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In fact, Wuding period is through "sign square" the unprecedented expansion of territory of the Shang Dynasty, economy, culture has been developing quickly. One of the most important performance of economic development of the Wuding period is a highly developed bronze casting and foundry technology. Bronze in the late Longshan culture appears, on behalf of the Erlitou culture of the Xia Dynasty, the type and the number of objects are limited, the shape modeling, decoration and casting technique is still at the primary stage. To the early Shang Dynasty two Rigon culture stage, material and quantity has a certain increase, modeling and casting technology has great development, but compared with the Wuding period of Yinxu culture period, far cannot be mentioned in the same breath. Shang Dynasty bronze is the core of the handicraft industry, the bronze is the main product of bronze casting. We can explore the Wuding period of economic development level from the change of bronze ritual. Seen from the comparison of Yin Ruins unearthed a large number of bronze and early Shang Dynasty two Rigon culture of bronze, Yinxu culture period bronze ritual vessels belonging to the Wuding period in the two hills culture, Cui, Gu Ding, Prince grave foundation added a new GUI, you, pot, radical, Yi, Yi Zhi, etc. the objects of type. In decoration is a complex layer of flower, body new break, tail volume of the beast face, the shape modeling the overall style completely get rid of the influence of two Rigon period, the formation of a mature style of new. The construction of another highlight the development of late Shang Dynasty is a large palace, the temple. In recent years, the Yin Ruins in Anyang garden Zhuang area found may belong to little Pangeng period Huanbei shangcity, lay the foundation for its scale and the Wuding period is much smaller than the Yin ruins. YinXu since the late palace, Wu Ding later temple buildings are mainly distributed in the northeast of Ganges RIver Xiaotun village on the west side of the south, according to the present has been exploring information, the construction site East, north sides near Ganges RIver, the existing site about 600 meters north-south, east-west width of 450 meters, covers an area of about 270000 square meters. Mr. Shi Zhangru according to the distribution characteristics of 53 building sites in twentieth Century 30 years to explore the relationship and, put them into a, B, C three groups. Among them, a base for the ancestral temple, according to Mr. Shi Zhangru, "a base in the earliest times, with the first stage bone may be quite." Views have been part of the part of archaeological sites near the phenomenon of a confirmed. B base may be palace, its age may also started late on. Obviously, Wuding period is an important period of large palace, temple began planning the construction of the.

This book is compiled from the literature, in order to history and biography, written materials, the unearthed archaeological findings and other aspects, in the explorations of a three thousand three hundred years ago -- Fu Xian sheng. The China historical monument are wide celebrity, is the Shang Dynasty Prime Minister Wu Ding, the Yin Road Zhongxing, national Xian Huan of the Gong Liang, he as early as founder of the Confucian school Confucius for about eight hundred years, has been Confucius praise for "Germany has reported" name; the main founder of Taoism Chuang-tzu its reputation "riding a loop tail rather than in the stars"; so he for the generation and development of the traditional culture of China produced great influence. He said he supported in all kinds of ancient literature, due to the age, a few isolated words and phrases, is diverse, whirling and renders it really. Book editing, to set the public's knowledge, by the modern academic vision, rate of Jue chapter, the interpretation of the new discovery, pushing aside the history of mist, looking for Shinji composition of Fu deeds, discover Fu history truth, focusing Fu Cultural brilliance, glorify and discipline of Chinese history and culture. He said in Mandarin, "historical records" Chu Dialect on the most detailed, the cloud: Xi Yin Wu Ding can shrug their virtue, as for the gods, to enter the river, from the river to bo. So three years but in ways. Qing Shi patients, day: Wang Yan to order, if not words, is no intrinsic order. We then book day: Yu is square, and I am afraid virtues not class, this is not words. As it is, and the dream for the Quartet, the saints, have Fu said, l thought, and make the time remonstrating. Day: if the gold, with the Li Jin; if water, with the boat; if the drought, with the continuous heavy rain. Qi Naixin, wo my heart. If the drug is not dizziness, his disease is incurable; if not considered Xian, Jue foot injury. If the Wuding God, the holy Rui Guang, know not guilty and that, even without meaning, so three years but in ways. Both enlightenment, and did not dare to ask as autocratic, near saint, both for auxiliary, and fear of its shortage loss forgotten, so just admonish admonish, Japan: have to pay more than repair, no more than is to abandon. The original said because of the "old history" of the mouth, seems to be the historical sources. "Shangshu · that have similar records:" life "(Gao Zongwuding) dream was to Emperor Liang Bi, the generation of prophetic. But the syncope, the meaning for the world. Said Fu Yanzhi building field, but Shaw, is made." Wang Wuding told business careers such as the thirsty, dream like and put in the version of the building engineering Fu said, give that phase; the land to conduct intelligence and bring peace and stability to the country's political strategies of the fading Yin has been great order. He said in China ancient national governance contribution, roughly speaking there are three.
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Inscriptions on land deeds of Yin Wu Ding Fubi Robinson said research from the oracle inscriptions on Fu, Fu Yihe, from prison to Fourier source version built Prime Minister ministers -- Fu said several problems about the land of legend and history Oracle dating research cases (excerpt) Business Week textual research (excerpt) on Chu Jianzhong's "say" "say" book of life life test letter "and" Guwen Shangshu · life "authenticity and identity." three Fu said note the translation of classical Chinese "Shangshu · said life" article note of modern translation study says Ru (excerpt) on oracle bone inscriptions found in the Confucian theory of Shang King Wu Ding and he said, father has -- the first generation of China cultural issues two ancient "Shangshu · said life" and Fu Sheng thought research Chinese the earliest history of the "saints" -- from "Shangshu" against the Du Fu and Yi Yin and Fu "but armor revolted" and Chinese ancient military thoughts in traditional Fu Pinglu ruins and the land historic achievements in history on the land on the social and historical contribution from the land we dream about Oracle in the dream and the land. Fu Yan and Shang military geography Fu and top wheel is built from "if As sweet wine, but song tiller "said the alcohol and wine industry from West Public Wednesday said Wu Ding during the Gao Zong and Gao Zong" Fu Yin Liang Yin "and Wu Ding's political bocang bamboo contained Yin Gao Zong decree and related problems on Shang king Wu Ding Wu Ding chronicles Wu Ding Shanxi Pinglu Qian Zhuang business generation site clearing bulletin Shanxi Pinglu Zhuang Shang Dynasty ruins of Shang" kings "clear" whetstone "-- the mainstay of eastern mountain area of Pinglu on the Shanxi archaeological survey before the village site of Shang Dynasty and bronze Fang Ding casting of Yuanqu city with the merchant management -- Fu said in Wu Ding the first national Fu San culture academic seminar summary of the second national Fu Sheng Culture academic seminar (Appendix A) documents the silk material (two) in the Ancient Poems (three) in a hundred years @##@ catalogue "The Fu st culture" brings together many academic papers and precious historical pictures, from the literature history, literature, unearthed archaeological discovery in many aspects such as history, discussed his land, and his influence on the formation and development of the traditional culture of the China produced.
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