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1.5 cultural diversity and cultural changes 1.5.1 the diversity of culture from the cultural characteristics, culture is self generated in general, it is not always people deliberately constructed, but in people's material life and the social life come very naturally formed. When human from animal and human, that is when the human activities mainly no longer by the animal but is driven by engaging in social activities (including labor and other social activities), human began to create culture, so culture production is embedded in the human social activities. Generally speaking, the formation and development of cultural human living environment, which affects the relationship between human beings and the environment. The human exploration of survival in the process to seek survival and development, has formed two kind of relations, namely human and external environmentThe relationship between people and, also produced two types of results -- the material and spiritual products. As people's living environment is different, the means and ways to make a living is different, so they create the culture is different. Thus, culture diversity. Cultural diversity reflected in many aspects. From the macro perspective, culture can be divided into different culture types or patterns of culture: such as from the geographical point of view, Oriental culture and Western culture, in the east culture, different country culture; from the economic point of view, a nomadic culture, farming culture and business culture. Make a living these related to national, regional culture with the geographical environment and the way people (production) is closely related to. Living in a small island or surface natural resources is relatively poor region of nation and in natural resource rich areas of national culture have obvious differences. These differences are reflected in the relationship between the natural concept and relation, between people and the daily life etc.. More obvious diversity in the middle level of culture: the different class, different occupation groups, the different gender groups, different age groups, different regional groups have their own culture, such as different ways to deal with the problem of different groups, which is a sub type of culture. For example, the industrial working class and peasant class differ in way of work and lifestyle, management (cadres) is different from the perception and processing methods on the political issues of the civilian population, farmers and plain areas of different way of life, men and women don't have different cultural groups, the elderly and youth in view of the enterprise and life attitude and life style are different, the rapid changes in society, especially when. It should be noted that, under these sub culture type, can be further divided differences on cultural property. The difference of culture refers to the cultural particularity, it reflects the diversity of human society and the complexity of people deal with their own survival and development, reflects the experience and wisdom under the condition of different people deal with related issues.......
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1 culture 1.1 cultural concept of
1.1.1 defined culture necessity
1.2 the concept of culture, cultural and human
1.2.1 man is a cultural animal
1.2.2 culture and the realization of human
1.3 culture characteristics of
1.3.2 specification features of artistic feature of
1.3.3 cognitive characteristics of
1.3.4 device characteristics of
1.4 culture structure and function of
1.4.2 structure of culture and cultural functions of
1.5 cultural diversity and cultural change in
1.5.2 cultural diversity culture relative differences in 1.5.3
cultural change of Chinese and Western culture cause and origin
2.1 Chinese cultural cause and origin of
2.1.2 Chinese cultural causes China culture origin < br > 2.2 western culture origin and the origin of
2.2.2 western culture causes the origins of western culture and Western culture and the development of
3.1 China paper The evolution of
3.1.2 pre Qin culture and Han culture -- the Han Dynasty classics
3.1.3 Wei Jin culture -- the metaphysics of Wei and Jin Dynasties of Sui and Tang Dynasties of Sui and Tang Dynasties Culture --
3.1.5 Buddhism Taoism culture
3.1.6 Song Ming culture -- the Neo Confucianism of the song and the Ming and Qing Dynasties --
3.1.7 cultural pragmatic
3.2 western culture evolution
3.2.1 western classical culture
3.2.3 medieval Christian culture renaissance culture
3.2.5 Modern Enlightenment Culture of modern humanism culture
3.2.6 modern scientism culture
4 the exchange of Chinese and Western culture.

4.1.1 4.1 east east the first phase of
4.1.2 the introduction of second
4.1.3 the introduction of third
4.2 East West
4.2.1 East West first phase of
4.2.2 East West Second
4.2.3 East West
5 comparison of Chinese and Western culture
5.1 of Chinese and Western culture and Western culture.
5.2 fundamental differences between
5.2.2 stillness and movement for peace and against
5.2.4 average average and non intuitive thinking and logical thinking the same and the different
5.2.7 after fed with advanced refers to the principle and the signifier "
5.2.8 fuzzy and precise
5.2.9 total and individual
5.2.11 good and evil in rule of law and

@##@ references. "Cultural aspect theory (Revised Edition)" from the general cultural perspective, discusses the causes and origins of Chinese and Western culture, discusses the China cultural historical stage of development -- the pre Qin culture, Confucian classics in Han Dynasty culture, metaphysics of Wei Jin culture, development stage _ Sui and Tang Dynasties, Buddhism culture, Confucianism culture, pragmatic culture and the western culture of Western classical culture, Christian culture in the middle ages, the Renaissance culture, modern enlightenment culture, modern culture, modern scientism culture and humanism, the western learning spreading to the East and East West, and then summarizes the characteristics of Chinese and Western culture and the western culture were compared.
Zhang Zhongli monograph "cultural aspect theory (Revised Edition)" for the study, history, philosophy majors, students, teachers and the general culture enthusiasts reference.
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