Yanhuang Culture Research (seventh Series)

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"Yanhuang Culture Research (seventh Series)" is mainly divided into: Monographs; Yanhuang two emperor and age of the origin of Chinese civilization; sacrifice; culture; national culture and regional culture; thought and school; cultural discussions; social customs; cultural exchange; research on overseas Chinese culture; the Chinese scholars; review and prefaces and postscripts; academic development etc.. "Yanhuang Culture Research" and the general study of the Chinese traditional culture publication, it is the main feature of Yanhuang two emperor and era, there Yanhuang two emperor and age of the ancient civilization, China origin in columns, and the national culture and regional culture, sites and relics, relics and archaeology, Chinese culture abroad Chinese scholars, etc.. The Chinese culture is the culture that in a broad sense, it introduced the thought and school programs, to reflect the traditional culture of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, the latest research achievements. Active thinking, discussion on hot issues in the academic culture in the study of development, also has a research and debate, academic information and book review column, and combining the characteristics of Huang Di mausoleum, Mausoleum of arthritis, Huang Di, Yan Di sacrifice activities will also be reflected in the academic.
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Several points about the research on harmonious culture view Ancient Chinese Literature Search: "hot" where to? Yanhuang two emperor and age of the Huang Di era Tribal Fusion and harmonious culture -- on the "Huang Di" name of Huang Di culture history and value integration characteristics and culture of emperor Huang Di, Huang Di culture and the unified multi nationality country history phlogistic mausoleum importance should be fully affirmed -- Hunan Zhuzhou Yandi Ling in the study views on the origin of the Chinese civilization on Shun culture administrative ethics thought and Its Modern Enlightenment sacrifice culture on China's ancient sacrifice culture characteristic of Huang Di's sacrifice and the Chinese nation with Shennong is the symbol of the farming culture and the origin of national culture and regional culture of Wuyi Culture Discussion of "Confucianism as well" the thought and the school of "Sun Tzu preface" and he omitted on pre Qin clan moved to early academic geography -- on Han Zheng, all week room, Chen Wan ran Qi Dongqian as an example of the Ming Dynasty official ritual and features of Zhang Xuecheng, Hayden White and Bai Shouyi on "history" relationship and its historical value China traditional culture -- modern transformation the theory of modern ideological and cultural change China basic way China cultural discussions of traditional political culture and public administration The ethical dimension of policy choice of city culture and social customs in the early Republic of China fashion cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries "Beijing 西士" and its historical contributions of Wu Ruguan's unique thinking on Chinese and Western culture compatible with the overseas Chinese Cultural Studies: women and the state of western historiography research China women's new hot "Yan Xing Lu" review of Chinese scholars erudite Qin Si Gu Rong now -- Chinese economic history expert Wu Chengming ancient historical study of history, historical and moral problems -- on Hu Houxuan's research on the book review and the preface and postscript "Huang Di cultural magazine" order under multi perspective of Chinese and Western culture exchange research -- "Western learning and culture in the Qing Dynasty" ordered a concise informative tomb epitaph -- read "Yanling Zhi" rebuilt light study of Fei Lao "make notes -- Reviewing Parker sociology" Ideological and cultural enlightenment academic dynamic "modern culture and modern China" academic seminar discussions of experts and scholars on Jin Yuan Culture -- the first gold Shangjing historical culture academic seminar
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Several points about the research on harmonious culture view ◇ party one of harmonious culture I have not done in-depth thinking and research, there are some immature ideas, put forward to ask. Because of the time, only the basic point of view here, not the detailed argumentation. One, the harmonious culture has a very rich content, can be in many ways, multi angle, multi-level to reveal, providing valuable thought resources and historical reference for today's construction of harmonious culture, but generally speaking, "Chinese from 'and' to come" is not appropriate I read some the article, some from the universe and (heaven and earth, yin and Yang, four and), heaven and human, and, and, and heart and tries to explore the rich content of the Chinese harmonious culture. On the relationship and, can be discussed separately from the relationship between man and society, man and man, specific performance for the family (father and son, husband and wife, brother and, "home and everything"), neighborhood, and respect and on (Jun Chen, Jun min, the officials and people and), logical administration and harmonious people, Co He Wanbang the world and equality, etc., are all "and" problem. Chinese do business, pay attention to "Friendliness is conducive to business success.", there are stress "and outer Wei", solve ethnic conflicts often take "and" policy, these also speak "and" problem. Some scholars from the "and" for you, "and" good, "and" the theory of value perspective on Chinese harmonious culture of politics, ethics, aesthetics content. Some scholars focused on Chinese ancient "moderate" and "neutralization". Some articles are studied. The harmony of Confucian thought, Taoism, Mohism, and easy to learn, Buddhist, and were conducting a case study of the theme of harmony of an individual, a certain book or work. In short, these studies are helpful to reveal the contents and characteristics of Chinese culture of harmony, I think I can study more deeply, more systematic, because resources Chinese harmonious thought in traditional culture is so rich. The CPC Central Committee put forward the theory of harmonious socialist society is the latest theoretical achievement of Marx's Chinese, "China" of course is the first to solve the realistic problem Chinese, it also absorbed the resources harmonious thought of the value of traditional culture. For example, in April 21, 2006 American Comrade Hu Jintao Yale University speech pointed out: "the Chinese civilization has always paid attention to social harmony, unity and mutual assistance.

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