Cultural interpretation China ancient Lyric theory

Date of publication:2005-11   Press: Peking University press   Author:Li Junping   Pages:289   Words:301000  

Li Junping, male, Shaanxi Xi'an people. 1952 born in September. Beijing Normal University in 1988 graduated from the Department of Chinese, master of literature and art. Zhanjiang Normal University professor in the Department of Guangdong Chinese, academic leaders, deputy director of the Department of Beijing Normal University, 2001 by literature research center as part-time researcher, national "fifteen" social science research advisory committee. The Chinese Society for aesthetics, Chinese society, psychology of literature and art China research on ancient Chinese literature theory, Mao Zedong's Thoughts on literature and art in the Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, the Writers Guild Chinese Literature Research Association member.
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"Literary theory and Cultural Studies Series" total order and good nature to tone non music -- the preface introduction from the Osprey is shut off -- China ancient Lyric theory origin and methodology of interpretation of Chapter 1 ask the world what love is -- emotional ontology questioning and emotion to the second chapter constantly tangled cut -- emotional dimensions and lyrical complexity of third chapter for the heart also shake Yan -- gushy and lyrical way. The fourth chapter with the end of ISO -- lyrical form differentiation and integration of the fifth chapter of emotion in action and in words - Lyric intrinsic mechanism the sixth chapter reach the acme of perfection -- The meaning is implied. lyric poetry, understanding and the other seventh. Chapter poems different material and other interest non affair -- the similarities and differences between the lyrical narrative of the letter Ma Long wild long -- Western Lyric theory will pass and research prospect of flowers into the hand from the border -- Postscript @##@ generation This book to lyrical theory in ancient Chinese as resources, materials and objects, the cultural interpretation method, has studied the mechanism of writers and artists, inner emotional activities and activities (Lyric feelings through different media, carrier outward) mechanism. With emphasis on the "feelings" occurs, trajectory, "Lyric" activities of the trajectory, "Anthropology ontology Lyric" activity on the characterization and language forms, specific lyrical process integration and lyric, lyric and narrative of the relationship and difference, and put forward some original opinions. This study emotion, lyric mechanism and works systematically monograph, is still relatively rare, belongs to the innovative research. Substantial in content, concise language, explain profound theories in simple language and clear, with a touch of fun. Although it is based on the theory, also has the value of application.
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