Budo culture and development philosophy

Date of publication:2001-9   Press: Chinese Federation   Author:Kang Tiancheng   Pages:116   Words:60000  

This book includes Budo culture and development of philosophy, the dream of the international Budo Budo International Olympic, large Association (discussion case) three parts.
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Kang Tiancheng, native of Gansu province Tianshui Wushan county. Graduated from the Northwest Normal University Department of physical education. 1973 1977 study in Xi'an Institute of physical education, education in Beijing Institute of Physical Education (now the Beijing Sport University). Served as the middle school teacher, coach, sports school principals, professional coach, area sports director, director of Physical Education Department of Zhejiang University, vice director of sport scientific research. Former Zhejiang University president of Tongbei Wushu Association, Zhejiang Sports Science Society, Wushu Association members, the Zhejiang society of biomechanics Committee, member China track and field monomial Technical Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the society of Social Sciences Chinese sports, Moscow Tongbei Wushu Association honorary chairman.
in Kang Tiancheng's academic career, its results and academic thought on the development of sports undertakings in China played a certain role in promoting.
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Budo culture and development philosophy -- the international Budo Federation calls upon the book of two The Philosophy of the Existence and Development of The Culture of Wudo -- The Second Appeal for the International Union of Wudo dream of Budo International Olympic -- 20 first Century world Budo culture development Capriccio My Dream of The International Wuao Olympic Game -- Imagination of the Development of the International Wudo Culture in 21st Century the international Budo big alliance (International Wudo Union Regulation to discuss case) (For Discussion)
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