Study of Zhedong academic culture in Ming and Qing Dynasties

Date of publication:2004-10-1   Press: China Social Science Press.   Author:Chen Zuwu   Pages:768   Words:630000  

This seminar will be fruitful and meeting the obtained the good academic atmosphere, into the East Zhejiang academic and cultural development of Ningbo history. The scholars of articles, from different angles expounds theoretical contribution of Zhedong academic culture and profound thought connotation and the representative personage, reflects the profound theoretical knowledge, has the very high academic value, for further will have a significant role in promoting research. To introduce the academic seminar of academic achievements, promote mutual exchanges, the organizing committee decided to put the meeting papers published. The book "the Ming and Qing Dynasties Zhedong academic culture research" International Symposium, involved in academic thought in Ming and Qing Dynasties, historical status, originality, academic pedigree; Wang Yangming's management thought; Zhang Xuecheng historiography theory and academic criticism.
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The East Zhejiang academic name in the Ming and Qing Dynasties Confucianism review -- East Zhejiang scholarship and East Asian Confucianism folk academic perspective Qing Qing Zhedong academic transformation from the "heart" to the "real" Eastern Zhejiang culture of Ming and Qing Dynasties Zhedong academic culture originality Zhedong historiography position in the Chinese history review and Reflection: the thought History Research School of Ming and Qing Dynasties the eastern Zhejiang School in the Qing Dynasty academic pedigree construction of eastern Zhejiang School in the Qing Dynasty literature thought in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of eastern Zhejiang scholars and Jesus classics with heart and criticism of the theory of transformation of Wang Yangming "the contemporary value of Wang Yangming of eastern Zhejiang scholars in Ming and Qing Dynasty academic thought of Confucian classics and Zhu Jiaxue said to the six classics are all history" in the problem of Yangming academic origin practice: time to explore the reality and the reality of existence -- Wang Yangming's psychology from the perspective of static, Licheng dative heart "the four sentence teaching" and Yangming philosophy in Wang Yangming's mind and modern western phenomenology by phenomenology to see Wang Yangming about Wang Shouren "conscience" and recorded with preliminary study on Wang Yangming's business concept Lv Liuliang a clear political thought and Zhu Zun piwang academic thought about Shibuzawa Eichi and Yang Mingxue Liu Zhou "Qi Theory" character constant -- from the "two four" in "two" standard "words about lives in history." -- Liu Zongzhou s philosophy of history consciousness of Liu Zongzhou "spectrum" -- the most in the said on Liu 念台 on the late shogunate thinkers influence -- from spring, Ikeda and Lin Liangzhai as potential an analysis on Huang Zongxi's philosophy and the classics "Ming Confucianism case" study Chinese intellectual history theory and methods in Xi Yi ology and history in the Huang Zongxi Zhan "Ming Confucianism case" of the "Shendu" Huang Zongxi and John Stuart Mill's political philosophy a comparison between Huang Zongxi and China modern thoughts......
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