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A reflection of Inner Mongolia people's life and struggle of good film -- "victory" Inner Mongolia people's view (April 30, 1950) in Mongolia as a national cadre, see the life of the people of Inner Mongolia and reflect the struggle of the film, I feel very excited. For Inner Mongolia this place, as early as in ancient times, there is a poem wrote: “ Chile Chuan, yinshan. The days seem Qionglu, covering the grassland. Gray days, the vast field, the wind and low grass see cattle and sheep. ” how many people are yearning for Inner Mongolia! Green meadows stretch as far as eye can see, the silver Mongolia package decorated in the grasslands, the blue water of the lake reflected the golden desert, countless herds hidden in the green grass. Inner Mongolia is how poetic! The people living here sometimes together, wrestling, archery, horse racing, drinking, dancing, singing; sometimes they dispersed into a boy a boy, even a family moved to go where. Inner Mongolia is how free! In fact, this is only to see Inner Mongolia from the surface. In the Kuomintang and the Japanese imperialists ruled Inner Mongolia, some of the scholars on the creation of a lot of Inner Mongolia legend, plays, poetry, literature, painting etc.. However, all these works, truly reflect the real situation of the people in Inner Mongolia, I see little of it. "Inner Mongolia people's victory" is the first real art reflects the life of the people of Inner Mongolia and the struggle of the film. In 1945 August, Soviet and Mongolian army with the Anti Japanese struggle, Chinese people into the northeast, the Japanese imperialists and the fall. The people of Inner Mongolia in the China under the leadership of the Communist Party, set off a wave of turn over battle, shook the princes of Inner Mongolia, a feudal ruling foundation. In order to unify the leadership of Inner Mongolia people in their struggle for liberation, at the end of 1945, held the union flag people's representative conference in Zhangjiakou, established by President Ulav led the Federation of Inner Mongolia autonomy movement. Autonomous Movement will be set up later, sent a large number of cadres to do mass work, in the union flag, actively promote the autonomous movement of Inner Mongolia Federation of the program, organization Federation of Inner Mongolia autonomy movement, the union flag. "Inner Mongolia people's victory" this film, is a description of the flag's work was quite typical, how to unite the masses, how to fight for the top, how to isolate the enemy, how to unite the people of all ethnic groups in Mongolian and Han broke the Kuomintang Feijun attack. The film "Inner Mongolia people's victory", correctly criticized a few Mongolia people, because the challenge by the reactionary ruling class caused by the narrow mind, and pointedly revealed reactionary nature of KMT Han nationalists. Internationalism the correct view of Marxism, analyzing the historical origin of narrow nationalism, chauvinism. It clearly tells us: a history of the Mongolian and the Han nationality to kill each other, war, is caused by the reactionary ruling class of Han and Mongolia; between Mongolia and Chinese people is not hatred. “ eight one five ” later, the feudal rulers of Inner Mongolia in order to maintain their rule, continue to ride as non in Inner Mongolia people's neck.Bad people, for their deception. On the surface they advocated Inner Mongolia to “ ”, anti Chinese to interfere in Inner Mongolia, in fact implicitly or explicitly with the Kuomintang Han nationalists in collusion, the suppression of the people to turn over battle. When a part of the Mongolia nationality people listen to the feudal rulers of lies, that the Communist Party is not good, the bad, the Mongols joined the Communist Party is surrendered to Han; after many hard fact: the Communist Party is proved to have a genuine and sincere desire to help the Mongolia people, the Kuomintang is oppression, exploitation and genocide in Mongolia nationality. So that the masses gradually awakening, found themselves affected by the feudal rulers of deception, that the Communist Party is the Mongolian and Han people's true Savior, the Kuomintang reactionaries are the common enemy of the Mongolian people, and actively involved in the struggle against the Kuomintang reactionaries. Process the film "Inner Mongolia people's victory" is the description of the people of Inner Mongolia of this realization. The film "Inner Mongolia people's victory", also profoundly reveals the Inner Mongolia social class struggle situation, this is very important. The last feudal rulers of Inner Mongolia denied Inner Mongolia class exists, the field and some don't understand the Inner Mongolia people also think grassland is the free world. The fact is there are very dark, Inner Mongolia cruel feudal rule. He has the right to wield absolute power and even married people, farmers are not free; he had lead a luxurious and dissipated life life, and the lives of working people is not the horses and camels. … …
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