• The contemporary famous line selected

    The contemporary famous Chinese self collection: Zhang Dainian roll, Zhang Dainian, thread bound book,

  • The worship of Miao culture bovine

    This is the first theoretical monograph Miao cattle worship culture system. The Miao cattle worship culture expounds multi perspective, discusses the cattle worship culture's ancestral images, reproductive image and agriculture imagery, and worship culture and art, folk songs, dance and drama to Miao cattle, deeply,

  • Chinese and Western culture

    "Cultural aspect theory (Revised Edition)" from the general cultural perspective, discusses the causes and origins of Chinese and Western culture, discusses the China cultural historical stage of development -- the pre Qin culture, Confucian classics in Han Dynasty culture, Wei Jin culture, metaphysics _ Sui and Tang Dynasties, Buddhism culture, song and Ming dynasties, Ming and Qing Confucianism culture and the western culture,

  • Popular cultural sociology

    Popular culture has been in ancient and early capitalist society, but its popularity and in society in general and penetration, is obviously more than half a century. The globalization trend of contemporary economy, more make the popular culture become omnipresent political economic and cultural forces. book from zhe,

  • Confucian relationalism

    Cultural reflection and model reconstruction, the author in the past twenty years the essence of social psychology asked to write papers. In the thesis, the author later positivism philosophy of science as the guide, the theoretical and empirical research combined, trying to analyzing the traditional Chinese culture, culture, efforts to establish a "Confucian relationship,

  • Budo culture and development philosophy

    Budo culture and development philosophy, Kang Tiancheng, Chinese Federation of literary and art circles publishing company,

  • As the spread of culture

    James Carey extraordinary insight and insightful comments, rare in the academic critics. His writings inspired different scholars group, as well as media professionals, therefore, to discuss his proposed in this part the view should lead to a more extensive, more valuable. Carey's creative works,

  • East Asian modern and Western Modernity

    From the perspective of culture, East Asian modern and Western Modernity: from the perspective of culture, ISBN:9787108023124, author: Xia Guang,

  • The academic history Chinese folk culture

    "Youth Forum of folk culture: Chinese folk culture academic history as" the main contents include: from "the novelist made" to "the myth of the mansion," into the field of texts, hundred years flood myth research review, "totem" theory and the interpretation of Chinese, "Customs" textual research, the Folk Literature: to the field for what,

  • China traditional culture chamber

    The book covers Chinese monarchy, the prime minister, Chinese Chinese of imperial examination system, Chinese Confucian culture, Buddhist culture, Taoist culture China China Chinese folk culture, fourteen chapters. ,

  • Intercultural communication and Cultural Studies

    Culture and communication of Korea, this book attempts to understand the culture and communication of international relations and South Korea from the perspective of intercultural communication. Contents include: South Korea's social and cultural studies, the South Korean news and dissemination of research perspective, South Korea broadcasting reality and facing the issue. ,

  • Chinese culture and sustainable development

    China culture broad and profound, until now still is the focus of the world. In the past, people think home is the mainstream China culture, and in fact, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism three phase to integration, interaction, is a special existence state Chinese traditional ideology and culture. All classes of authors in the Han Dynasty "deposed 100,,

  • Deconstruction and inheritance

    Confucius, study of Confucianism and its modern value, holes and Chinese ancient great educator, is one of the world's ten great thinkers acknowledged, he founded the Confucian culture is the main China traditional culture. Confucian culture keep pace with the times, continuous development of two thousand years, not only for the formation, the proliferation of the Chinese nation, unity and stability plays an irreplaceable role, and,

  • Cultural Populism

    The book presents a novel insight into current trends and Research on popular culture and media studies. The book explores the deep in the culture of populism emotion and impulse and postmodernism variants, and made a sympathetic critique; points out the trend of a complete analysis of consumerism, and show that it is a difficult,

  • Cultural interpretation China ancient Lyric theory

    This book to lyrical theory in ancient Chinese as resources, materials and objects, the cultural interpretation method, has studied the mechanism of writers and artists, inner emotional activities and activities (Lyric feelings through different media, carrier outward) mechanism. With emphasis on the "feelings" occurrence, movement track,,

  • Propagation and Enlightenment

    Science is an important flag China control advanced molecular salvation and ideological and cultural enlightenment. And a number of men and women with high ideals and the wisdom mind of national prosperity, national rejuvenation molecular ambition, actively spread the western modern science knowledge, efforts to carry out scientific enlightenment, called for the creation of Chinese scientific career, which leads to the,

  • Introduction to American culture

    One of the book focuses on the problems of regional civilization series. America cultural studies can help us to understand the nature of America past, clearly understand USA today, also can help us to correctly predict America tomorrow. As the representative of western culture, development and destiny of USA culture is very likely prospect of Western civilization,,

  • Acting intermediary.

    With the development of socialist market economy, performing intermediary organizations have become a social service organization indispensable in modern cultural life of. But so far, the theory research on the intermediary organization Chinese just at the starting stage, lack of consensus on the theory of intermediary organizations, such as the performance of this specific class of intermediaries intermediary,

  • Cultural consciousness and moral rationality

    The theme of this book, all the cultural activities such as political economy, discusses, literature and art, religion and morality are various, fall under a moral self, self spirit. Tang's main governing human world in the spirit of moral self, self mastery, naturalism, utilitarianism of culture view, be a completely negative, and hope,

  • In twenty-first Century the cultural living museum

    "Twenty-first Century cultural living museum" with new concepts to build the multi culture living space, is a concentration of people living. The museum is divided into clothing diet, Home Furnishing appliance Museum, Museum Museum of cultural art museum, public facilities and sports hall five pavilions, is an important place for children's entertainment, education and training. It will help,

  • The Yellow River Yu Tian Lu

    The Yellow River Yu Tian Lu, Jing Min, Huacheng publishing house,

  • New exploration of the study of Chinese ancient history

    "New" the study of ancient history and culture is the author of the ancient culture of the results, including the collation of ancient books, ancient Chinese, ancient history, antiquities 4 parts. ,

  • Liu Zongyuan theory

    "Liu Zongyuan" on the subject of Liu Zongyuan's philosophy, religious thought and Liu Zongyuan and Huxiang culture and the relationship between topics of analysis, debate. Especially analyze atheism, historical view of Liu Zongyuan's unique insights. ,

  • International Sinology (twelfth Series)

    This print is hosted by the Beijing Foreign Studies University research center of Overseas Sinology, a comprehensive academic journal edited by Mr. Ren Jiyu. The aim is to introduce Sinology research in domestic academic circles all over the world history, achievements and the latest progress, to broaden the research Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, and actively promote the domestic academic field,

  • Dunhuang and the Silk Road culture lectures (Second Series)

    "Dunhuang and the Silk Road Culture Lecture" support and Planning Office of the leading group, Dunhuang publishing Chinese Turpan Institute, Beijing Library Press in the ancient books, invite domestic and foreign well-known scholars at Dunhuang, which lasted a year and a half, successfully held the 39, by the Dunhuang academic experts and scholars and readers to home,

  • Cross culture literary dialogue

    The comparison of Chinese and Western literature and poetics theory, comparative literature as a cross culture literary dialogue, should first of all common discourse, were recorded for two otherwise, dialogue is no fit, will each say each. The general, collision, conflict and blend between civilization, is a regular process, namely from the wishful thinking of apply mechanically to objectively,

  • Study on Mathematical Criticism and novels

    The book of each article and writing more related to the previous set, and as indicated in the title, content mainly includes two aspects: one is the "Literary Mathematical Criticism", basically is the "fiction"; two is the classical works of "novels", or the question the old saying, or put forward and test solution solve a specific problem. Although all two major,

  • Cultural Criticism

    Digest responsibility this word has been the literary world weary. With the popular view, it is like a rope -- if for writers, writing would be like self tied up, not easy, difficult to follow one's inclinations, summon wind and call for rain to see; if it is from someone's request, is the external constraints, let alone,

  • Buddhist cultural communication theory

    Buddhism in the sixth Century BC to the fifth Century BC, by Gautama Siddhartha (as Shakya Muni) founded in ancient bream. Buddhism was named after the Buddha, Buddha referred to as originally designed, Fagafaga Muni. Buddhism is the Buddha referred to, the first to Shakya Muni. Buddhism is the Buddha to worship as the object, and conformity,

  • The academic thought Chinese outline

    16 folio, discussed in the book six, the pre Qin, Han Dynasty Confucian classics and Huang Lao Shu, Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties, the development of Buddhism and metaphysics classics, Song Ming Neo Confucianism and the Qing Dynasty unified the truth, is an important subject of Chinese history of philosophy. Professor Lin Yin takes freely flowing style of writing, halal standard strokes, the source of Chinese academic thought,

  • Used to agree

    The book starts with an overview of the United States (the first, two chapter), and then describe the Pilgrims how to create a set of meet their needs. (Chapter third), as well as to the American first epic author cotton? A detailed analysis of Mather's life and works. (Chapter fourth). The two chapter is about the open from eighteenth Century,

  • The broken and culture.

    The historical destiny Confucius and the theory of the five four period,

  • Culture and civilization

    What are the relations between culture and civilization? They are the priority is people's different contains the historical and social significance what in different contexts? They are on our life will be what kind of inspiration? This book try to catch the meaning of culture and civilization of these two words of the history of thought,

  • Between radical and conservative

    As for Liang Qichao, he is the main period of political ideological and cultural activities which people pay attention to building the new culture, for the fact that he in the five four period of his thought to mature products, more valuable, but this idea in his argument cultural radicalism and conservatism is neglected in the long term. ,

  • Thought and school

    Study of modern ideological and cultural China, book for the contemporary Chinese historian in the library of a book, the author Zheng Shiqu is a professor of history at the Beijing Normal University, tutor of doctoral students, teaching and research work has long been engaged in China modern history, China modern thought and culture history. This book is from Professor Zheng Shiqu's previously published works, the paper selected the ideological and cultural history,

  • With the development of Ideological and cultural heritage

    Dr. He Shiming lecture of culture, inheritance and development of thought and culture, ISBN:9787806594254, author: Li Zhigang, Feng Dawen,

  • Journey to the West's Secret

    You are to say that this is a literature monographs, East Asia theological research notes, or an animal handbook. It is a bit confusing, but it does look good. From the point of view of "journey to the west" in this text, the Japanese Islands imagination reached the monkeys, five elements and other interesting things, but no further divergence. Its advantages are simple. ,

  • Research on city culture and civilization

    "City culture and civilization" points, three, first of culture, cultural function of the cultural system, explores the unique theory, and then focus on the spirit of the city culture and civilization, city management culture and civilization, city industrial culture and civilization construction, city culture and civilization, and for how to,

  • Theory of culture

    Redefinition of the concept of culture, reviews the cultural anthropology theory history, the human culture and personality relationship, and puts forward some new theory category, and summarized from the angle of science and value. ,

  • Zen and the culture and Literature

    "The main content and Zen culture and literature" include: the Western way of thinking is analyzed; in China represented a way of thinking is the synthesis of oriental. Human and nature of the oriental culture advocates are friends, "the harmony between man and nature"; western culture advocating "conquer nature", the self proclaimed "God's favored one", "the master of the earth",

  • Language cultural history - Language Most Foul

    His mother is how to come up with this theorem? Pythagoras -- I want to fuck not rain, you say? -- Joan this fuck painting it is like her! -- Picasso you want me to draw what the fuck the ceiling? Mica Lan Giro -- so fucking much water is where? ,

  • Cultural communication

    Zhuang Xiaodong was born in April 1961, Yunnan Zhenxiong people. Visiting scholar, Renmin University of China, PhD, associate professor of Yunnan University. As the "Life News" deputy editor in chief, director of Department of market news "reporter". The main author textbooks and reference books 9. In the "seeking truth", "Chinese higher education", "cultural studies", ",

  • The traditional and the modern

    This book represents the author discusses its culture, its main content is around the value of traditional Confucianism in modern society, a deep reflection on cultural discussion and social science research in recent years. The author reveals the "anti tradition and anti - anti Traditionalism" opposition, to seek to resolve the modern,

  • Comparative Cultural Studies

    The Chinese and the trustee will his new book "Comparative Cultural Studies" from Suzhou to me. After reading the book, I feel this is a pioneering work, I need to readers and peer's recommended. Comparative cultural studies is to compare the subject to different culture, as the Chinese put it, it Chinese even in contemporary china,

  • Study on the city of Athens in the classical period

    Athens is the most famous ancient Greek city-state Athens polis, is relying on the center, but the current domestic research in this aspect is seldom. The topic from a new perspective of history of Athens, nature has its academic value. The paper under the guidance of historical materialism, on the basis of detailed material, use interdisciplinary,

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