Chinese culture and sustainable development

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: The ocean   Author:Guan Zhonglian Tu Fangxiang Yang Lin   Pages:256   Words:180000  

China culture broad and profound, until now still is the focus of the world. In the past, people think home is the mainstream China culture, and in fact, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism three phase to integration, interaction, is a special existence state Chinese traditional ideology and culture. All classes of authors in the Han Dynasty "deposed 100, only Confucianism" of this object, also has not completely disappeared from the Chinese culture, but the influence character by environment influence on mainstream culture, so thick Confucian culture has absorbed various cultural ideas, rather than the development of Confucian culture itself, as is the fusion of cultures, to modern in the process, from first to last China culture plays an important role. The current global ecological crisis faced with hitherto unknown, the sustainable development has become the only choice of world development, sustainable development is a development idea, is a kind of culture. In China, part of the idea of sustainable development is Chinese culture, and bring the content and the impact of the new to circulate, to study the relationship between China culture and sustainable development, help to build ecological civilization model, promote sustainable development. This book is suitable for love China culture, attention to ecological and environmental protection, can also be used for students to study history and cultural knowledge and environmental knowledge of extra-curricular reading.
Author brief introduction

Guan Zhonglian: Chen Daoyuan, the five generation of the people of Hong Kong, Wu Cun grew up, private school, Department of sociology Baptist college. San Francisco (Hongkong government, private schools, seafood restaurant) to workers, decided to keep house, opened a Consultants Co specializing in project planning, project investment Chinese market planning, specializing in investment projects China city planning, some results on the occasion, because of various objective and subjective reasons, business complete failures, debt ridden, few mental collapse, at the age of 37.
two years the low life, as a warning for the future, will be revived, and then out to Guan Zhonglian, the name of the rain wash, half mill for text, reconstruction and life. In addition, several hard (but not that hard), again a successful business, founded in 1994, a combination of natural resources, biological technology and financial skills in one of the forestry company, become an independent school, and is listed on the Toronto stock market in the. 10 years work with quiet hard application, planting materials, growing stronger, has become the largest Chinese integrated forest company.
Tu Fang Xiang: born in 1966, environmental engineering, senior engineer, graduated from the Department of environmental engineering of Tsinghua University, a master's degree. Member, China Environmental Literature Association of Hongkong "Hong Kong Economic Journal" columnist. Long engaged in the work of popularization of environmental management and environmental engineering, ecological culture.
Yang Lin: formerly known as Yang Lihua, born in 1975, graduated from the Dragon normal school, junior college degree. The current Sino Ecological Culture Research Center Assistant Researcher, engaged in the work of popularization of environmental management and environmental engineering, ecological culture.
Catalogue of books

The One's resonant voice rings out a, awe and conquer two, Confucian culture and sustainable development three, from biodiversity to see "harmony but not Sameness" Confucian ethics four, Taoism culture and sustainable development -- me five, Taoism culture and sustainable development six, Buddhist culture and sustainable development seven, Taoism culture and sustainable development eight, the family culture and sustainable the development of nine, yin and Yang Feng Shui Theory of environmental protection thought the gold 声玉 rhyme eleven, "book of changes" the thought of sustainable development in twelve, "the book of songs" ecological thought in thirteen, Li Bai's cultural thoughts of sustainable development in fourteen, Du Fu's cultural thoughts of sustainable development in fifteen, "Zhu Xi's motto" in sustainable the development thought of sixteen China drama culture, harmonious beauty in seventeen, the four famous ancient environmental protection thinking in mode eighteen, war and the environment -- Comment on "the romance of the Three Kingdoms" in ecological disaster event nineteen, social unrest and environment -- "the Water Margin" in ecological disaster event twenty, luxury and environment -- "a dream of Red Mansions" a waste of resources, from the "Twenty-one A dream of Red Mansions "in the diet can Chinese food culture because of the long Piccolo flute twenty-two, Wushu culture ecological ideas in the culture of traditional Chinese medicine twenty-three, twenty-four, Chinese ecological thought in traditional architecture of ecological thought in twenty-five, anti environmental ethics of ancient and modern child food culture twenty-six, Chinese wine culture in the environmental protection idea, China twenty-seven ancient environmental legislation twenty-eight, purchased from Feng Guan" benevolence "to the social security mechanism of twenty-nine, attention to vulnerable groups and social harmony -- Chinese eight vulnerable groups thirty, traditional culture is not conducive to the sustainable development of the factors
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