Chinese cultural destiny

Date of publication:2010.10   Press: CITIC Publishing House   Author:Liang Shuming   Pages:179  

This book is the eldest son of Liang Shuming and Mr. Liang Peikuan edited Liang Shuming manuscript, of which 2/3 were not published manuscripts, after a lapse of seventy years after the first presented to the reader, is the main content of the fundamental spirit of discussion China culture and its national character on Chinese shape, and with Chinese and Western comparative perspective, is fundamentally different from the observation of two culture, a few decades ago gone far more than people goes on. This book can be understood China and Chinese culture provides one of the most valuable books. Mr. Liang in the decades before the problems of Chinese and Chinese culture of thinking, can inspire us to positive thinking: in the next 30 years, what exactly is going Chinese culture.
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Liang Shuming (1893 -- 1988), formerly known as "Ding, the word Shou Ming, and the word Shu Ming Shu Ming, after the world bank. A famous thinker, philosopher, educator, social activist in modern China, early representatives of modern new Confucianism, "China finally a Confucian" said. The main works include: "western culture and philosophy", "rural construction theory", "Chinese culture essence", "the heart and life".
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The first series China cultural spirit of "culture and philosophy of the East" preface two thought the problem was far wrong three western academic different four Chinese how five Chinese cultural personality special strong six people of our short seven religions in the Chinese eight China replacing religion with morality of nine two physical and two kinds of error ten Chinese nation the spirit of human rights did not see eleven free twelve China culture five major thirteen Chinese nation is a miracle - the second of social evolution of Chinese and Western way social structure is the backbone of modern western culture two social life three recent trend of conversion of four in comparison China society five try to explain why the six culture formation and change of seven Chinese and Western culture the divide between the eight Greek ancient Rome society nine Christian spirit ten group life blood bottom exercise eleven European medieval society twelve guild system thirteen City independent fourteen what is the life of group fifteen China deficiency in the sixteen China national weakness in seventeen Chinese and western social structure eighteen different ethic bottom society nineteen occupation division at the end of twenty social ethics standard and occupation division twenty-one life attitude of the characteristics of the twenty-two maximum deviation of twenty-three Second life attitude third series play China strengths to absorb foreign strengths of Chinese and Western culture is a comparison of two western cultural strengths in the person of three what is democracy four Chinese lack what exactly five western group life development and transformation of six today, world culture three types seven China somehow no democracy in eight world culture the new trend of the nine China national spirit two characteristics of ten to Chinese spirit introduction organizations eleven organizations to use science and technology
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Two think that this issue is far from wrong first, let's say that the problem is very urgent problem, not far away, can as soon as the future solution. We open eyes to see now, the so-called cultural problems, now is how the situation? We can see, most of the world is completely westernized world! Such as Europe and the United States is entirely the west of the field, is not to say. Is the eastern countries, who can receive the admission of Western and can use, can make its ethnic, national stand; all too late to receive admission westernization is dominated by strong westernization. Of a country, such as Japan, due to receive the admission of the west, it can maintain the existence of the state, and strong standing in the world; the latter countries, such as India, North Korea, Annan, Burma, there is no time to go to the west, the result was to capture the strength of Western the. And the only Eastern birthplace for Western China oppression, almost Western bounded through the door has several decades, the law by the Eastern long Chinese, also cannot change life, using the western! Almost the life we are living now, whether spiritual, social and material aspects, all with the west, this is undeniable. So the situation of this problem, not the East and West against the war, is the west to east to absolute victory, absolutely convinced! This problem at the moment to ask: Oriental whether exist? Then, we see the law by the eastern most long, infiltration in the east of the deepest China national for Western oppression is how to deal with? The West for the land development steps is how? According to our observation, Chinese since Ming Dynasty Xu Guangqi translation of "geometry", Li Zhizao's translation "chat", the west before losing to Chinese to. This kind of knowledge was entirely sensible things, and Chinese for intellectual rarely create, so for this kind of knowledge input does not conflict. Until the Qing Kangxi, Western astronomy, mathematics input or so. Later in the Tongzhi, because Western input, we saw a wonderful American artillery, armor, acoustic, optical, chemical, electrical, because this is China do not, we can not take its strengths, this study. At this time the Western attitudes That's it. So, when Ceng Wenzheng, Li Wenzhong, founder of Shanghai manufacturing Bureau, in the manufacture of online book translation, in the practice of naval, Mawei do dockyard. This attitude about for decades, until Guangxu 20 years or so. So this time a famous memorials, Walter's works, the course of college, exam times 闱墨 and so-called book for a class, all want to be western the things to Chinese, at this time no attention to these things are not out to the west, but with their source. Their source, is the root of Western culture. Fundamental culture with western, Western artillery, armor, produce sound, light, electricity, these things; these things are incompatible for have cultures of the east. They did not pay attention to this point, think western these things like a melon, we will only run off, you can move a change! So, not only these things do not come, and make China old culture steps are all messed up -- I have said these things and oriental culture is always incompatible. They had not seen the cultural problems, only seeing the results, thought the results change change, Chinese can be strong, and do not know all unsuccessful and Jia Wu battle,Navy all destroyed, so we started to know the artillery, armor, acoustic, optical, chemical, electrical, not so can take over, these things there are fundamental things. It advocates the abolition of the imperial examination system, school Hing, the construction of a railway, the office of industrial. This thought is in vogue at that time, so the reform Wu Xu and not followed by Geng Chen incident, so the method of acoustic more sheng. The movement of the results, the imperial examination of waste, school Hing, we gradually deliberately to political systems, western the reason for Western thought, not only in the office of industry, school Hing, in the constitutional system, the western representative system. So we group tends to political system on one hand, it is constitutional theory and theory of revolution factions. In the Lord's theory thought that if we claim can be achieved, for the western culture scale completely, but can be like Japan, into a powerful nation. -- revolution means also is such. This attitude is a project in the political system of a point, so the revolution families revolution, constitutionalism home request Congress, setting up the parliament, constitutionalism. The subsequent results, constitutionalism idea gradually realized; and the revolutionary theory advocated in Xin Hai years of success. The reform of the political although it cannot be said of the political system of the West seriously, but is indeed a change; at this time the government is not Chinese inherent political system. But the result of the reform of the western political system, actually still not in China implementation, although the revolution ten years, because Chinese do not apply, so the political system has not been installed in the China. So we have more consciousness, thought reform still is the political branches, there is a more fundamental problem behind. If not from the more fundamental places, all kinds of practice is not in use, as well as all the western culture, cannot receive acceptance. The Enlightenment period is difficult to clear division, and a significant point, not "New Youth" Chen Duxiu gentlemen. They mean to all the branches aside, say without mincing words to ask the fundamental. What is the whole of western culture is the culture -- not the same problem. If the political system is not successful, must fundamentally change it all. But the most fundamental is the ethics -- Philosophy of life -- so Mr. Chen in his works "we finally consciousness" in an article that various reform general not, now feel that the most fundamental in ethics. This kind of fundamental reform is not reform, all are ineffective. By this time was found in the west of the fundamental lies, artillery, armor, Chinese not only sound, light, electricity, chemical, political system is less than the west, and even moral wrong! This is a two party contact finally can not ask to, we can not at the head of Mr. Chen Ming because everyone! For two different cultures are easy there, Mr. Chen is able to recognize the different, the west is something to see and, not digressive system view! At this time because there is such a consciousness, we advocate the most should do nothing more than thought reform -- Cultural movement. They advocated by several four or five years, will conduct open, so everyone thought the most important thing now is the thought of the Reform -- Cultural Movement -- is not a political issue. We saw as Liang generation until now everyone discard a political career and became more serious academic thought reform was the most emphasis on political issues. As a new society of Liang Qichao Lin Zongmeng organized the declaration, it is our very good reference material, enough to prove that the western culture's change of attitude! By this time, had asked the two basic culture finally. Now for the cultural problems, almost is to ask: the west to the East, whether to pull out by the roots? Chinese for Western input, attitudes gradually change, east to Western step by step down, western for Oriental is cutting off! To the last question is has branches will be removed to the throat, to a knife! And will Chinese fundamental down! We welcome this kind of problem, because the former digressive to do, really prove futile. When asked to the fundamental, it is time to resolve, non such solution, China nation will not play a way out! So this problem is not the great cause, is it for Chinese pushed for a solution! Chinese whether to abandon the roots of China? Originally law by the oriental nation only one, but Japanese early use of the west, so now the issue is not a problem; and Annan, India, North Korea, Burma, are the powerful Western occupied, this issue is not very urgent, because their country life is by others command to do. Now China, in any case is in a very difficult situation, you can own self -- for her own life to. Because oneself reason, so for political by some, with some even self-determination culture. So the people do not feel things cultural issues are urgent, but only for Chinese force for a solution to this problem in the Chinese! Visible not far problem but the very urgent problem. According to the above said, contact the oriental culture and Western culture, has asked the fundamental; deal with the attitude at first is complexity and diversity, and now know to fundamentally solve the problem under the. This fundamentally solve the meaning, few people have talked about the past. Three or four years ago only to see my friend Mr. Li Shouchang made a "fundamental differences of eastern and Western civilization" article. In this article, I think the basic spirit of Oriental civilization in static, the fundamental spirit of Western civilization in animals. -- and he said: "if not be 0 stationary spirit fundamental mopping up, or the material life of all rejection, long the sink this contradictory phenomenon that life extension, the result will dance to Dutch act, cap to half-dead people drive for airship, dizzy with drunk people who died in the Royal motorcycle, solid boat car, car is destroyed in his hand. The hero, the ideal political wisdom politics democratic politics, psychological silence no WoW CD Connaught consistent hope representative politics, with a series of Jesus Christ and the concept of immutable and frozen by the constitution, the political structure to 阢陧 restless, such political magical effect also destroyed by if junior high school. Anyway, keep quiet attitude of static concept, to the dynamic life, have to human body and objects, state and the system to crush, the most terrible thing than Se." Mr. Lee's words very happy! He felt something cultural rootDifferent, you must do Chinese style life if you do Chinese style of life; to do western style life if Western style living; contradictory phenomenon is not line, and very terrible. So the problem is not so far and can as soon as the future problems, it is very urgent and only for Chinese force for a solution to the problem of. We are in this situation forced the very tight, it is impossible to dodge, should as soon as possible to cope with the method. To cope with the method about nothing more than three roads: (a) if the eastern and Western did not exist side by side and no pass, to this day must be the root, then, we need to consciously to radical reform, to cope with it, not with the Oriental perish together; (two) where the eastern western the oppression of negligible, so it would be turning east, with today's situation, how to find out the way, also must solve a real positive to do, never dreaming and made low; (three) if the eastern and Western fruit reconcile financing way, it also must not now that "the West" is the issue, need to solve a clear, clear, open a way out, there must be no sluggish attitude. The three roads which path to, we can make nothing of it, regardless of which way to develop, we not have fundamental do not solve, not the ambiguity may the past. Li Jun's words we looked really to over the years, we cannot make the western political system of the actual installation in our country social reason, was not a person sins, not piecemeal; although the Qing Royal Family announced constitutional without really meaning, ambition own monarchy of Yuan Xiangcheng, and in recent years "warlord" trouble, why not an obstruction but not positive. The positive reasons, is China general national always cannot overcome this obstruction, and so can not overcome the obstruction of the reason, because Chinese people under the western political system remains held in Oriental political system under the attitude. Oriental attitude, fundamental and Western thorn absurd; this attitude does not change, the political system will not install it! Don't even to create the western political system will completely disappear more than! Our years of pain and suffering is the end, not piecemeal, is the fundamental problem the. At the moment we are not fundamentally solve not. How can make the fundamental attitude is the western spirit, can all benefit from the west? Li Jun said although it is urgent, and sums up its articles, or want to reconcile financing, and how to reconcile the financing, he also did not say, still for the future, this is almost the contradiction in Li Jun's own. I think this career while in the future achievements, and the problem is not in the future, it is a very urgent problem! Three different Chinese and western academic thought in my basic idea is "life", "nature", is a living universe, all natural cases. It seems a little matter of nature, do not value human. This method is Chinese approach. Chinese two important school -- Confucianism and Taoism, almost all with life as its basic. Such as "the four books" said: "the day Heyan? Four seasons, all things grow." "And you, heaven and earth, all things Yu yan." It is fully expressed the nature of life meaning. In the Confucianism, especially Mencius preaching a pie, is the number of. As though as long as he could, do not want to further more what. For example, play nature, try to enrich their original possibility, is true. I had a period devoted to Buddhism, and then transferred to the confucian. In the early to Confucianism, give me the biggest inspiration, let me through the door, is the Ming Confucianism Mr. Wang Xinzhai; he's praise of nature, I is thus of Confucian mean to ignore. Start to understand the very shallow, but not without superficial introduction. Then with the western thoughts confirmed, that can play the most incisive, so I am interested in life philosophy, its main representative for Bergson. I remember twenty years ago, I bought PAT'S classics reading, read very slowly, then try some intention, may there be calm time as read on PAT'S books, is one of the pleasures of life. PAT'S the most happy, intelligent, thorough reasoning. USA James, Dewey and PAT'S, though not the same school, but have effective in the sense of life, the biological effect, and its study. If reading books can be found from, from the basic concept, to know why the person after all is said and done. All true knowledge, will have the basic concept, a method using it everywhere, and everywhere the eyes; otherwise he would not enough as the scholar, especially against the ear! Real knowledge in the process, must have its original place, different schools of different methods. In learning, the conclusion is not very important, and the mathematical formula of, was not very important. Moreover, for I thought learning for help, and for reading books (I read books and read the Sutra also without Shi Cheng). Books inspired I still life. I understand the medicine, is to understand life, know when ill to rely on their own, do not believe in doctors, drug strength is limited. In short, restore health, life must be completely rely on own strength, no foreign objects and reliable. How much force can only have a little help, if the drug has a spirit, because it happens to use appropriate, the vitality. If used properly, not only can not open the vitality, anti interfere in life. Medication is not good or bad, neither good nor bad little people, not bad not medicine, equal to only drink water. China Confucianism, Western life philosophy and medicine in three, I had the thought root. In medicine, I also say two sentences about different schools or different methods. Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is the medical treatment, the object should be a. So I had initially thought: "if only on an object, although the opinion is different, but the total can be found to have the same connections." So I did not read books, often want to communicate with Western medicine. Unexpectedly, and then, beginning know this idea is not correct, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine was not able to communicate. Although we still have more to communicate with persons (such as Ding Fubao "pass" of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, Japanese people have time also many). But the result is just in the branch office, accidentally discovered the Chinese book of some words in science, or that a drug that can be used by the laboratory tests, or find the unilateral effective traditional Chinese medicine, can be used. It is not communication. Because it is out and out two sets of different methods. Single station in the western scientific legislationOn the field, says one of the traditional Chinese medicine, this is not a part of the traditional Chinese medicine. If the fundamental attitude and method only in accordance with medicine, and the East West picking up bits and pieces, it is only to the TCM, TCM point, and not to Chinese fundamental accommodate. The Chinese did admit that, western medicine does not work; must abandon the fundamental methods of its own, and not the western medicine. So, I finally understand the communication between Chinese and Western medicine is not possible. If ask me: Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is different both in method, whether the future permanent two sets? I in this is difficult to make sure of the answer, but that is, finally is able to communicate, but must be in the distant future. When a far? To western medicine in the fundamental change to close or to the communication of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine probably can't change, because there is no way, can not explain yourself, not to arrange themselves, so do not fear the progress, only like this. Only to be western medicine basic method change, to close, to explain his from the western, know him. Otherwise the Chinese will be not pour also not up. Said medicine transition close to Chinese medicine, as if to say Western medicine fails, it is traditional Chinese medicine to Western medicine. Because the traditional Chinese medicine can not explain yourself, know yourself from others, was explained, nature or other. Be in western medicine system expanded to accommodate Chinese, this needs to be in the distant future. The future research has far? In my opinion, must treat the medicine of life has realized, to life as the research object; that is now western medicine research object for the body rather than life, go for life can be more understanding when. According to my observation, now western medicine to the life understanding insufficiency, the big short. The comparison of each part of the synthesis of artificial organs, so the cure and repair machine similar. Traditional Chinese medicine can be regarded as knowledge, and it can stand, namely in the out and out is a concept of life, and Western medicine is exactly two sets. For example: the first boy I six years old, sick, persisting for a long time, and finally the big belly, there is water in the peritoneum, sent to the Japanese hospital, the doctor was a medical doctor specializes in pediatrics, he said to the water consumption of small abdominal just good, of course. ". He used many let water away, finally sure enough water to remove the small abdominal, he thought it was good, but was discharged less than twenty minutes. This was his only part of the stomach, but not pay attention to evidence of life. Western medicine is also feeling the pulse, but with different TCM pulse. Traditional Chinese pulse taking, as a dying man, must know, western medicine is not. Traditional Chinese medicine pulse test, is the life force of the ups and downs, to the whole life. Western medicine is only pay attention to part organ, news of the whole life change, do not pay enough attention to. The different Chinese and Western medicine, can be compared from many places, but omitted in this example. Another eye disease in western medicine, is the only eye disease, Chinese medicine is said to be the whole body disorders. Popular opinion is the surgery for western medicine, Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine to find, this view not clever, but also has its source. The cover is partial to the local surgery, Department of internal medicine is about the whole life. In addition to a western medicine poisoning, that is outside the body, any other symptoms, all must seek its focus, often in postmortem depending on the lesion location. Separate diseases and symptoms, this method is very accurate, but cherish their failure is observed at the local. Traditional Chinese medicine is very often not, not western medicine accurate, such as disease to have a fever, cough and hemoptysis, in fact, these are just disease symptoms, failed to separate the disease and syndrome. Ordinary China doctor, only know its course, and I do not know why, only know that some ancient legend; this theory says, of course not, but these methods. Also has its theoretical basis. General knowledge, are the fundamental method and vision, and do not care about the answer, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is the basic method and vision, but general doctor will only use the number, it can not be learned. Probably China various academic -- especially medicine and boxing, deeper pursuit, can be found that the basic method of vision is rooted in taoism. Where the ancient doctors are like fairy house, such as Ge Hong, Tao Hongjing, Hua Tuo and so on, they are not only some fragmentary technology and methods, is its essence, as if such as Chuang-tzu said "technique and almost said". They are fundamental skills, with road interlinked. 'what? That is the great universe life, through the road, with the universe of life is. In Chinese and Western medicine is different, can represent all the different Chinese and western academic: Western medicine is scientific way, Chinese medicine is metaphysical way. The scientific reason for science, in its standing in the quiet place to the objective observation, he had no cosmic entities, can only stand out for observing phenomena, so everything is static; finally, all phenomena, as are mathematically expressed, science is all mathematics. All mathematical representation, is everything into science, this all static mathematics, is the human to manipulate the must take the control of natural way; but this is only a method, not the real. Truth is the inseparable (the one). In science is not "move", not the "indivisible"; the so-called "dynamic", "the one indivisible", "life in the universe as a whole", the whole is not with the eye look outward, hand out to touch, with the ear listen attentively to outside, and even outside the get. Anti is a must return to ratings, inward force then. Originally the life is blind, the wisdom of ordinary people, with each blind life, the wisdom also each become blind, show the mechanical big. But in the Chinese and India. Otherwise, he is wisdom not to the external, back in his life, make life wisdom, rather than to serve life wisdom. India is not to say, all the way to China Confucianism and taoism. The Confucian sage, who are the most able to understand their own, make life wisdom. Ordinary people are different from the saints, is not aware of their own, not on their own, only forward life blindly mechanically, go where. The so-called "have whatever one's heart desires is not more than a moment", is that life has been successful for wisdom -- like transparent like. Taoism and Confucianism, this is also required to understand their own, respectively, in the Confucian with strength and understand their psychological, such as the so-called reflection (here not elaborate, I will make a comparison to see, and modern psychology of modern psychology most opposed to self-examination, but think and reflect the different method). Taoism is required to understand their physiological, meditation is the main time, meditation is the audience back to,Without seeing ear outside, and read and listen to it -- see hear is a metaphor, meaning to understand. Began to pay attention to understanding of respiration, circulation, digestion in, pay attention to breathing, the breathing can perceive at all. Breathing, blood circulation, digestion, is involuntary muscle activity; for these, people usually more unwilling to go to tube he, Taoism is heart follow the breath, blood circulation, digestion, to walk, to know him. For example, breathing -- body (skin) have breath, he requires understanding, then can slowly to control breathing, blood circulation. Digestion and nutrition also is so, he has a subtle but clear awareness. Ordinary people do not consciously activity place, he has a sense, this is also the wisdom of the return itself. This can produce good medicine. This China fundamental medicine. A medical home, mostly because legend has it that the fairy who is also in this. The immortal, although we have not seen, but I suppose, he can differ with ordinary people, not eating may be possible. He can be heard far, fine, but have no, see the person. Ant walking sound was fine, but the total sound when is credible, with its immortal -- -- is very quiet, can hear the ants walk, should also is possible. Wisdom is really great, where, where is the role of special developed, wonderful for the unimaginable. Taoism is completely based on health care as a fundamental, but also Chinese boxing and Taoism are interlinked, otherwise it would not be boxing. This regimen is very close to the metaphysics, or is the metaphysics of, or is the metaphysics. The so-called almost, because the audience back to listen to, also is not Vipassana; compared with outward, is to view, but the outlook is still "is not, as still as". Such as breathing, the observation of the blood circulation, digestion, still non life ontology. Human life, and the universe life as a whole, harmony, no relative to each other, can view and the view, this is true metaphysics metaphysics, only at home. Taoist or both sides, though the final may not have two sides, but the beginning is some. His experience is meditation rather than reflection, because it has to know and the known on both sides, so there is not one. The above is the inference of words, but also can only make this inference. From the ancient books. We can understand the ancients, deep felt view still very shallow return of Taoism, although the last may be shallow and is in high. Taoism on respiratory, digestive, circulation can understand, control use, its contribution in medicine, it is not. In any case anatomy of Western medicine, but the only life still remaining traces, rather than life itself, not to the change. Anatomically, no matter how delicate microscope, is still superficial findings; no matter how the higher time, results generated ideas will also imagined, rather than the whole life. Taoism is from the life activities, to experience, so the income for life is living. In short, things are two different paths: basic method and eye side is mathematical, scientific, static, can be divided into. The basic method and eye side is moving, can not be divided metaphysics, is running in. The two road, the method China fall would account for the. But now there is no way, needless to say, no fairy like brilliant doctor now, that is, as he stood in front of the modern academic, will also have no way, the fear is only as magic playing a trick, amazing. Because it cannot explain myself, that said, I can't understand, also not convinced. So TCM has its academic values and status, but can not self-evident. It is impossible to communicate between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Be able to communicate, also be in the distant future was possible. And this may be the machine in western medicine, in the study, change, progress slowly, gradually close and method of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese medicine will be accommodated; only stand in the passive position and to know him. So from this point, the western scientific way, is learning the orthodox, then forward things out with the science of different; but must then turn, have the way to follow. I often say China culture precocity, not through many stages, but attain the highest level in one step; so now only waiting for others to come to accept him. Otherwise it's just an antique, people take him no way, they have no way. Compared with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, western medicine and director of the largest, the best short for traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine is found bacteria, Chinese medicine is not. Traditional Chinese medicine is from the changes of whole life come on disease, is a human units, so the. But he did not know that sometimes it is not a unit, but two can increase and decrease of strength. One is the strength of the body strength, one is the bacteria. Bacteria are living, can also propagate changes. Both of which should be separated, not - mess at. Western medicine is able to see the two important factors, but the emphasis on bacteria; TCM in addition to pay attention to the strength of the body strength, for bacteria, no see. Bacteria discovered, it is the biggest contribution of Western medicine.......
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"Chinese cultural destiny (seventy year old manuscripts for the first time)" by Mr. Liang Shuming a seventy year old manuscripts for the first time, to understand the most valuable China and Chinese culture reader. Why Liang Shuming is out of the ordinary, to create a modern new Confucian school, known as the China last confucian. • ambition in the communication of Chinese and Western culture. "'to continue to the holy secret, peace' for the afterlife, this is my mission in life." • scholar nor a scholar, he has always don't see themselves as scholars, has always been not to knowledge and learning, regardless of Confucianism, Buddhism, in his view of life is the practice of science. • scholar practitioner, after 7 years of rural construction movement in Shandong, Zouping. • with Mao Zedong in North acquaintance, but still in 1953 and Mao Zedong happened intense dispute, known as "the backbone of the China". • America admiral Marshall upon Liang Shuming saw Gandhi. • the famous scholar Lin Yusheng, Liang Shuming and Lu Xun in twentieth Century Chinese creative thinker. • his upright and serious, his personal independence of conduct.
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Liang Shuming "is a thought, and the spirit of his thought and action". His academic thought since as a: "Chinese Confucian philosophy and medicine, American Pie three, I thought from the painting of the root" ("in the words"), the Confucius, Mencius, Wang Yangming's Confucianism, Buddhist philosophy and Western Bergson's" philosophy of life "together. He put the whole universe as people's lives, to constantly meet the process, put forward the "desire" as a fundamental, but also give China traditional philosophy of "living" concept based on the ontology and the theory of biological evolution, that "the universe is as in life, 托乎生 live. Also," "life is not as intended and that continue to meet with are not satisfied." ("culture and philosophy of the East"). "Chinese cultural destiny (seventy year old manuscripts for the first time") through three series, each focusing on the interpretation of the "China cultural spirit", "social evolution on the Western way", "play China strengths to attract the foreign strengths" in three parts, to explore the academic characteristics, China the character, cultural fault and miracle, morality and religion, national spirit, human rights, social structure and system, life attitude and so on exciting content. As Mr. Liang Shuming said: "Chinese culture is the emphasis on the relation between people and people, it is the family that intimate flavour, application to society at large, with 'personal standard, self centred' on the contrary, it is the other centered, each other with each other for." "The history of the China culture, I pointed out that the two odd points: one is the constant social, not into the culture; one is that almost no religious life." "In the future of the world, will be Chinese culture renaissance." "I may be a little different than other ordinary people, I as if saw, far to see. See what? See Wang Yangming, see Confucius. I see, look far, also cannot be seen clearly; if the sky fog, the fog saw Confucius is going on, what's the matter with Wang Yangming." -- Liang Shuming
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  •   Mr. Liang Shuming interpretation of Chinese culture, relates to Buddhism and Taoism and other fields and historical celebrities.
  •   After reading "Chinese culture" like fate be filled with wisdom, Mr. China culture deep understanding the amazing, the Chinese generalization is exquisite beyond compare, the comparison between Chinese and Western culture is very profound, enlightening is thinking.
  •   The backbone of a Chinese scholar Mr. Ji Xianlin once said that his heart is Ma Yinchu, another is Liang Shuming.
  •   Short book read it through the deep feelings but not some sadness as the last big Chinese Confucian when seeing Chinese traditional culture inevitably fall......
  •   Gu Yanwu everyone is responsible for his country. It was also said that the culture of the. Liang Shuming is a modern Gu Yanwu, Fan Zhongyan.
  •   Known as the modern Confucian last representative, dare to directly call Mao Zedong, inside smooth Confucianism culture that is not in the secular heart of pride, the fate China culture, leading the Chinese culture direction, give the home country people heart
  •   I admire Mr. Liang Shuming, his book basically look, but also great, Confucianism, Buddhism, explain, far-reaching implications!
  •   This book is very good, from which we can learn a lot of things, but this book should be extended version of China culture, can have a preliminary understanding of the China culture, if you want to truly understand the beam old man's ideas, it is recommended to see Chinese culture essence.
  •   Mr. Liang book Needless to say! Suggestions and "Chinese culture essence" watch. In order to grasp the overall situation
  •   He embodies the Chinese intellectuals conscience. Research on China culture Mr. Liang is unique, his book is worth reading, such as "Chinese culture essence" etc.. To such a book to be read, Mr. classics, but small ear. The quality of
    although the book is really good.
  •   China Confucian philosophy and medicine, American Pie three, what is the master, he can have a look!
  •   All text is a must see, if you are concerned about and research China culture should have a look, but as a posthumous manuscript first presentation.
  •   Chinese culture's fate in the hands Chinese, for thousands of years, China stands in the East, a feat not not that. China of western culture and different, but their inclusion is the western There is nothing comparable to this. The future of the world, China culture will play its power to make the Chinese remain invincible.
  •   Mr Liang Shuming's book, are independent thinking on the topic, his independence, not swim, it is worth reading!
  •   Mr. Liang's "destiny" China culture is actually Chinese fate
  •   Understanding of optimal value reading China and China culture
  •   This book deserves to be read several times, constantly thinking, and Liang Shuming dialogue...... Recommend.
  •   Mr. Liang Shuming masterpiece,, is worth looking
  •   Mr. Liang Shuming classic, worth a visit.
  •   Like respect for Mr. Liang Shuming. The book is not read a few pages, but the writing is like.
  •   Mr. Liang Shuming's sketches, have feeling very much, Mr. spirit, strong sense of responsibility
  •   Mr. Liang Shuming intended
  •   Mr. Liang Shuming's book was read, suitable for the static under heart deeply taste.
  •   The sentence is more like doing academic research rather than telling China culture fate this thing and the author's objective attitude and the critical point of view, does not hesitate the praise does not mean it is worth reading
  •   By far the most complete and authoritative understanding Chinese culture reader.
  •   Very good book, worth reading! Especially on the Chinese culture to the moral and religious part of generation!
  •   On the Chinese culture does the author 100 years ago made it through. Comparison of understanding the western culture is very profound.
  •   To understand the depth of China culture, Hu Shi, et al. Although not more than! Perhaps only the money bin four can be put on a par with ah! The Republic of China time why suddenly so many fierce person! Why do modern people are so trivial not only?
  •   I haven't read, have a look Chinese culture on earth where it came from, where to go! Expected ING! Hope I can meet the expected!
  •   The Chinese culture in-depth study, attention China traditional culture may have a look
  •   Incisive analyses various China culture, for Ancient Chinese Literature Search is should take this attitude to and learn from people, now top scholars and writers of why not write this classic works.
  •   Recommended reading, good packaging and content! Enlightenment role in the development of the China culture ah, very good book!
  •   Liang Shuming wrote something always worth considering
  •   Liang Shuming altar figures. Worship

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