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The desert oasis of Silk Road, east of the capital Changan by the Han and Tang Dynasties, the Hexi corridor to Dunhuang. From Dunhuang can be divided into North and south. Road from Dunhuang through Kroraina, Khotan (now and Tian), Shache and other places, more Congling (central Afghanistan to about this, the Amu Darya) rest (i.e., Persian, now in Iran), west of supporting (present-day Iraq), Daqin (Rome Empire, the Mediterranean). From Dunhuang to the north, Qiuci (now China's Xinjiang Kuche), Shule (now Xinjiang Kashi in China), to the more Congling (now the Uzbekistan Fergana), and then west to the rest of the qin. Because of the mostly desert and Gobi, the oasis of each station is connected, so that the desert oasis of silk road. When the emperor, Zhang Qian had two times to the western regions, basically go through this road, known as the "Zhang Qian forced the western regions". It's heyday in the Sui and Tang Dynasties more than a thousand years, in Gansu, Wuwei, Dunhuang, Kroraina, Xinjiang Minfeng, silk fabric types of Han Dynasty in Syria Palmyra and other places found include Jin, Qi, Luo, silk, yarn. The Tang Dynasty silk in Shaanxi Fufeng Famen Temple, Gansu Dunhuang, Turpan Astana, Xinjiang at the Qinghai blue Tubo tombs in Tajikistan, Szczecin and Poland on Mount mug, Sweden's Bill card has found. These findings reflect a lot of Chinese silk once it Everfount more into europe.
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Order history. 1 days at the beginning of cocoon clothing so far the world discovered the earliest silk is what? Where is that? The earliest silk fabric 2 Liangzhu ancient Tibetan physical 绢焕 CLS the Yangtze River, is where the unearthed? What is the 3 half cocoon out Yangshao riddle now unsolved "half a cocoon" mystery? 4 days to spit the economy was clothes and Fu and Lei Zu is who? What is the relationship between her and silk? What 5 sub rain communication world mulberry and mulberry is what relation? 6 silk wool cotton for clothes world was no cracked chilblain with four great ancient civilizations respectively use which kind of natural fabric clothing? 7 yuan for cloth was hanging clothes Chinese what raw material in the invention of silk before making clothes? 8 the Han Yi Ling Yunzhi Hu snow hold what is the Silk Road, there are several major? 9 Ming Chi out of the western regions connected by self and Zhang Qian "forced" western "unprecedented," what is this? 10 I recorded less than what I have half of what Marco Polo is to Chinese? At the time of the traffic conditions, Marco Polo from Italy to China overland to spend much time? Meeting with Marco Polo Gen Gi Khan or Kublai? He is what time?...... It @##@ dress "Keep trophozoites to spit statesmanship, clothes and all nations, beginning Chinese Fu" is the home of silk, silk production has a long history of thousands of years. Mulberry cultivation, sericulture, silk reeling, Chinese people is a great invention in the history of the world civilization, wrote a glorious page. The silk is Chinese "treasure", once with its colorful patterns, exquisite technology and excellent quality as an emissary of the Oriental civilization. "Silk culture 100 asked" to a question and answer format, the reader to detailed display of the broad and profound China silk culture. There are 108, including silk development history, sericulture farming technology, made of silk, silk, silk technology etiquette system of protection of cultural relics and so on many aspects, extensive content, explain the detailed, called the small encyclopedia Chinese silk culture.
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Put up for cloth, was hanging clothes, historical things Good luck and happiness to you! Are set, the hail Wanshou not broken, technical things, things under complex loading, within eight square park moon, clothing, dry mulberry silkworm Shu bud started, sericulture, Jingzhou wheat cooked cocoon silk moths, the memories. Multiple, silk.
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