Cultural Populism

Date of publication:2001-1   Press: Nanjing University press   Author:[English] Mike Geoghegan   Pages:362   Words:270000  

Jim Mcgugan is in the center of Coventry University communication research teaching.
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"Contemporary academic prism:" General Preface acknowledgements introduction the first chapter populism and common culture of Bbu Ruedi Maher paradox populist emotional culture is the usual "in the old and new era of glory between" the second chapter Cultural Populism trajectory "lax behavior power" from the hegemony theory to the new revisionist questioned the populist third chapter of youth culture and consumer analysis of sub culture resistance to the research on gender youth consumption passion fourth chapter popular TV watching TV soap opera type of women's childish switching channel fifth chapter cultural and political dilemma "sun" sink review pornographic text does not kill the sixth chapter's abnormal state in (?) Renaissance bibliography name index subject index @##@ modern social life change in the identity of the writing on the wall conclusion -- Criticism The book presents a novel insight into current trends and Research on popular culture and media studies. The book explores the deep in the culture of populism emotion and impulse and postmodernism variants, and made a sympathetic critique; points out the trend of a complete analysis of consumerism, and show that it is the method of complex physical environment and mediator of a satisfactory description into ordinary people's entertainment and the personal and political expression. According to Raymond Williams, Stuart Holzer and the "Bermingham school", John Fiske, youth sub culture, popular TV research and Analysis on the whole and public communication related issues (including advertising, art and communication policy, children's television, tabloid journalism, feminism and pornography, La Shi Di event) careful Si fine analysis, Jim. Mike Geoghegan to restore critical of popular culture in rapid change, contradictions in society analysis become an independent school. This book is a book about students past and present arguments introduction, it also researchers and lecturers and put forward some challenging topic for graduate students.
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