professional, wide field of vision, experience of deep, deep and shallow, frank and sincere to speak their minds, directed at the crux of the problem. Time ten years, but some old people are supporting however, Wang Shixiang died, Mr. Wu Guanzhong; just got the news, Mr. Zhang Peiheng also died early this morning. Can't help but feel lost or difficult. Often in those few hours of conversation, Mr. Chen Danqing think, my role, should be a stir two cricket fighting grass, but in life that I never played that game, just an all-out effort to ask what I want to know, and completely, does not lose shape to restore their thinking, dedication gives a reader. Yu Leiqing, two, in June 7th one one
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exchange @##@ ignorance In the "culture is not old (famous dialogue)" the conversation, except for the last one of Chen Danqing and Andy dialogue for two hundred seven years, the rest were formed in two 10 to two hundred years, I was serving the "art world" magazine, special "talk" column, invite various talent, especially to stagger their professional, let them to the general reader about art.
by Yu Leiqing editor of "culture is not old (famous dialogue)" mainly includes Taipei fault, Shanghai can make less? , picked up the sickle, see the wheat fields, from willow began, architecture is not suitable for humor, and Kunqu Opera, art is just illusion and Prejudice? Etc..
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You want to know more about the great masters of thought? Edited by Yu Leiqing "culture is not old (famous dialogue)" dialogue is to have a major impact on contemporary art masters face-to-face, each group dialogue collision dialogue both sides personality shine, also reflects the dialogue between the two sides personality charm. Believe that read the book you one wish will be fulfilled.
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