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Date of publication:2010-9   Press: Central Compilation and Translation   Author:Cheng Jianjun   Pages:152  

Compass, called compass, Luo Jing, the disc, Luo Jingpan, meridian disk, feng shui compass, is engaged in Chinese ancient geomancy Fengshui activities essential tools. This book introduces Chinese compass production, development and its basic use, focusing on "badge dish" as an example, to explain the three compass the meaning and purpose of the eighteen layers of the disk, and points out its reasonable ingredient and superstition, so that readers understand the compass true colours, namely except for point positioning and record some ancient astronomy, geography, climate and history knowledge, the majority of the compass is not what the scientific basis. Compass as a historical existence, now still use things, dialectical understanding of it is necessary.
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Professor, Department of architecture of South China University of Technology doctor of engineering, doctoral tutor. The Han nationality, born in 1957 in Shandong Yishui. Now the South China University of Technology School of Architecture Professor, School of architecture and cultural heritage protection, director of design and Research Institute of Architectural Society of China historiography branch director, member of Guangdong Province Environment Arts Council, enjoy special government allowances, has been invited to Australia, Italy, Britain and Hongkong and other countries and regions. Has long been engaged in architectural history and theory of teaching and scientific research. The research direction is to repair, the protection of traditional architecture of traditional architectural design and theory. There is deep attainments in the protection of ancient buildings, repair technology and traditional architectural design. Participated in and chaired the 8 research projects, including "project design theory" Chinese ancient architecture by the State Education Commission science and Technology Progress Award three. The main thesis is "pressed white ruler method of" "ancient building theory" "sea temple hall restoration research" etc.. Has published a monograph "Feng Shui" and building "China ancient architecture and philosophy" "Chinese feng shui compass" "south of the Five Ridges ancient large palace architecture research", published "(co authored) China architectural art history" "China traditional architecture"; "one foreign construction Appreciating" Guangzhou "Encyclopedia", presided over the Guangzhou Nanhua Temple Guangxiao temple, Shaoguan, Panyu Humen fort, emerging Guo en temple, Guangzhou Nanhai temple, ancient building group, Dongguan Nan Zhaoqing Baisha Longmu temple and other national, provincial, municipal and other more than forty relic restoration project, and Liurong Si Guangzhou, Huadu Hualin temple, Huayan Temple, Chaoyang Lingquan temple, Shunde Chinese style garden Shunfengshan Park and many other traditional architectural engineering design.
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The first chapter is introduction of the development history of the compass compass compass compass compass type size and circle composed of second chapter compass compass using the basic method of operation compass holding method and observe the position fixed line orientation alignment third chapter house building sit to determine the importance of building sit to judge to sit on the basis of the fourth chapter of building three the basic usage of the twenty-four compass hill custom three layer twenty-four mountain usage compass wish formula and eight odd chapter fifth compass layers for Qing "name compass solution" contained "emblem" compass level the level "disc" the column level thirty-six layers of a column level sixth chapter three compass point explanation: the first layer innate gossip disc second layers: the mother turned Gua Jiuxing disc of third layers: the twenty-four day chart fourth layers: the site is the needle twenty-four mountains and fifth layers: the twenty-four solar term of sixth layers: through the seventy-two dragon seventh layer: one hundred and twenty gold eighth layer: people intraday needles twenty-four mountain ninth layer: one hundred and twenty points intraday needle gold tenth layer: through sixty long eleventh: two hundred and forty points out of twelfth layer: The twelve disc thirteenth layer: twelve, fourteenth: days needle plate twenty-four mountains and fifteenth layer: days needle plate one hundred and twenty gold and sixteenth layer: shrinking surplus sixty dragon seventeenth layer: muddy star five eighteenth layer of the eighteenth layer: dividing two: the eighteenth layer dividing five three: the limits to sit 劫煞 disc eight. Disc brake mount postscript appendix references
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Illustration: (1) positive needle twenty-four mountain by gas is needle bearing needle bearing, namely the magnetic north-south and compass twenty-four mountains and in the afternoon, precisely to the north latitude 0 degrees, 180 degrees latitude south pointing needle. When it is in the needle, and needle twenty-four mountains with mainly is the determination of the direction. According to the geomancy view, the key lies in whether the choice of good or bad luck by angry. "The tube", pivot words said: "the way in the day, the day also; in others, the heart also. So the day: gas, no gas is dead, the living with the gas." "Guo Pu" 葬经 opening also said: "burying by angry also...... Angry for the earth, and produce almost everything." Can say that the gas is the most important concept of Feng Shui, the theory and method are around the "gas", "gas" the problem of. But by the angry and the key lies in the vertical, such as karong by gas, gold sitting, elimination Nashui sand, water distribution are determined to. In the Han Dynasty style dish, and there is a difference between disc and land usage day, day eight disc stem dimension is weather, site twelve is. In feng shui compass, no similar with heaven and earth disc Han type, eight dry and twelve Earthly Branches into twenty-four dimensional mountain. In the vertical by gas the eight dry four-dimensional weather induction are needle twelve Earthly Branches, so is the needle vertical is earthly, and eight dry four vertical need and earthly branches. (2) twenty-four positive needle hill net Yin net positive needle twenty-four mountain is the Yin and Yang, yin and Yang of the three compass points different from three yuan. Twenty-four mountain of Yin Yang and three yuan and three yuan was the basis for the dragon to the division, and the three disc twenty-four Shan Yin and Yang is based on the relationship between the congenital gossip and Luo book, as well as Na Jia said and acquired gossip hexagrams four is three and the development of the.

Study on the book of a number of valuable reference data, none of these previous studies, there is no book published. So the important content of the reference for the in the book cited note carefully, the main bibliographic reference one one lists in the book, to thank. In writing this book data investigation and finishing the work of Zhang Jin, Li Mu, Wang, Zhao Huo, Sun Tu, F.C. Jiri Anna and the other, for their hard work, also expressed his thanks.
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"China compass." compiled by the central publishing house.
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