Acting intermediary.

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:Li Xiaofang   Pages´╝Ü287  

This is systematically introduced performance medium woven industry characteristics, mode of operation, service content, medium skill, occupation moral aspects of general contract management. In particular, the more prominent qualification certificate, business process, negotiation skills and foreign performances performances in the intermediary business issues in detail, it is very practical, is a Book of art and culture intermediaries and related professional teachers and students to study and understand the performance of intermediary business.
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Xu Wanbin chapter I overview of intermediary organizations and intermediary organizations of the general theory of second developed countries intermediary organization development and its implications in section third intermediary organization of our country development problems and the measures to be taken in section fourth, intermediary organizations and the relationship between the government and the trend of development the second chapter performing intermediary organizations basic knowledge of the first festival definition second festival market present situation and the problems of the third festival of intermediary organization definition, scope of activities and characteristics of the third chapter. Basic knowledge of foreign intermediary first international performance market overview section second foreign market performance management section third correctly facing the international performance market competition fourth foreign performances broker and international practice, the fourth chapter shows the form of intermediary organizations the first festival of practice and intermediary intermediary organization form second festival intermediary rights and obligations third festival of intermediary business content fourth Festival intermediary practitioners intermediary skills Fifth Festival intermediary risk and Its Elusion fifth chapter performing intermediary organizations management section of qualification and certification of necessity of section second to perform intermediary qualification certification third Festival intermediary self-discipline And Industry Management Chapter sixth first quarter performance contracts intermediary contract related general knowledge section second contract section third contract of commission contract fourth day Fifth Festival intermediary contract management chapter seventh performing intermediary personnel training the first festival intermediary personnel structure in section second, "WTO" to perform the intermediary personnel requirements of the third festival of intermediary organizations the eighth chapter shows talent cultivation intermediary occupation moral first occupation moral outline second festival intermediary occupation moral construction in Appendix business performance management regulations Office of the Ministry of culture on the implementation of "business performance management regulations" Notice of business performance management regulations of broker management approach the Ministry of culture of foreign cultural and artistic performances and exhibitions management regulations @##@. With the development of socialist market economy, performing intermediary organizations have become a social service organization indispensable in modern cultural life of. But so far, the theory research on the intermediary organization Chinese just at the starting stage, lack of consensus on the theory of intermediary organizations, such as the performance is little research of this kind of specific intermediary intermediary organization. This situation, both to give full play to perform, constraints the orderly operation of intermediary organizations in the legal track, will have an extremely negative impact. This book systematically introduces the characteristics of the industry, the performance of intermediary organization mode of operation, service content, intermediate skills, contract management and occupation moral knowledge. In particular, more outstanding qualifications, business process, negotiation skills and foreign performances performances in the intermediary business problems in detail, with strong practicality, is the culture and art of intermediaries and related professional teachers and students to study and understand the performance of intermediary business good introductory book.
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