The Egyptian civilization

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In the impression of people, Egypt is a great character and mysterious place. Egypt is indeed out of the ordinary, far far away thousands of years ago, life on the banks of the Nile in Egypt w has created the later Marvel developed civilization. As everyone knows, the Pyramid Sphinx, mummy, are their masterpieces. In the physical layerSurface, Egyptian civilization achievement is unprecedented; at the spiritual level, Egypt civilization contribution can be. The long and rich history gave Egypt rich and colorful social life and a highly sophisticated culture. In literature, religion, science, architecture, sculpture, painting, music, dance, the Egyptians are proficient in. Egypt for the future wealth challenges the imagination. The rich connotation of Egyptian civilization is reflected in its unique historical process. In about three thousand years, the era of the pharaohs, the land of Egypt there has appeared greatly small more than 30 Dynasty, their common interpretation of the Egyptian forward journey. However, Egypt supported Ming eventually no tradition of excellence itself to extend to a more extensive dimension. After a long time the rich wadding Miao Fu Yu to blossom, the flower of human civilization flower suddenly from a human perspective mysteriously disappeared. Such a tempting objects will remind people to understand and explore the desire. The Egyptian civilization behind the hidden in the end what secret? How to be in fashion in one's time Egyptians created a glorious civilization? Where the final to them? Modern Egypt with ancient Egypt existence what kind of contact...... Fortunately, with the help of the archaeological discovery and research, now has to reproduce the Egyptian civilization past event may. People can look, taste, taste that has gone the brilliant civilization of beauty. Imagine, the soul travel in the remote ancient times, this is luxury and comfortable enjoyment! But the Egyptian civilization is like a bonanza, whether each visitor to have what different, always have their own harvest: or from spy mystery; or it can dispel the doubts in mind; or you can express emotion recalling ancientry...... Whether it is discovered the secret of happiness, to remove doubts easily, or appreciate the history of the rise and fall of heavy, every experience in life will become a valuable spiritual wealth.
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"The gift of the Nile" -- the oasis of the land of Egypt in the Egyptian sand -- "the mother of Egypt" Nile Civilization -- the founder of the country is full of Charm -- the ancient Egyptians -- exploring ancient Egypt, beginning to uncover the mysteries of the veil -- Napoleon's windfall emperor and painter talking stone to open the door of civilization -- the epitome of archaeologists to explore the hieroglyphs resurrection tut Ling base excavation of ancient Egyptian civilization: Museum of Egyptian Archaeology is brilliant ancient Egyptian history -- the dawn of civilization -- the former dynasty in swaddling clothes Egyptian Red, white crown competition on the stage of history -- the early kingdom from a palette of talking about the next king of Egypt the birth of Pyramid -- during the Old Kingdom Pharaoh between rich countries and slaves to Pharaoh "eternal Palace" earth shaking changes, first the poor slave uprising in chaos survival -- the Middle Kingdom wealth and trade not profane the talking alien invaders second poor property, the slave uprising in Pharaoh's new empire -- the new kingdom strong the conquerors products abound and the people are happy kingdom land and slaves amon and aten dispute. And with the Hittite Empire ended war decline and revival -- after the dynasty Alien World Renaissance Persian rule the top -- the famous Pharaoh and queen, the first female Pharaoh Hatshepsut -- Hart Napoleon -- ancient Egypt Thutmose III of the God aten worship -- Akhenaten "happy wife" -- Nov for the gods darling -- Ramses II generation Cleopatra Cleopatra VII -- priest spell a religion of ancient Egypt dancing with God -- God King signs the Egyptian religion worship the gods of the kingdom of God in this world of creation family -- son of the sun god religion system: Pharaoh temple and the priest feast of death -- religion and ritual eternal afterlife animism -- adored animal cat and the moon goddess scarabs and amulets with divine animal riddle of the Sphinx -- the story of ancient Egyptian culture, meditation "-- the Egyptian god" hieroglyphs "sudden death" pictographic text understanding of God and man hieroglyphic papyri. Carol -- ancient Egyptian Literature beautiful poems "book of the dead", a strange-- The ancient Egyptian miracle philosophy eternal an ancient Egyptian city and architecture, the Nile River Pearl -- the ancient Egyptian city 100 door are: city of Thebes Eagle: Sheila hole or the sun god is: the soul of other famous city Amar Nye sacred monuments of Egypt -- building 3000 drought Kingdom period during the Old Kingdom period of the Middle Kingdom the late New Kingdom Egypt ancient Egyptian symbol -- Pyramid Giza Pyramid seed in the three Pyramid world to other places in Pyramid the palace temple temple of Luxor Temple of Karnak Temple of Abu Xin Bei and other famous temple skyward sword -- Obelisk reincarnation Obelisk at home resting -- the valley of the kings and other "dead city": the emperor Gu female Pharaoh sacrifices temple the Saqqara necropolis passing spectacle -- Alexander lighthouse religious shrine -- San Catherine abbey the dream of ancient Egyptian art, religion and order -- Artistic Features of balderdash man and God -- relief and painting sculpture and painting style masterpiece the double -- "true to life likeness" sculpture art Millennium treasures in life beauty -- arts and craft A treasure trove of art pottery and jewelry finishing off furniture art: inheritance hymn Tutan Camon mausoleum God -- music Hathor love of God -- dance Civilization -- ancient Egyptian education, officials as teachers -- the importance of education country pointer power -- Gouy and education at a glance the family education school education education education methods of strength and beauty sports game -- the light of wisdom -- the ancient Egyptian science and technology the mysteries of the stars -- astronomical calendar calendar country earliest solar calendar temple and astronomical observation immortal secret -- the mummy and antiseptic surgery last life sustenance anticorrosion trade division wizard skills -- combined with medicine and sorcery skill of ancient Egypt were the real medical digital and the graphics of the game -- the complex mathematical symbols spatial knowledge of the sun god horse -- shipbuilding shipbuilding and maritime solar boat "Resurrection" bright light -- glass manufacturing artificial gem -- glass earthly joys and sorrows -- ancient Egyptian folklore bride and groom -- marriage "love your wife," the woman manager welcome your mortal life a basic necessities of life. The child appetite people rely on clothes with heaven and earth The other home room layout attractive art -- special dress beauty tips to wear gold silver hanging hair beauty leisure time -- recreation and leisure holiday dinner and dance popular game life after death -- the folk beliefs and funeral with God joy after the death of the son's sacrifice afterglow cleared -- home of ancient Egypt "the decline of the son of God". Finally the brilliant civilization of Shang great question -- the ancient Egyptian mystery Pyramid origin mystery the mystery of Sphinx age mummy "Heartbeat" mystery Pharaoh spell of death mystery Egypt Cleopatra riddle @##@ Dutch act "The Egyptian civilization" covers the history, religion, culture, architecture and city, art, education, science and technology, folk custom such as plates, each plate with graceful appropriate words, each side concentrated display of Egyptian civilization outstanding achievements, like the long history of the Nile, the mysterious beauty of Cleopatra, miracle of God -- the mystery of Pyramid, the mummy and anti-corrosion of the secret of immortality. So to establish a multi network architecture, which highlights the prosperous panorama of Egyptian civilization very tension. In the end, the book also lists some intriguing and mysterious history mystery, more can stimulate the reader's imagination and curiosity. This also makes the style in the grave rigorous are lively. In addition, some pages in the right side of the book and the Egyptian civilization earlier events around the world, the Egyptian civilization on world civilization coordinates, for everyone to understand the Egyptian civilization from a fresh perspective. This book contains rich content, explain profound theories in simple language, appropriate levels of detail, it is a small encyclopedia of Egyptian civilization.
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"BGYPT Egyptian civilization" Editors: Quest: most people are not familiar with the land, one all eager to learn the civilization. Culture: the strange words. Singular calendar, Maya, what are you thinking about? Art: proficient in the art of maya. Never forget to leave their names in the works. Construction: A has numerous Pyramid state? Some of egypt. No, may also be maya! Religion: the offerer blood in "Quetzalcoatl" temple, voluntary or forced flow. Practices: eat corn used stone tools, lack of livelihood, Maya, it is your choice? Mystery: your birth and death, there are countless mystery. Tell me, answer here on earth?!
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