Comparative Cultural Studies

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Guangxi Normal University press   Author:Fang Hanwen   Pages:319   Words:320000  

Fang Hanwen, Peking University research center of Oriental literature, distinguished professional researcher, director of the Soochow University Research Center for comparative literature, Professor, doctoral tutor. Received a doctorate in literature from Beijing Normal University, Tulane University America postdoctoral English system.
Ren China Comparative Literature Association member, Jiangsu province Comparative Literature Association executive director and other academic duties. Won 7 provincial research award, on the widespread attention at home and abroad.
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Object and scope of study significance of the second chapter of comparative culture from the cultural comparative study of total order book introduction section culture second cultural comparative study of early mid section third in the era of globalization, the first chapter defines the defined in section second, comparative cultural characteristics and significance of the first day of comparative culture study the characteristics of third festival culture the fourth section compares common cultural discipline first national culture, national culture (ethnic culture) (National Culture) and the world culture (World Cultures) second day as a comparative study of cultural history third festival culture typical morphology of fourth day of fourth main types: Empirical cultural history section of East and West the fifth section on the subject object overview chapter third methods of comparative culture on the first section methodology and comparative principle section second comparative method, comparative thinking and dialectical logic in section third (method of textual research method in section fifth) logic evaluation (parallel study) sixth comparative study on the origin of seventh synchronic historical methods. The fourth chapter world The relationship between logic and culture industry three...... The fifth chapter of world ancient culture types (ancient times - tenth Century BC) the sixth chapter classical culture types (Tenth Century BC - ad seventeenth Century) the seventh chapter in modern cultural types (seventeenth Century - twentieth Century) in Appendix @##@ comparative culture in the era of globalization, the eighth chapter The Chinese and the trustee will his new book "Comparative Cultural Studies" from Suzhou to me. After reading the book, I feel this is a pioneering work, I need to readers and peer's recommended. Comparative cultural studies is to compare the subject to different culture, as the Chinese put it, it is a new subject in contemporary Chinese and international academic circles, even has not yet formed a subject. To compare different culture since ancient times, our predecessors and anthropogenic left the relevant writings multitude, but as a discipline, comparative culture has "not yet formed", so this subject established the unusual difficulty. With the rapid arrival of the age of globalization, between different cultural traditions, the cultural identity and cultural forms of conflict, dialogue, exchanges are increasingly becoming a part of our life, in order to distinguish this symbiotic and diverse cultural landscape, for accommodation and analysis between different cultures, comparative cultural establishment time should be to.
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