Xun 勖笛 law research

Date of publication:1995-11   Press: The people's Music Publishing House   Author:Wang Zichu   Pages:296  

Xun 勖笛 law is rich in musicology ore. Mr. Wang Zichu following the footprint its teachers and previous exploration, double in the academic discoveries, harvest. Many years ago, Wang Zichu studied under Mr. Huang Xiangpeng and received a master's degree, the master's thesis topic is Xun 勖笛 law research. After graduation, he continued the subject class research, review, analysis and examination of a large number of historical documents, double the temperament is about experiment, the Xun 勖笛 law are the twenty-two law may, correction to Xun 勖笛 on the basis of experiment is to imagine diameter tube.
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The study of the law of two hundred years' flute flute five questions on a pipe products, Xun 勖笛 calibration of two, Xun 勖笛 law law of three, Xun Di's function and diameter four, on the three notes five, Xun 勖笛 Ling moved Kan "Flute" Kuang Miu the law review of research data. Release a, [beam] Shen Yue "of Song Dynasty law Lizhi" (excerpt) two, [clear] Xu Yangyuan "micro" Temperament Scale (excerpt) three, [clear] Xu Yangyuan "Xun 勖笛 REETU note" (excerpt) four, [clear] Ling Tingkan "Jin Tai Shi Di law" Kuang Miu five [clear] Chen Li, "rhythm of general" (excerpt) appendix one one, "Yang Yinliu China music history" (excerpt) two, [Japan] Lin Qiansan "East Asia" (excerpt) three instrument test, Yang Yinliu "China ancient music history" (excerpt) of the Chinese traditional music theory in four, Huang Xiangpeng "Xun Xu" five, "Huang Xiangpeng" (excerpt) six, Chen Zhengsheng "in Appendix 勖笛 law research" two Jin Shu Xun Xun 勖传 postscript
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