Between radical and conservative

Date of publication:2006-4   Press: The social science literature   Author:Li Maomin  

Li Maomin, male, born in 1969, Ph. D., associate professor. He graduated from Shandong Normal University in 1988 Chinese lines, 1994 admitted to Shandong Normal University Department of Chinese professional literature, received a master's degree; 2001 ~ 2004 studied at the Beijing Normal University Department of Chinese professional literature, ph.d.. Currently teaching in the Department of radio and television communication college in Shandong Normal University, research direction: literary theory and criticism, film aesthetics. In Chinese core journals published papers, published "into the scientific life", edited a number of books.
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Introduction of the traditional Confucian culture and the disintegration of two kinds of scheme two Chinese new cultural construction and its predicament three back to five four, back to the construction of a new culture of Liang Qichao chapter Liang Qichao: premise, objective, principle and method of a new Liang Qichao culture construction premise two beam Qi Chaoxin culture construction objective, principle and method of the second chapter of traditional culture collection and interpretation -- refining they have some of the new one five four times the Confucian doctrine of the different evaluation of two Liang Qichao on the Confucian life philosophy and the significance of the three Confucian political thought and its modern significance four thinkers science and its modern significance of the third chapter of modern western science and Democracy -- picking it up of the free and the new Liang Qichao the scientific view of Liang Qichao's democratic values of two the fourth chapter of Liang Qichao's new cultural construction and personality constructs a Liang Qichao's new cultural construction of two Liang Qichao's new cultural ideal of Liang Qichao in three the construction of modern personality of the fifth chapter of aesthetic and survival significance construction -- Liang Qichao's literary aesthetic thoughts feelings and the construction of modern personality -- Liang Qichao's literary thought two beam Open interest doctrine and the meaning of life super aesthetic construction of new aesthetic thought and his cultural construction of more than three Liang Qichao summary of references @##@. As for Liang Qichao, he is the main period of political ideological and cultural activities which people pay attention to building the new culture, for the fact that he in the five four period of his thought to mature products, more valuable, but this idea in his argument cultural radicalism and conservatism is neglected in the long term. This book focuses on the hidden problems, discusses the formation process, theory, value and significance of this thought. This book is both rigorous academic works, but also has theoretical passion, for Liang Qichao and five four new culture interested readers, may be able to.
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