Cultural consciousness and moral rationality

Date of publication:2005-10-01   Press: Guangxi Normal University press   Author:Tang Junyi   Pages:583   Words:410000  

Tang Junyi was born in Yibin County, Sichuan Province, Cypress Creek in 1909. The ancestors from Wuhua to Guangdong, Hakka, VII originally from Guangdong and Sichuan sugar workers started to move, home farm. To his grandfather generation began reading, called plowing the fields of home. His father is former scholar, later went to Nanjing Shina Nei Institute from Mr. Ouyang have no Buddhism, and is the author of "Yi" Mencius book. His mother also have considerable knowledge, left the world of a simple feeling really "thinking". 复堂 poems full of in such a family atmosphere of the traditional ethics cultivation, Tang Junyi has developed the mood on the deep respect and kindness. "". Chuan Nan (watershed) and simple folk customs and "east Jiang Sheng Liu Dong Bo, South to the Jinsha River scene mang gray" cold mountains, more edifying him generous honest character (see the "nostalgia"). Childhood of Tang Junyi basically is spent in Chengdu and Chongqing city. At the age of seventeen, he entered the Peking University, Department of philosophy, Centre College soon transferred to Nanjing, the industry on the Fang Dongmei, Mr. Tang Yongtong Zhu, and have heard Mr. Xiong Shili speak "new realism", and the gate wall.
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Since the sequence of a -- writing since the origin of order two -- Ming book cases. Chapter 1 Introduction: the meaning of human cultural activities and self-determination activities of meaning of two cultural activities of the cultural ideal and cultural activities to three species four natural desire for life, the natural psychological, and physical body and cultural activities of the relationship between five language the letter and spirit of the second chapter of family consciousness and moral rational introduction two couples often road and lane changing three filial piety metaphysics according to their moral significance of four friends of the metaphysics and moral significance according to five general family was rational in accordance with our family philosophy value six on family moral restriction and social morality through discussing: parents in the brothers sons established awareness and saving consciousness and social consciousness of constant Dao and women marrying Nanjie reason third chapter economic consciousness and moral rationality a introduction to the two building tools three of private property to live according to the spirit of others is in public and super self production motivation four property exchange of morality rational and monetary use according to the moral reason five wealth distribution in socialist economy six The sense of fairness ideals, will and power must stretch the sense of fairness of private property according to the economic and social carrying seven no private property of ideal and moral rational sealing of private property eight ideal humanity economic society and reality in the fourth chapter of political and national and morality, rank and honour and certainly people I beyond my dependence and the contradiction between the two powers will stretch and the objective value and seek honor consciousness three objective value, and power and Della, bit, potential four public organizations may, to take care of all the requirements of personal will, and sources of objective power and dignity of empowerment concept based knowledge reason there are five social groups and the national government, six people in seven countries, sovereign, land of origin of the theory and our goal and the government said the rational basis of rationality and beyond self similarities and differences between the eight countries in nine countries and ten practical rationality with the evolution of the legal system of the eleven monarchy, aristocracy, democracy of higher criticism twelve democratic politics thirteen Political consciousness to democracy and rule by rule of virtue, spirit will pass fourteen national consciousness and national consciousness and moral rational fifteen cultural education and world peace fifth chapter of philosophy of science consciousness and moral rational introduction two pure cognitive interest existence and theory and concept of three universal principle and selfless heart four experience knowledge in the course of law and relief of five reasoning knowledge of mutual identification and knowledge form method with six knowledge experience content and logic thinking beyond the seven form of universality and Law Enforcement Relief eight to understand the historical heart of things beyond the nine application of scientific knowledge of the heart covers ten scientific consciousness of moral values and logical consciousness philosophy consciousness eleven and general scientific correlate of consciousness philosophy consciousness -- the scientific view of the universe consciousness and knowledge on the consciousness of twelve metaphysical consciousness thirteen moral philosophy of consciousness fourteen cultural and historic philosophy consciousness fifteen seek truth heart moral and fall back in sixteen since has become the knowledge of psychology and to seek truth in the meaning of the sixth chapter of Art and literature mind consciousness and awareness of pursuing truth chapter seventh Human nature religious consciousness and the morphology of eighth chapter moral consciousness through release ninth chapter of military sports legal education of cultural consciousness of human culture in the tenth chapter the status and fate @##@ index The theme of this book, all the cultural activities such as political economy, discusses, literature and art, religion and morality are various, fall under a moral self, self spirit. Tang's main governing human world in the spirit of moral self, self mastery, naturalism, utilitarianism of culture view, be a completely negative, and hopes to establish a theoretical foundation for the China and Western culture and how to realize the ideal, the end of the fusion of Chinese and Western cultural spirit.
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  •   All the cultural activities such as political economy, discusses, literature and art, religion and morality are various, fall under a moral self, self spirit. Tang's main governing human world in the spirit of moral self, self mastery, naturalism, utilitarianism of culture view
  •   This book is written by the famous scholar Tang Junyi of culture research work, worth reading!
  •   Not for the first saints understanding and compassion and rich life experience, absolutely not write such a work, Mr. Tang book, always give a person a kind of guidance, a move.
  •   This book is very good, very deep philosophy and culture, said a thorough and full of philosophy, is very worth reading.
  •   The book is worth reading

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