The development of cultural industry China Road

Date of publication:2004-11   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:Hu Huilin   Pages:295   Words:253000  
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Objective to innovation as the soul, to build national cultural industry system in the first chapter the rise and development of cultural industry Chinese historic one, Chinese culture industry two, the sixteen aspects of cultural industry: the development trend of cultural industry policy China three major development, Chinese culture industry analysis Appendix A: the strategic adjustment of cultural industry -- Chinese in 2003, China's cultural industry development trend of the second chapter is the analysis of the cultural industry and modern social movement, the cultural industry is a modern social civilization two, the cultural industry is the modern society consists of cultural relations between the third chapter of cultural industry and the construction of advanced culture, a market economy under the conditions of the advanced culture mode two, to the culture industry as a ideology construction to catch the fourth chapter China "into the world" and the development of cultural industry, China "into the world" and the development of cultural industry of conflict and integration of the two, WTO and China's cultural industry innovation system of the culture three, the strategic adjustment of industrial structure and system innovation in four, "going out" -- China culture industry development strategy of Changsha City, the requirements of annex two: chemical products Industry in the long-term development trend research report fifth chapter of cultural industry development and the development strategy, culture strategy and development strategy of culture two, cultural development strategy choice and strategy of cultural industry development strategy three, cultural text structure, type and model of appendix three: Wenzhou 2000-2015 Cultural Development Strategy Research Report (2004 July) the sixth chapter the development of cultural industries and national cultural security, globalization and national culture security problem of hyperplasia in two, the competition of soft power and the national cultural security subject three, culture industry has a special national cultural security significance of the seventh chapter open conditions China national cultural security situation, a comprehensive cultural force in t there are two states is long, national cultural sovereignty security conflict will be further increased three, the development of cultural industry will face the whole global strategic challenge four, domestic and regional cultural development instability coefficient will increase five, the problem of national culture security will be more complex and diverse eighth chapter China national cultural security problems, to a process of civilization with the modernization of the misreading of culture: Cultural Ecological Security Two, the rise of network culture and digital infringement: cultural information security three, cultural heritage protection and cultural resource crisis; cultural heritage resources security four, cultural market asymmetric open and national cultural pollution: Aesthetic crisis culture market and public culture five, behavior art and literary creation: cultural content security, intellectual property and six cultural lack of technical standards: culture technology security chapter ninth economic globalization back China culture industry development policy, economic globalization security policy two, establish the national interest as the highest interests outlook of cultural development three, a positive national cultural security early warning system, plus four alkyne national cultural reform of foreign trade system, accelerate the country five cultural innovation ability construction, promote the six cultural innovation ability construction in Chapter tenth, the reform of the cultural system and national culture system, the reform of the cultural system reform needs a theoretical innovation, transformation of two party's ideology of the potential political system, enhance the party's cultural ruling ability eleventh chapter China peaceful rise and the country of culture strategy, rise and when China national culture security strategy concept Two, China peaceful rise strategy opportunity and national culture security strategy needs adjustment three, Chinese peaceful rise of the cultural mission and national culture security strategic target of four, country of culture strategy is Chinese present cultural security fundamental strategy five, country of culture strategy to @##@ principle. On the basis of "taking innovation as the soul, construction of China's cultural industry system" for the purpose, reviews the rise, the development of China's cultural industry, especially the profound analysis of the face of China's cultural industry in the context of WTO problem, which leads to the China cultural safety, cultural industry policy, the reform of the cultural system the system construction, culture, cultural strategy etc..
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