Cross culture literary dialogue

Date of publication:2006-4   Press: Zhonghua Book Company   Author:Gao Xudong   Pages´╝Ü281  

Gao Xudong was born in June, 1960. Comparative Literature Research Institute of Beijing Language and Culture University, Professor, tutor of doctoral students, the key disciplines of Beijing leaders, the Ministry of education in the new century talents, special allowance of the state. In the "literary criticism", "foreign literature review", "Chinese Comparative Literature" such as academic journals published more than 180 articles, monographs are: "the tree of life and the tree of knowledge" (1989), "culture conflict" (twenty-first Century 1994), "Lu Xun and British Literature" (1996), "five four literature and China literary tradition" (2000), "to the twenty-first Century Lu Xun" (2001), "comparative party and in twentieth Century Chinese literature" (2002), "Chinese and Western literature and the philosophy of religion" (2004), "Liang Shiqiu: between the classical and romantic" (2005), and co-author of "Confucius spirit and Christ Spirit" (1989) and "aesthetic education" (1997), editor in chief of "Lu Xun" and so on at the end of the century.
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The comparison of Chinese and Western literary theory from the history and the concept of an epic optimism through Chinese and Western literature from the Chinese and Western characters in common two compared with literature and the sun moon literature of three Chinese and Western literary imagination four Chinese and Western literary aesthetic ideal of literature five China secular nature and Western literature and religious clarity six of Chinese and Western culture and literature seven developing patterns from the comparison between Chinese and Western literature on the literary mission eight Chinese and Western literature tragedy spirit of nine Chinese and Western literary elegance and popularity in Chinese and Western literature at the end of ten to prospect for Sino Western Comparative Poetics of literary criticism in the twentieth Century blind Westernization reflection on the phenomenon of two from the comparison between Chinese and Western cultures see formalism criticism three Derrida: critical western culture is the pinnacle of the philosopher four post colonial context of Oriental Literature of Western literature and culture of the dialogue is to establish the criticism literature cultural assumptions about two literary and cultural dialogue three Chinese shows on basic types and conversion beyond four Chinese native and foreign culture conflicts with what leading death of appendix a China Culture -- "to accept the light at the end of Daily "reporter Wang Wei interviewed two in the wild on culture and Literature -- on the CCTV international website reference and cross culture literary dialogue -- Postscript @##@ generation The comparison of Chinese and Western literature as a cross culture literary dialogue, should first of all common discourse, were recorded for two otherwise, dialogue is no fit, will each say each. The general, collision, conflict and blend between civilization, is a regular process, namely from the wishful thinking of apply mechanically to and more objective dialogue. Divide across heterogeneous cultural differences, the establishment of a system of Chinese and Western comparative literature, architecture, and not a little empty, almost as misty and the moon myth, however, people walking on the moon, inspire the empty cable.
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