An introduction to culture industry

Date of publication:2009-9   Press: Zhongshan University press   Author:Han Junwei, Hu Xiaoming,   Pages´╝Ü281  

Any textbook is knowledge and understanding about knowledge. Different views have different knowledge expression, different understanding will have different pursuit of knowledge. We try to compile the application type undergraduate textbook series, mainly based on such considerations and Explorations: teaching material is a knowledge of the blueprint, it shows the trend of knowledge, knowledge and knowledge system. However, we emphasize on the innovation of knowledge is to the reconstruction of the relationship between knowledge, knowledge and system reconstruction. Teaching materials should not be on the knowledge map, and should be the knowledge process of lead. No change of knowledge is not the true knowledge, cannot use of knowledge is not living knowledge. Knowledge of the life lies in the restructuring, the regeneration of knowledge and knowledge production. Knowledge is a process of understanding and knowledge, the real purpose is to master and use knowledge. Teaching material to teach students what to learn, but also tell the students what to learn, to guide the students how to use what. This application is not refers to how to operate, but refers to the ingenious combination of basic knowledge and professional knowledge and flexible processing. The application is not to do what, but rather refers to the use of what. By using the method of quality is used. The method of imparting knowledge is the form and content, according to the selected content, should according to the object setting method. Education is a always worth exploring process, because knowledge is always in change. Knowledge changes will need to explore -- Exploration itself is a kind of creation, a brilliant. The general ordered a set of teaching materials, is a set of teaching materials of total beginning. At the beginning of the objective is not in itself at the beginning of the beginning, the purpose is to let people rush to look back, look at the content, ideas, methods. So, the total order of the text should be less to the extreme, and the space of thinking it should be big enough to infinity...... @##@The first chapter of the world cultural industry as a "sunrise industry" of the cultural industry, or as a creative economic support the creative industries, its origin is in occurrence and development of culture industry, "culture industry" can be said to be the modern "cultural industry", the "creative industries", "Copyright industries", "content industry" and other concepts and terms of the initial shape. By the culture industry derived culture industry since twentieth Century sixty or seventy years in Europe and the United States has demonstrated its strong vitality. In the United States, Britain, France and Germany, Japan, Korea and other countries, the cultural industry has become a pillar of the national economy, the developing countries have gradually realized the great value of culture, began to show its superiority. Mechanical technology brought theories section of the world cultural industry, a Frankfurt school -- "culture industry" theory of the industrial revolution progress led directly to the mechanization and mass production, material production transformation from a traditional form of individual to collaborative mode. Along with the development of technology, the progress of science and technology, the transformation of agricultural society to industrial society and further collapse, not only the formation of the material production industrialization, spirit, ideology, art, literature, also started to present industrialization trend, which lead to the industrialization of culture of fierce debate. "Culture industry" argument not only for the generation and development of the culture industry theory, but make it clear to the public that the prospect of future development of culture industry and culture industry real future. Therefore, research and discussion of the cultural industry is our research on creative industry or the cultural industry theory foundation and the development of creative industry and culture industry practice support.

Globalization is the essence of human social life across national and regional boundaries, and to show the full range of communication and exchange in the global scope. This communication is from the economic field unstoppable extended to the field of culture. As in late twentieth Century the rise of the cultural industry, has become a pillar industry in the western developed countries, and is known as the sunrise industry and pillar industry in twenty-first Century. The development of China's cultural industry despite a late start, but receives more and more attention of the nation. Especially the "big sixteen" since, the Party Central Committee issued a series of policies and measures to promote the development of cultural industries, the country launched vigorously develop the cultural industry boom. Review important book on the cultural industry related concepts and discipline construction, the world and Chinese overview of cultural industries, regional cultural industry planning, cultural industry cluster, the international cultural market and trade, radio and television, newspapers and publishing industry, movie industry performance industry, exhibition industry, art industry, animation industry and a series of cultural industry field; at the same time, in order to help students and readers to deepen the basic concept of the cultural industry and theoretical understanding, included Hollywood, Broadway, West London, national culture industry demonstration base, exhibition planning reference catalogue and some cases and related links, for readers to learn. The book can be used as a cultural industry management, college art management, journalism, public administration, international cultural trade, exhibition management, the animation industry management, literature, art and other related professional teaching materials or reference books, is also an important reference for the cultural industry researchers, government management, culture industry practitioners and lovers.
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Introduction to cultural industry related concept and discipline construction section of cultural industry and related concepts in section second and cultural industry and third cultural industry management discipline construction information links of UNESCO World Cultural Industry chapter explains the cultural industry of the first section of the world cultural industry theories in section second of the world cultural industry development characteristics and trend Third day USA culture industry the fourth section of the Japanese culture industry data link Hollywood film company in second chapter eight Chinese culture industry overview section China culture industry development course of second day China culture industry development problems and Countermeasures in section third Chinese culture industry development trend data links, national culture industry demonstration base two, a list of the national "eleven five" period of cultural development plan "culture industry" part of the third chapter, the first section of regional cultural industry planning of the regional cultural industry development strategy and planning section second China regional cultural industry development plan main problem data links, Beijing "eleven five" period of cultural development plan (2006-2010 year) two, South Beijing Cultural Creative Industry "eleven five" development plan (2006-2010 years) the fourth chapter cultural industry and cultural industry park the first industry cluster second Festival cultural industry cluster third Festival Cultural Industry Park data link incubator and Creative Industrial Park in the fifth chapter the international cultural market and trade section develop cultural trade significance of the second day the main national cultural products market share and relevant policy third day international cultural market environment in section fourth to improve China's cultural products in the international market share and influence on data link to the Ministry of culture on Further Strengthening and improving the export of cultural products and services work on the sixth chapter of Radio Film and television industry the first section China broadcast television industry second day World Radio and television third world film industry production and development of the fourth section China movie industrialization road data link, the Central People's broadcasting station two, from the perspective of economics analysis of Phoenix TV brand management chapter seventh newspaper publishing industry the first newspaper economy and newspaper development status of section second China newspaper group development overview section third Chinese periodical industry. Overview section fourth Chinese publishing industry strategic pattern of the fifth day Chinese publishing industry development trend data link book publishing management chapter eighth performance industry exhibition industry the tenth chapter ninth chapter eleventh chapter art industry of animation industry reference
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