Confucian relationalism

Date of publication:2006-4   Press: Peking University press   Author:Huang Guangguo   Pages:305   Words:317000  

Huang Guangguo, male, was born in Taipei city in November 6, 1945; USA Ph. D. University of Hawaii social psychology; served as the president of the Asian Association of social psychology; the National Taiwan University psychology professor, "Professor of Ministry of education". Over the years has been committed to the East, the west culture combination, based on philosophy of science as the basis, the development of local social psychology. Author of "knowledge and action", "logic of social science" and other monographs and academic papers in more than ten copies English over a hundred articles; the academic achievements have got many awards in Taiwan. At present still in research projects presided over the "Research on Chinese indigenous psychology the pursuit of excellence, continuous plan" etc..
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First the theoretical construction of Confucian relationalism face and favor: Chinese power game in the view of social psychology: the relationship between the face and the internal structure of the traditional Confucian culture in Chinese Society: conflict resolution model on the relationship between Chinese Nationalism: Theory and methodology of the consideration of second articles in Chinese society, moral the face and value in Chinese society face view in modern transformation of Confucian values: theoretical analysis and Empirical Study of the third Chinese social organization of Chinese corporate culture and productivity of Confucian ethics and professional ethics: mental health and psychological treatment of Chinese contradiction and solution in fourth articles in Chinese society and the world view of psychological treatment fifth method of indigenous psychology theory and knowledge on the discontinuity hypothesis of modernity and constructive realism: the philosophical foundation of globalization and localization of indigenous psychology: the reflections of the connotation of psychology indigenization Culture -- Reconstruction @##@ paradigm The book for the past twenty years the essence of social psychology asked to write papers. In the thesis, the author later positivism philosophy of science as the guide, the theoretical and empirical research combined, trying to analyzing the Chinese cultural tradition, culture, and trying to construct a theoretical model to "Confucian relationalism" as the core principle, as a research paradigm of Chinese local social psychology. This book informative, the viewpoint is novel, is a must read interested in the development of local social science professionals.
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  •   This book is so good, do the research on the reading psychology.
  •   A good book! Taiwanese wrote books, much better than what can be seen, when, one can write such a good book!
  •   This is a China had to read good books. The book describes in detail the China human problems, and the relationship between network. Reading this book you will understand Chinese why so love, love, love the face relationship network.
  •   This book is very good, recommend undergraduate research related professional students can have a look, other readers understanding is also very good!
  •   Don't know the following. A professor in this book is recommended, theory is strong, very slow

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