The three sub study of clouds

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"The cloud" three sub study is divided into two parts: the first part mainly, the three son of his thought; the main research between the three literary creation. The discussion between three sub activities of life, and in all the life stories of them, discusses the development change their outlook, political outlook, outlook on love, ideas. Part II - three works split research, describes their literary view and poetry, CI creation characteristics and influence. In this paper, using the three sub compared well with other methods, the same time control the schools of writers, to explore the characteristics of their literary renaissance and shortcomings, as well as its location in the Ming Dynasty, ancient literature, and discusses the relationship between the creation and the trend of the times and their literature, and the influence of the literary trend.
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Chapter one, the origin of the study, two of three, a historical review of the research on cloud three life thoughts of the first chapter of late Ming Dynasty style of Jiangnan literati and overview of the late Ming Jiangnan literati, Donglin Qingyi and Jiangnan literati two, ideological trend and Jiangnan scholar wind three, second quarter unconventional ways of scholars and Jiangnan literati in late Ming Dynasty Jiangnan style, a late Ming literature trend of the two, second chapter three Southern Literary Tradition - sub family origin and early activity first cloud three sub family and growth, the three son of a family origin two, cloud three sub set to second - three sub community activities, and a complex society agency two, cloud three and complex society, several agency section third - three and one, Chen Liu, Liu Song Liu circumstances on two, Chen Liu, song the willows on the third chapter of the three world with clouds and medium-term activities section "Himin classic selection" and "agricultural book," a "Ming emperor classic selection" compilation two ", but the contents of three classic selection", "Nong" compilation and the value second section three of the political activities and political thought, cloud Three sub political activity in two, cloud three sub political thought the fourth chapter the three sub post activity and the choice of life and death the first cloud three sub post activities, Jia Shen changed and the three sub politics two, Jia Shen's changed between three sub main experience second - three of the choice of life and death one, the death of Chen Zilong and the official song syndrome and two, Chen Zilong and Lee 雯之 don't third day from the clouds and three sub look dynastic literati life choices a, chastity and Shi Qing two, abandoned the students and do the three son of literary study adherents - Chapter fifth - three sub literary thought the first cloud the three sub prose theory, theory of a vintage two, say three, on the creation of resentment and second section from the late Ming Dynasty literary debates at the three literary view, cloud three and jingling two, cloud three and Tang Song school three, cloud three and Loudong pie, Yushan school, more than four of the sixth chapter the three sub word first responsory activities and Yunjian school CI creation, singing a "grass", and "orchid and" two, "and its fighting words play of Yunjian CI poets sing:" the characteristics of the second section three sub word wind The similarities and differences between subject and subject, two, image and the built environment in Chapter seventh, the first stanza - three - three poems content, worries about world for two, for three, Yong lyric love four, pastoral work second - three poems style, emotional concentration and the intensity of the two, the language sense of color three, poetry, Chinese characteristics of the four of eighth chapters on cloud three Qing Dynasty literature influence the first section three and a three sub Yunjian school, clouds and early Yunjian school two, cloud three and later Yunjian school between three and second section cloud Qing Dynasty literature the three, and two, three CI Qing clouds and poets in Qing Dynasty: Chen Zilong appendix Bense reference postscript
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The copyright page: indeed, they run up to forces cause in the Chen Zilong also, and Song Zhengyu was in Bing Xu years (1646) winter in Beijing for second years ahead of schedule, the held to the. He in Shunzhi four years (1647) in the spring of senior scholars, has finally completed his in the Ming Dynasty, not the end of the fame of the road. In the Qing Dynasty, his political career seems to have been very prudent, "Professor Xing Department Secretary of Jiangxi, Shanxi Yuanwai Lang, as governor of Fujian, the Senate and the right Cha Si Qian, prefect Xuezheng, in Zhuo Shang Baoqing, Fu Cheng Li generation, long Jin left all rightyu shi". Song Zhengyu Kangxi Bing Wu years (1666), rising to three ranks, but in the second year he died in office, in fifty years. The summer of 1647, Chen Zilong and Song Zhengyu each performance in literature, one for the old Dynasty hero, a new dynasty upstart, choose different outcome of life, history also give them different evaluation. Although Chen Zilong sacrifice for resistance, but forty-one years of Qianlong (1776), the Qing government in recognition of his die to preserve one's virtue intact, thanks to "Zhong Yu" special posthumous. Song Zhengyu is as eager to fame, at the time by Xia Wanchun and other friends to denounce. Visible integrity and Gao Jie noble personality, is always admired. After Chen Zilong's death, song syndrome and vertical "cloud asked five literati Ci", enshrined him and Xia Yunyi, Li Wen, Chen Jiru, Dong Qichang, and wrote "in Ling Meng 公传" to record his life story, also have "with his friend in Ling Meng Gong", the memory of his poetry, Song Zhengyu although in visible way of life from Chen Zilong, but to the elder brother's friends are still deep. Just such a friendship, not enough to change the two different values of this fact. Song Zhengyu "is still the same wood brothers with Chen Zi" a poem read: we feel quite helpless, with mountains and rivers turbid liquor drunk. Ten village more bamboo, ten thousand years since the sea. Cool you Jian Ji Lin Qingxia cold, rain empty on high. Test about Chai 桑真 reclusive, Wuling River on a peach. In the color, national rise and fall, Songzheng and want is a Tao Yuanming like a hermit, lived in the Peach Garden in the world of life from. This escapist attitude, and one from Chen Zilong after the wilderness, compared to forces fighting spirit, obviously there is a world of difference.
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