Cultural criticism and the intellectual left

Date of publication:2009-10   Press: Jilin Publishing House   Author:Meng Fanhua   Pages:277  

Meng Fanhua, doctor of literature, is now a visiting professor at the Shenyang Normal University, China culture and Literature Research Institute of Jilin University; Dr. China Academy of Social Sciences, tutor, vice president of the China contemporary literature research society, vice chairman of Liaoning Writers Association; Liaoning University, Southwest Jiao Tong University part-time professor. The main works include: "Carnival" (Chinese, Han Chinese version), "1978", "dream of passion: fate", "and Chinese twentieth Century literary history" (third volumes), "media and cultural leadership", "Chinese modern literature history" (co authored), "imagine the feast", "lying", "Longgang scattered people think Ya", "literary landscape", "new century literature", "the exact truth literature" etc.. Editor in chief: "a hundred years Chinese literature always" (11 volumes of literary history, and edited by Xie Mianhe) "50 years" literature of the Republic (editor in chief and the human), "90's" (on the), "Contemporary Literature" (words and 子诚 editor Hong), "king of short stories" series (18 volumes), "cloth tiger's book" (13 volumes), "pioneer writing", "writing" and other series of Yelang novels. In the "Chinese social science", "Chinese social science English version", "Literature", "literature review", "Guangming Daily", "literature and Art Forum", "Contemporary Writers Review" published more than 300 papers. Japan, France, Taiwan and the mainland Chinese comment and introduction. The article is "Xinhua digest", the National People's Congress Book newspaper Chinese contemporary literature, literary theory, the album album of cultural studies, as well as a variety of paper anthology album, annual papers selected included. More than ten kinds won literary awards.
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Before the formation of the modern intellectuals, Chinese show off literary skill of people known as the "scholar". The literati is now culture. Staff, the squire, although there are cultural, there may be some habit of literati, but their identity protocol for their way of life and emotional way, they also can not be called literati. Just as officials, civil servants, lawyers, engineers, teachers, although there are cultural, but they are the politician or the professional workers, can not be called literati. In the traditional China, "Scholar" is not only a marginal group, is also one of the most liberal groups. They rely on to fate, bohemian, indifferent to fame, stop at nothing to go whoring etc.. This kind of behavior and values are reflected in the literati's poetry. Five four after the new culture movement, this tradition was despised by the mainstream culture, it is also not the stereotypical modern revolution radical. Therefore, fiction in the tradition of "literati" atmosphere in a relatively long periods in breaking. 90 years later, were published Jia Pingwa's "the deserted city", Wang Jiada's "the writer", so that we have the chance to appreciate the novel "the scholars". Zhuang zhidie and Hu although modern literati, but their interest, desire and way of life have traditional literati distinct mark. Although they are writers, but also the social identity, but they have some kind of "behavior different from other social class taste": they have families, but the side there is no lack of women; living well, but still love money; they talk about poetry and painting, full of wit, but also broken down vertical wine or just the passions shows between the lines. If the "deserted city" "the writer" and other works of figures, there still remained the old scholars habits and tastes of words, then, young writer Li Shijiang's "getaway", is an expression of the popular novels of the modern. Li Shijiang's novels of this era of wizards. The first reading of Li Shijiang's novel is "false" and "more than love love you is to hurt you". The intuition is, Li Shijiang is the greatest literary "number one". The experience of reading from his novel and we have been accustomed to. The two novels, the theme and the narrative methods have some similarities, but these works are very good novel, his subject matter and almost all current especially his generation a unique way of life and situation, and his way of looking at the world and discourse related. In the society and the college with zone, the past was that the inherent problems implied the most pure groups, he relentlessly tear. Intellectuals, whether young or elderly. Some of them trivial, boring, empty and fragile, he was exposed to injured all over the body. His cruelty is from him about this group personal understanding and perception. When only two people there, life is not displayed in the public domain, people do not cover and performing consciousness, original appearance can be know. Li Shijiang handled the scenes of life, there are a large number of the two personal contacts, at this time, he created the potential and opportunities for fully stripped humanity for their false cloak. In his works we see not only has not been revealed by the spirit world, and see the younger generation of freedom, relaxation and be attitude. Therefore, in today's complex and changeable life, they can do a job with skill and ease of expression is master of life and youth and interpreter.......
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The first series of cultural criticism on second series third series writers on the trend of @##@. "Cultural criticism and the intellectual left" is the famous literary critic Meng Fanhua in recent years engaged in the study of literature and culture section of the article collection. The content is divided into three parts: research and works of literary theory and cultural criticism, thought. These articles in academic journals and literary journals published and produced certain effect. Some articles won some awards; some articles in academic journals by the predecessors and peers. The book named "cultural criticism and the intellectual left", the hand with the content and research methods, with one hand and with the author's perspective and position of the relevant. Cultural criticism in recent years in the China has become a "school", the surface, this is a great change, in line with international standards or the inevitable result of globalization China social life; on the other hand, is also the academic attention to this change, the inevitable reflection of contemporary life in the. When faced with these new cultural experience, the author is more of a guard or criticism, theory the author accepted Western "knowledge about the left wing".
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