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Date of publication:2003-4   Press: People's Publishing House   Author:Zhuang Xiaodong   Pages:214   Words:154000  

Zhuang Xiaodong was born in April 1961, Yunnan Zhenxiong people. Visiting scholar, Renmin University of China, PhD, associate professor of Yunnan University. As the "Life News" deputy editor in chief, director of Department of market news "reporter". The main author textbooks and reference books 9. In the "seeking truth", "China higher education", "cultural studies", "art education" and other national core journals published dozens of papers, won numerous awards, many articles by Renmin University of China press reprint "".
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Communication and dissemination of culture introduction to culture a culture communication: theory origin of human, media, social two cultural dissemination study of three prospective Gu: historical picture of our mission the first chapter of cultural transmission in a culture, the change of the medium and the evolution of civilization in two cultural and media: homogeneous, compatible with the mutual infiltration of cultural communication: three gene, way and mode analysis of the second chapter Cultural Philosophical Anthropology Perspective: An Anthropological Perspective from the theory of evolution to spread on the two Marx doctrine: material communication and mental communication three cultural transmission, reflection and the intersubjectivity of four culture: the function of education and people's all-round development of culture communication in Chapter third and chapter fourth culture media culture the spread of contemporary form in the fifth chapter, the significance of Chinese reference postscript @##@ research concern about intercultural communication in the cultural communication This book uses the social history of science and practical reflection, with a keen eye to in-depth study of the globalization of culture communication problems challenging. On the basis of studying lots of literature, forming a lot of innovative views on some fundamental issues of cultural transmission. The book not only has analysis and carding the history of cultural communication, and explores the basic theory on the spread of culture, but also on the culture communication practical issues of concern, the logical construction is academic characteristics of cultural philosophy.
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