Cultural criticism and post modern theory of Marx

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Mass culture is a new culture form of contemporary world, cultural forms a postmodern. From the last century, people are constantly on the mass culture research, has listed the Weiss doctrine, the Bermingham school, Frankfurt school, the Marx doctrine, post-modernism cultural theory, post colonial cultural theory, Orientalism and feminist cultural theory etc.. In these culture theory also contains cultural theory of modern Marx doctrine is, they are based on the Marx theory, the contemporary post-modern cultural forms of criticism. Of course, due to the many of the modern Marx's problem now we lack a clear understanding of, for example, who belongs to the postmodern Marx doctrine? Who is the real station in Marx's position in the criticism of mass culture of contemporary? Have what difference between their views and the Marx doctrine? And so on the problems have not been solved yet, so write a book about the modern Marx's writings and actually very difficult. In twentieth Century 80 years, foreign whether the Marx doctrine toward what direction? This question is a very important problem we study abroad the Marx doctrine. Seen from current data, in addition to the introduction of some scholars, it is difficult to see a rich data. Some foreign scholars although young when once the Marx doctrine, but in the last century 60's, have from the Marx doctrine to others.

How to understand the popular culture? It Public opinions are divergent. Among them, the negative mass culture, the popular culture as the object of criticism occupies the majority. From cultural criticism of the Bermingham school culture to Habermas, experienced and the Weiss doctrine emphasizes that culture is a kind of leisure activities, advocating cultural elitism; after Williams "capital" and "small" cultural distinction, it seems that mass culture have been recognized. However, the Frankfurt school is the popular culture as a tool of political manipulation, popular culture onlyLook at the composition of the decline of the mark. Not only is Frankfurt school, other researchers also hold the same attitude. We in this book is an attempt to study on mass culture dialectical value judgment of the Marx doctrine. The book of Marx theory and modern mass culture critical problem, relates to the modern media and popular culture, popular culture, the function and nature of the era of mass culture, intellectual, cultural criticism theory of Marx doctrine and post modern. Greatly deepened the understanding of the modern state and society how to self justification.
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The concept of order three diverse cultural perspective of mass culture from the historical dialectical development view of mass culture from culture to culture two Utopia from Marx's culture and formed a new culture and modern critical paradigm four after Marx's five Marx doctrine, cultural and people first chapter culture, mass culture and cultural study the mass culture construction way of life (a) the concept of culture (two) -- Philosophy of culture and the culture of interdisciplinary research free culture and consciousness of culture two cultural turn (a) philosophy of culture of the cultural turn (two) cross the significance of the research subject of culture culture to the rise of the study of three contemporary culture (a) and Weiss (two) Bermingham school (three) (four) of Marx's ideology of mass culture of Postmodernism (five) theory of post colonialism (six) Orientalism (seven) theory of consumer society (eight) feminist second chapter of modern media and mass culture, mass media and modern person's life ( A) mass communication (two) from mass communication to the communication (three) mass media is to promote modern means of visual consumption (four) media is the connection of culture and economy between two mass media consumption oriented function of three media by the political, economic, and cultural integration (a) (popular culture and Politics two) mass culture and economy in the third chapter, the mass culture function and nature of mass culture guides the non-material consumption (a) mass culture is a kind of trend of commercialization of cultural attitudes (two) popular culture lead new consumption patterns (three) mass culture to guide the new practice with two visual consumption culture the image of the Carnival -- the essence of the mass culture of three virtual happiness -- life and spiritual features of the new era of (a) from the visual consumption to virtual pleasure (two) from the symbol consumption to identity (three) from the false happiness to the virtual love four visual consumption -- not the eternal theme of popular culture (a) accelerated the secular culture (two) of mass culture has accelerated the public personality alienation of five Da Zhongwen The dilemma of epistemological essence of the fourth chapter in the era of Mass Culture Intellectuals in the era of mass of two times of Mass Culture Intellectuals intellectuals (a) Gresham's law culture field "(" bad money drives out good rules) (two) the role of anxiety lack cultural capital of three generations of intellectuals in mass culture era intellectuals (mass culture a legislative role), (two) role differentiation in mass culture era intellectuals (three) and mass culture in the interaction of four intellectuals typical intellectual in the era of popular culture historical mission (a) adhere to the critical position (two) value position of cultural diversity in (three) China's cultural conflict and construct public intellectuals the fifth chapter to the professional ideal type of cultural capital and its solutions under the background of formation and development of cultural capital (a) cultural consumption led to the emergence and development of cultural capital (two) cultural industry is the cultural capital of their skill enclave (three) dual influence of cultural capital for the development of the two popular culture of our era positive impact (a) the mass culture media created equal cultural atmosphere (two) daily mass culture to promote the integration of art and life (three) mass culture entertainment to meet people's spiritual needs to relax (four) commercial mass culture promotes the formation of the independent personality of popular culture (five) the visual change people grasp the cultural contradictions and their solutions in our world in three under the background of popular culture (a) the cultural contradictions in China at the present time (two) the development of China's socialist culture and the strategy of the sixth chapter of Marx's cultural criticism of postmodern theory the cultural logic of late capitalism -- Zhan Mingxin's post modern Marx's critique of culture (a) ideology of Marx's Hermeneutics (two) culture method of Marx's theory and postmodern theory (three) after the modern mass culture criticism in two after Eagleton Marx's "modern culture" (a) to re know the cultural significance: the dialectical logic of culture (two) Marx Criticism: cultural crisis (three) Culture in the modern face: the culture war (four) discuss regression primitive culture: the culture and nature (five) Marx's postmodern theory of the three David Harvey Marx theory and modern cultural criticism theory (a) Harvey and Marx (two) post modernism and the Marx doctrine (three) after the modern to the roots (four) after the crisis of modern shift of culture: the "time-space compression (five) to" deepen "dialectical Utopia ideal" response to the postmodern turn of modern consumption theory of Marx's four Bo Delia (a) about the theory of consumption society (two) and Bo Delia Marx (three) Post Modernist theory reference bibliographic
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The first chapter of the rise three contemporary culture, popular culture and Cultural Studies (four) study of mass culture of post modernist changes between elegant culture and popular culture is a postmodern cultural theory. Among them, Zhan Mingxin, the Marx doctrine with Western characteristics of postmodernism theorist, very representative of the last stage of mass culture, the idea of postmodernism and the development of capitalism -- the late capitalist connection, popular culture, postmodernism as a result of the cultural logic of late capitalism. Zhan Mingxin think, social development and culture paradigm change corresponding. He put the development of capitalist society is divided into three stages: market capitalism, monopoly capitalism and the late capitalism, cultural paradigm corresponding with this is the realism, modernism and post modernism. Cultural paradigm in post-modernism, the past experience of failure, a fundamental break of culture, mass culture art form. New discourse, such as collage art, music, music, silent coupled to sex and violence as the theme, the simple pursuit of success rate of the film, France's new novel and so on, it is a modern concept of test field. In dealing with these cultural patterns, we need to form a new evaluation standard, we need to give up the original cultural standard. In the post modernist fashion era, "all forms of postmodernism are unable to avoid this all kinds of 'cultural industry' the temptation, the command. In such a modern 'fall' style painting, behavior is dirty poor quality (packaging with cheap also beautiful a quality suggestive of poetry or painting), artificial become the culture characteristics". Mass culture is the dominant cultural logic, postmodern popular period first, post-modern culture, give people a new feeling a deep; second, give a person a kind of sense of history is more shallow weak; third, this culture is the art form a new "schizophrenia"; fourth, this is a high intensity of emotion; fifth, this is a new spatio-temporal expression; sixth, this is a kind of transnational capitalist mode of operation.......
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