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Keynes in his "general theory" a Book of the conclusion is: "really a social good and bad influence, not a vested interest, but the trend of thought." The liberation of the group cultural forum held 14 sessions in a row, is a passion of the platform, a thought inrush current platform. This time, we in the name of Cultural Forum, successfully invited the United Kingdom British Museum, Le Louvre Museum in France, New York, Russia USA Metropolitan Museum of Winter Palace, Chinese the Imperial Palace Museum, the world's most famous museum curator five, together with the convergence of Shanghai and our Shanghai museum curator, talk about "sharing of human civilization and carry forward". In the name of Cultural Forum, we implemented have been experts China the Imperial Palace considered impossible dream, not shake to show creative beauty and charm. In the name of Cultural Forum, we try to use "please come in" approach, to culture as the link, reported scores of newspapers, television, web site by including the Russian text news agency, at home and abroad, the Shanghai style, the image of Shanghai World Expo "go out" to the country, made a vivid and concrete to show the world. At the same time to explore a new way to do publicity work, the press is: how to based on the local, facing the world, support for the country's foreign exchanges and economic integration in various forms of culture. In the name of Cultural Forum, we further experience of Party group mission and responsibility. As a public cultural carrier of society, except by information transfer and graphic expression to serve the public, to guide the society, we can also use the media brand appeal, through the creative activities of the organization, for Shanghai and even national library, the museum to build and expand foreign exchanges, communication platform, between the different countries, deepen different ethnic groups and different cultural understanding and communication. In the name of Cultural Forum, the traditional newspaper media in the breakthrough process limitations, dissemination of imagination, influence and realization possibility was further enlarged, in addition to newspapers, television, web, mobile phone newspaper, electronic newspaper and street public video and other new media also in instant communication display one's skill to the full, people can be in different space-time conditions on the basis of interest and demand, access to different forms of information. Diversity transmission and is efficiently obtained using, herald a structured product information era. Even in the Museum of the industry, the world's top museums is also difficult to have this opportunity to meet.

The book records the previous "Cultural Forum" wonderful speech and host comments, profound and simple, smart and simple, warm and sincerely provides us with a correct understanding and change yourself, create beautiful future possible variety. The diversity of life and plasticity therefore becomes more temptation. Explained from the angle of economics, the return value is direct possession of resources. Listen, can be directly read Master famous experts and scholars of speech and thought, and convert them to enhance their own value-added assets, it would be a rare lucky! Also, we already know, from the perspective of culture, this is possible. Open the book, feel the new era of cultural interaction!
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Preface: Cultural Forum means what record thirteenth cultural forum for us: the four famous Chinese context speech Ma Ruifang: "a dream of Red Mansions": "fun" as the pinnacle of Zhou Siyuan: "the Water Margin": cultural memory of Shen Bo Jun like near and distant: "the romance of the Three Kingdoms": "event" influence of Qian Wenzhong: "journey to the west": traditional characters and national conversation on tilt fourteenth Cultural Forum and global Museum Forum: sharing of human civilization and carry forward the speech Neil Mccregor: human to pursue their own civilization. Catherine Guillo: internationalization and under the background of mass culture museum attitude Philip de Montebello: Art and culture in the global environment Mikhail Peo Tero J J Ki: a treasure of world culture: records of Russian Encyclopedia Zheng Xinmiao: "the Imperial Palace" vision and dream of Chen Xiejun: Sharing: is art, but also the wisdom of dialogue article commented sharing and promote human civilization -- the global League Museum tilt down The fifteenth Cultural Forum: a cultural interpretation of the Olympic spirit of the speech of Haiberg: a real dialogue is learning the unknown Li Hong: Olympic Games is a kind of education Deng Ya Ping: champion, not the peak Luo Xuejuan: Olympic Games, the fire of life Cao Yanhua human: sports, is a kind of cultural attitudes on tilt down interview dialogues "liberation weekend" an exclusive interview with Ji Xianlin "straight, cool, and funny story" -- on Ma Ruifang's general education: University Reform Path Selection -- dialogue, Cai Dafeng Qin Shaode of the Fudan University Olympic Games, let the dialogue of civilizations -- an exclusive interview with International Olympic Committee Market Committee Chairman Haiberg Olympic Games, is the ruins of an education -- where the interview International Olympic Committee in Chinese chief representative Li Hong sight to strangers the Chinese culture "day road" Shanghai Guangfulin culture sites suspected of sublimation every heart injury tragic and dignity we prove that the motherland, always make me burst into tears still Zhao Benshan "fun" of Cui Yongyuan and Qian Wenzhong from "experience" to "feeling", and Yu Dan's heart Lu an elderly Japanese and 11 time Olympic Games, is the eternal beauty
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"The Water Margin": host Yin Xin cultural memory like near and far (Liberation Daily Weekend reporter): just professor Ma Ruifang took us to the full of fun, humorous and elegance of the Grand View Garden around a circle, really fun. Next, should we follow professor Zhou Siyuan to Liangshan to see the various heroes. Professor Zhou study "Water Margin", put forward many new ideas, today we will be together with him into the similar cultural memory near and far. (unanimous applause) wild Southern China tiger pictures, if put to the "Water Margin" at that time, no one to go with him to the dispute is true or false, the ecological environment of that time is far better than now, everybody good afternoon! Why am I telling you -- oh, sorry, I lecture fell in the coat pocket, (laughter) never mind, memory should remember -- why should I speak like cultural memory near and far? Because in real life there are many things, now seems to has been away from us very far away, it may from time to time in our eyes.......
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