Chinese culture and China soldiers

Date of publication:2007-9   Press: The business press   Author:Lei Haizong   Pages´╝Ü248  

Lei Haizong (1902-1962), Hebei Yongqing people, the famous historian.
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"Since the main Chinese library" collection and selection of twentieth Century China published the outstanding works of philosophy and social science research, literary and artistic creation, science and culture, and translation. These writings and translations, the development of China's 100 years of political, economic, cultural and social have a significant positive effect, still has the important value, is Chinese readers read, for classical, instrumental works. Library selection is divided into 8 categories: category of philosophy and Social Sciences, Shi Xuelei, literature, art, science and technology, comprehensive popularization, the Chinese translation of academic works and translations of literature class. Library basically covers the philosophy and social science, literature and art, science and culture and the popularization of knowledge in various fields, which can comprehensively reflect the significant achievements in the field in twentieth Century China's ideology and culture, science and technology, but also can reflect the main achievements on Sino foreign cultural exchanges in the past hundred years; not only reflects the creativity of the Chinese nation Chinese culture, but also reflects the inclusive. This book is the category of philosophy and Social Sciences, the author mainly from two thousand years China soldier, soldier and soldier culture evolution point gives a comprehensive analysis of China history, China culture. The relationship between the civilian and military relations in ancient Chinese, literati and rogue relationship, family system and national system of royal blood, degradation and historical relations and other issues have made more in-depth discussion, on the China history but also put forward their views.
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The general evaluation of traditional culture -- a Chinese Bing two China family three China heads four no soldier culture five China culture two weeks in general -- in the Anti Japanese war in the Anti Japanese War Chinese six position in the history of the founding in seven -- third Zhou Wen appendix hereditary outside the Yin and Zhou's large inheritance law examination of climate and farming @##@ gentleman and a music and sound of ancient North China "China culture and China soldier" with a unique perspective to explore the ancient China between central and local governments' civil and military relations, family system and national governance, degradation and power ups and downs of royal blood relationship, China historical stage etc.. The main contents of "Chinese culture and China soldiers" written in the 1930's, the author particularly concerned about Chinese ancient military system. The author thinks, the Warring States period, the northern nomadic nationality do not constitute a big threat to the Central Plains, reason lies in the Central Plains states not only rich, noble and civilian soldier, soldier, to turn every man into a soldier, army of high quality, strong fighting capacity; and since the Han Dynasty, the army by the refugee, fighting force decreases obviously, so continue to suffer from the north the nomadic threat. The author highly be well-educated and trained in military exercises, that make people tan white light wood, and the German will lead to the abnormal development China society towards the sick. "Chinese culture and Chinese soldiers" version of the Commercial Press, 2001 edition.
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