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Date of publication:2012-10   Press: The world knowledge press   Author:Lin Chang   Pages:218   Words:270000  

(a) how to position China Japan research stage of development professor Shen believes that the introduction and innovation, through the research achievements in twentieth Century 50-60 introduced in the Soviet Union, the Japanese scholar, absorb and digest the achievements in the research of 70-80's, to the end of the 80's and early 90's, the study of Japanese history in China entered a new stage. In the introduction of foreign research theory, at the same time, the Japanese history, dynastic history, history and many volumes of the "East Asia from the perspective of Japanese history" published, produced very big effect, that the "establishment of Chinese characteristics and to the world of Japanese research has come of age". In other words, the "Japanese" in its founding, and scientific research institutions in other universities, academic journals, to greet the arrival of this new era has become academic research, development opportunities all take, geography, and ready. Professor Shen believes that some problems should be given attention and solve. For example, the misunderstanding between the introduction and innovation on the "innovation" from the domestic point of view, "but from an international perspective, but is the viewpoint and method of foreign theories, there is no novelty"; "blindly credulous conclusions", "innovation seems to be no non points" and "the introduction not according to the situation of China", resulting in "no theory, method, their concepts and terms are used in others" and "Aphasia" phenomenon. It is well known, before the reform and opening up, the cultural exchange between China and Japan face many difficult problems to solve, in terms of data collection, researchers and book exchange, there is a huge obstacle. To the "Cultural Revolution" period of ten years, the Sino Japanese cultural exchange more difficult or even extreme problem, Japanese Studies in China is at a standstill. After the reform and opening up, with the thought liberation pace, Japanese Studies in China has entered a new era of unprecedented. Sino Japanese cultural and academic exchanges increasingly development and gradually standardized, stabilization, go abroad to Japan to carry out field research, data collection, research theory and methods, the new development of face-to-face communication with Japanese scholars. In this way, China Japan research results have mushroomed, endless. At the same time, the theory, method, the Japanese research concepts and terminology and the Kanji for Chinese researchers have a different degree of influence. Especially the theory accomplishment is not very high, the lack of academic foundation for researchers, more easy to unknowingly by "and" in the "Aphasia" at the same time, intentionally or unintentionally, to play the role of Japan academic megaphone. This kind of phenomenon, has existed for over 12 years ago, and in some places even 12 years after the intensified, feel a sense of "no free lunch" meaning.......
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"World economy and politics", "Northeast Asia Forum" and "international observation", "strategy and exploration", more than 20 people attended the editors, to build "three sides" industry people face to face communication platform, to promote the role of promoting the deepening of Japanese Studies in China and accelerated toward the the world's pace. After the meeting, the discussion will be published papers on the basis, we compiled this collection. Including pandect, the Japanese Journal of research articles, International Journal of research papers and appendix. The professional point of view from the magazine editor of the Journal of evolution and development agencies, to make the basic assessment of the situation and tendency of Japanese Studies and the world of Japanese Studies in China, but also around the Japanese Studies in China to seek international discourse right, and the Journal of historical mission, innovation and regulation of the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan peer exchanges and cooperation, improve the level of heated discussion.
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