The thought of walking

Date of publication:2012-6   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:Yang Hui   Pages:273  

Yang Hui, assistant professor of Tsinghua University, doctor of literature, Chinese Department of Xiamen University. Research in the field of modern Chinese literature, in recent years, focusing on China's early Marx literature theory construction and 1930 in Chinese literature of exotic narrative, and around the above issues in
generation "China modern literature studies", "Journal of Jilin University", "reading" and other publications published papers.
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As we all know, in the history of the Communist Party of China, the history of modern Chinese literature and modern Chinese ideological history, Qu Qiubai is an important cultural an unquestionable, and how to further grasp the thinking track, historical context and contemporary significance of Qu Qiubai's cultural thought, which has been the Qu Qiubai research field is a hot and difficult issue in modern literature the research community. "The thought of walking: Qu Qiubai" Cultural Revolution "research" in deep Qu Qiubai text on the basis of remodeling of questions to study Qu Qiubai "Cultural Revolution", in order to provide a new perspective for the study of Qu Qiubai's thought of culture and how this research to problem.
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Analysis is therefore exploration -- "Qu Qiubai" Cultural Revolution "research" ordered

the first chapter introduction to Qu Qiubai "Culture Revolution" concept
the first festival "culture"? How "revolution"?
second "Cultural Revolution"? Or the "Cultural Revolution"?
third day live in "the Cultural Revolution" to the "Cultural Revolution"
second chapter "writing revolution"
the first section "the experience of the Soviet Union" and "China problem"
second "spoken" Utopia and national imagination.
third "normal" sublime words with deep meaning.
third chapter "spoken language" Politics: Qu Qiubai's "popularization of literature and art thought"
the first section of the "Cultural Revolution" from the perspective of "popularization of literature and art" and found that
second "spoken" revolutionary dynamics of
third "speak" of the popular
fourth chapter "reality" was born -- Qu Qiubai of Marx's literary theory
the first translation of "reality" "" controversy "smoke
second" realism "and" naturalism "critique of
third dialectical materialism" realist "
fourth the" realism "of the

@##@ references. One of the early 1930's thinkers as China's most outstanding, "Literature Revolution" Qu Qiubai thoughts gathered the universal thought syndrome revolutionary intellectuals of that era: confusion between revolution and literature, fierce temperament and the revolution, marriage culture enlightenment and violent revolution difficult. How to grasp the ideological ripple through these symptoms of that era are problems today, scholars must face.
book based on the text, creatively selects the "Cultural Revolution" of the Qu Qiubai 念兹 in this revolutionary task as the research angle of view, literary thought world to view and analysis of Qu Qiubai. Qu Qiubai on the basis of the "Cultural Revolution" experience, combined with China's revolution literature practice, formed its own "Cultural Revolution": the "writing revolution" as the basic method, in order to "popularization of literature and art" as the ultimate goal, the "introduction of Marx Zhu Yiwen theory" as the theoretical support, was left among the revolutionary literature ideological exploration depth.
facing such a left eighty years ago
thought to mark, the book did not meet the "hindsight" criticism, but the effort will knowledge and ideological domain Qu Qiubai's "Cultural Revolution" placed on their contemporaries, problem consciousness and ideological construction process so as to present Qu Qiubai. At the same time, book pay special attention to explore and research literature, especially on Qu Qiubai "" reality "and" a book made in Russian text than the survey work, more is to fill up the blank research field for Qu Qiubai.
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