The late Ming literature thought research

Date of publication:2005-11   Press: Peking University press   Author:Huang Zhuoyue   Pages:317  


Huang Zhuoyue, Zhejiang Ling'an person, doctor of literature. Beijing Language and Culture University Professor, tutor of doctoral students, a visiting professor of Beijing Normal University art research center. There are academic monograph "art psychology paradigm", "the transition period", "Buddhism cultural and ideological trend of late Ming literature", "Ming Yongle to early Jiajing's view of", "book" Chinese editor with code, "Twentieth Century art spirit" etc..
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"And" cultural research in preface a brief description of the first chapter of the mid Ming the revival and "the will of Qin and Han Dynasties" before one before seven and at the same time the retro consciousness two before the seven Wen Fu Han said several of the significance of the proposed and some related issues three Wen Fu Qin said to this theory of literature and art the former seven: anti Tang on folk second chapters before the seven poem making and mid Ming movement of a poem and verse two types of selected cases of analytical technologies: some background knowledge on the third chapter mid Ming Wu School Literature: regional, traditional and new changes: a introduction two schools and regional variation in the new continuity traditional: background and examples of this theory: with the former seven retro fourth chapter mid Ming Wu school poetry style with a poem the continuity and variation of article two retro source -- wish 允明 article system view: in view of the theory of integration of three chapter five Tang Song School with the former seven battle a Tang Song school theoretical gist to distinguish sparse two Tang Piven theory and the former seven Association three one kinds of comments -- beyond two to send the dispute the sixth chapter emotion and soul: the process of late Ming literature thoughts in a pair of inner The contradiction argument initial: emotional conflicts and mind nature theory of emotion on two popular: from Li Panlong to Tang Xianzu three Ling said the occurrence and treatment of mode four Ling said turning: emotional theory turned more than five Syrian appendix a Feng 梦祯 and late southeast Buddhist appendix two: a reappraisal of the death of Li Zhi a detective in Appendix history three police sent @##@ and Yangming This book sets out from the knowledge of history and the history of problems from the angle of combination, explored a very deep in the late Ming Dynasty literature thought, related to the former seven, Wuzhong school, Tang Song school, seven after, police sent a series of schools, the phenomenon has not been well solved many important by carefully cleaning historical level and problem of the level, effectively promoting the research progress in this field.
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