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Date of publication:2005-8   Press: Huaxia Publishing House   Author:James W. Kerry   Pages:183   Words:200000  

James.W., Dean of University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, one that the school of communication, Gallup professor George H. 1976 - 1979 the University of Iowa, he is a former member of the national endowment for the humanities and the Columbia University gonnett media research center, has 任宾 Xi law Pennsylvania State University and the University of Georgia visiting professor, at present as the "spread" magazine editor in chief. He edited the "media, myth and narrative" a book recently, has published 75 papers and comments.
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Reflections on the editor's note acknowledgements foreword part of communication and culture dissemination of culture first chapter second section third mass communication and cultural studies section of the "public" and "media" the fourth chapter to overcome cultural studies resistance second parts of technology and culture fifth chapter of the electronic revolution myth sixth chapters of space, time and means of communication in Chapter seventh future history chapter eighth technology and ideology: in case @##@ telegraph James Carey extraordinary insight and insightful comments, rare in the academic critics. His writings inspired different scholars group, as well as media professionals, therefore, to discuss his proposed in this part the view should lead to a more extensive, more valuable. Carey's creative works is not only related to the core issues in this field, and gives a new definition of this. His book will give the reader a novel and useful method, the ritual view, administration of critical, positivism of Marx ", cultural studies on two power orientation research method research on communication transmission view. The historical view of Carey on some important things and theory connotation, worthy scholar reading. Carey the thesis contains something far more than criticism on a subject, its vivid ideas, clear style and profound knowledge will lead the reader through an open wide and rich knowledge of the territory, especially those that have the influence of modern American ideological issues. Whether as an ideological enlightenment, or as an enjoyable reading experience, "in communication as culture" will become a classic in the field.
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