Cultural Criticism

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Zhongzhou ancient books publishing house   Author:Feng Jicai   Pages´╝Ü481  

The part you want to approach and into the present, contemporary writer Feng Jicai, contact the soft and he carefully? Want to have a taste of this summary of extremely talented literary generalist literature channels? The copious and fluent in more than 400 words of 16 volumes is a door and a path for having heard it many times, here we can fully display his outstanding achievement of novel, prose, drama, essays, painting, literary theory and cultural studies, the more we never met debut works!
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Feng Jicai was born in 1942 in Zhejiang Province, Cixi, tianjin. One of the "Scar Literature" writer. Representative works are short stories "carved pipe", "low high woman and her husband", "earthly person", novelette "ah", "whip". "Three inch Jinlian", prose collection "pearl bird", "cultural essays show mercy", "Paris", "art is supreme, listen to the Russian", by "Feng Mocai album" etc.. Works have won national awards many times, and in Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan, and other language translation and publication. Now China Federation of literary and art circles, the chairman, vice chairman of Chinese folk literature and Art Association of Tianjin city, President of the Federation of literary and art circles.
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Cultural sense of responsibility of the vulgar culture of contemporary popular culture menu culture in globalization four subjects who lost? Who clears up our culture? -- from the Spring Festival feeling about the weak culture how to do? Carry forward the uniqueness of Oriental culture Chinese city reconstruction -- on the "new zaochengyundong" Shenzhou everywhere small building show mercy to protect the city of classical dwelling brook no delay city why memory? Names of the significance of current city + identical city on the yellow and red cards system should be established to Tianjin city has a mind -- a cultural behavior of the historical record of gleaning -- about the history and culture of the Tianjin third space as "Tianjin old house," the four corners of the world order small building the future value of Tianjin -- "old house, small building style" order took my old Street rescue documentary Street meaning of cultural achievements about Geng Yanbo House Museum -- a creative residential protection way the old like me "old town initiative" drum and called to Chinese city will old and old tradition and region what is the modern Home Furnishing? To rescue the folk cultural heritage to pinch rescue folk cultural heritage appeal salvage and survey: why, what, how to do? Solemnly announced the rescue project -- Speech at the press conference in China folk cultural heritage to the folk to! Thought and action -- Preface to watch in the field of Jin three worry Gui Wei notes Wuqiang roof chamber paintings version found Yuci Hou Gou Cun, Dali sampling investigation experience recorded Changchun shaman Ji bittersweet album -- contemporary preface field calls for the theory of folk art folk aesthetic variation tourism damage depth tourism pseudo culture and Yangtze River, a a question may be cultural disaster in Three Gorges Project and the reservoir and doubts -- visit Chongqing City Vice Mayor Gan Yuping at the loss of traditional folk culture and China node Spring Festival party from Panjiayuan is a new folk lame too foreign section of the Chinese holiday not holiday museum is the reform and opening up the cultural blind spots of culture view and refused to eternal ideas culture New Year paintings retired paper-cut debut Thean Hou Temple paper-cut -- for a revival of the folk art good manual is a heritage cultural New Year paintings and public opinion have the Spring Festival and ward off evil spirits, can not be played down -- from Hangzhou fireworks ban on guns as below about limiting gun move and also very good on the door of the character should not lose New Year paintings of folk art is the leading -- Speech at the first Chinese wood New Year paintings International Symposium on three New Year paintings the witnessing of Nan Xiang asked to draw down Visit the fish Yangjiabu pictures about Suzhou Taohuawu New Year paintings "keep on good terms" a letter from the Wuqiang New Year paintings come back,, New Year paintings! New Year paintings version "crane age old will" discovery "version of the ancient war on three fish" on Jia's version of value and significance of the census Chinese wood New Year paintings
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  •   Admiration and respect for Feng Jicai, not just because of his style and talent, is more admired his personality -- gentle, modest, really, in the basis of patriotic people, always doing their own efforts and contributions to mankind China unremitting and sake and!
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