The Maya civilization

Date of publication:2008-8   Press: Ding Zhaoyang of the Beijing press (2008-08)   Author:Ding Zhaoyang   Pages:268  

Well regarded the Maya civilization, is a miracle in the history of world civilization. The Maya civilization from Indian named Maya, is the American Indian Maya in Asia, Europe, Africa and isolated from the ancient civilization under the condition, the great civilization of independent creation. The sites are mainly located in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras etc.. The Maya civilization was born in the tenth Century BC, divided into pre classical period, classical and post classical period three, among them, 3 to ninth Century ad for its heyday. A Mayan civilization is one of the most outstanding achievement Kolumb discovered America before the human made. It is in many aspects of science, agriculture, culture, art, have made extremely important contribution. In contrast, the other two civilization of western hemisphere this vast expanse of the earth -- Aztec civilization and the Inca civilization, and Maya civilization cannot be mentioned in the same breath. However, let the world people puzzle is that, as the worldThe world only a birth in the jungle instead of the river basin ancient civilization, the Mayan civilization and it miraculously rise and development, its decline and disappear is full of mystery. Around eighth Century, the Maya abandoned the highly developed civilization, large-scale migration. They created each center city is terminated and a new building, the city was completely abandoned, big city bustling become barren jungle, let the swallow. Between the Maya civilization vanished overnight in America tropical jungle. In late eleventh Century, the Maya civilization has been part of the revival, however, compared to the heyday, the brilliant already not what. Along with the capitalism expansion overseas bloody action coming, the Maya civilization was finally destroyed the Spanish colonists, then long-term annihilation in the jungle. 30 years of the eighteenth Century, American John Stephens in the tropical forests of Honduras first discovered the ancient Mayan ruins. Since then, the world has found many archaeologists at the abandoned the Mayan ruins of an ancient city in Central American jungles and wasteland. The Maya without metal tools, and no transportation tools, only rely on the original production tools of the new stone age, he created the splendid and glorious civilization.

"MAYA Maya civilization" with the gradual development of Archaeology and anthropology, the mystery of the Maya civilization have been the world's attention. Now, the Mayan hieroglyphic decoding is closely linked with our understanding of the ancient civilizations of the world, the Mayan civilization has a guiding role can not be ignored in the development and future of america. Although the Maya civilization thousands of years, but in the origin of science, mathematics, construction and manufacturing technology, it plays an extremely important role.
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Ask the Jungle -- the Maya civilization pursuit, Central America lonely stage volcano, valley and jungle a Mayan homeland of rivers and lakes -- the lifeline of dream of a millennium history of the rise and fall of a Mayan Asian Hunter -- the Mayan ancestors never decayed Chronicles Trilogy Preclassic Maya civilization -- the birth of the classical period of prosperity -- after the classical period the decline of the old world and the new world -- -- understanding of Maya Kolumb encounter Kolumb "errors" 玛依雅 Maya America met Europe -- Maya death under fire spirit "as castration shame fall sun Maya abandoned the city to" the mystery of the Maya wake up, a lost world find wake Maya word mumbo-jumbo -- strange Maya the words "the devil's work" of suffering the cultural treasures of the be a survivor of a disaster 古抄 Landa bishop report Maya writing abstruse artistic characters of mysterious song of Mousika -- the Mayan literature "Qi Lun" Rumba book of lies and superstition corn empire -- Maya Society corn God gift corn -- the Mayan society "backward farming methods in water conservancy of agriculture" -- the cocoa beans medium -- the business" Cocoa based "trade route It is sheer fiction. Empire jungle pearl -- ruins of Mayan civilization Worship Center -- God protect the city" American Athens "-- Palenque sleeping Millennium ancient palaces and temples in Pyramid waking from a dream at the bottom of the secret King Room" 100 Palenque based acoustic join "-- Ticul the jungle city lost glory lightning through the time building" Itza spring "-- 奇琴? Itza Maya Toltec -- the mysterious "holy" and "Quetzalcoatl" comes to the samurai temple the earliest Observatory Canyon pearl -- the rise and fall of the ancient city of Copan words "in America the biggest puzzle" Venus City -- Uxmal "three building" city inconceivable "governor" of Pyramid. And the convent a powerful Kharak Moore snakes are two male hegemony in the leading position the magnificent El? Milardo Vuwa Shaikh swallowed -- elderly carved Maya city of 切兰奇 in his piano? Itza Maya beach replica of Pan Pearl Tulum between God and human -- the Maya Priests control Maya Maya unreal world God live universe mysterious universe reincarnation cycle time outlook Fourth World pessimistic life animism Maya birth of religion religious history of the pervading spirit world of the gods of blood sacrifice dignity tedious ritual procedures human sacrifice scarlet contract be a life-and-death matter ball game won't listen to reason stubborn life a life of the Maya Maya's social life is the first step in life after the baptism of the art newborn childhood adult ceremony equal to face death calmly mysterious funeral peculiar aesthetic deformity beauty plain dress unique tattoo hair and beard rich ornaments diet, labor and recreation corn person, division of labor and cooperation with the party and the light of wisdom - Maya technology who "zero" creation of astronomy "gnash the teeth in anger" the mystery of the Mayan calendar technology in relief astronaut singular Crystal Skull carved beauty -- the art of Maya art overview architectural beauty jungle miracle rich architectural type and Ya Building Puzzle extraordinary as if done by the spirits of sculpture sculpture art development architecture sculpture in wood and stone carving vivid clay eternal picture magic palette South Parke fresco exquisite vase painting fire art art pottery Haina Island Xiao Tao as the charm of the arts and crafts metal fabric feather products reincarnation -- Maya and America civilization is in full bloom the flower of the civilization of the Maya civilization first -- Olmec civilization in Central America dawn superb stone carving exquisite jade ancient pottery stone head of the mystery of American civilization grandmother Olmec and Maya unique civilization in Oaxaca Baishan City Oaxaca civilization vicissitude Monte Alban's tomb Te Ody Wa Can civilization "the gods place came the" trade in Pyramid and Quetzalcoatl Temple magical netherworld road art world city and mystery to us and Thor Turk WenMing Theo Siti Wa Can civilizations successor Toltec city "Smith" misty backs away -- Aztec civilization deity designated residence military Empire dream all the rise and fall of water for maize national bloody sacrifice American culture collection A unique "stone culture" "son of the sun" the swan song of the Inca civilization "-- the new world in Rome" the cradle of agriculture the vast empire of the sun god effective governance culture and education the brilliant art holy Empire air mysterious are the cradle of civilization - Chavin civilization earliest corn culture Chatwin de Wanta traces of prehistoric Nazca male who performs a giant painting mystery highly developed Moche civilisation Andes gold family pottery hidden secrets of the new continent "Tomb of Tutankhamen" "the center" -- Siti Wanner C stone piling civilization mysterious "Solar gate" temple, square and Pyramid built on the sand of the Chimu culture prosperity at Chimu Empire "Sea city" postscript: Mayan revival
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This is a land of mystery. There have been brilliant, but later forgotten, completely hidden in the lush green jungle. The magnificent temples and palaces covered with tropical trees branches vine, the vine on the wall to form an impenetrable net. Can tropical mighty storm flapping their walls, also make these ancient architectural wall rock cracking. First, to show respect for deities, the magnificent building spent a lot of manpower and material resources to build, was unusually strong vitality of roots arch breaking the foundation. As night fell, the Jaguar in the open square shouting, hoarse and terrifying sound save forests resound. The day will dawn, the ruins of the city are filled with the parrot screams and the shuttle in the forest monkeys howl. Moss cover face gods eyes stay @##@ statue "MAYA" the Mayan civilization in detail all aspects of the Mayan civilization.
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