The value rationality and Chinese literary theory

Date of publication:2006-7   Press: Bashu   Author:Liu Wenyong  

"The value rationality and China literary theory", is a quite science component of the doctoral dissertation. The thesis topic and its conception, novel bold, creative. Author according to the present academic major controversy and pending, for hair, strong pertinence. The author points out that, in the studies of China ancient literature, ancient value rationality or value in the modern time to be misunderstood and criticized, in certain procedures "obscuring the ancient literary theory is the level of spiritual value true face". This theory gives a beneficial enlightenment. In this paper, many viewpoints are innovation consciousness of the authors, such as the ancient literary theory in the traditional education, beautiful thorn said, form open, comparison and analysis of many aspects of the king "say, careful analysis, and can be compared from positive and negative aspects, not only has the vertical history and rich connotation, and has spatial tension transverse, considerable momentum and passion, so shocking to people. To the speculative activity, has the traditional foundation quite, can through the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign words will gallop, credit, have sufficient grounds for one's views, and the conclusion persuasive.
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