Shinto and Japanese culture

Date of publication:2003-10   Press: Beijing Library Press   Author:Wang Baoping   Pages:280   Words:225000  

One of the series of studies on Japanese culture. This book is about the study of Japanese Shinto culture articles, received a total of 15 papers. The article or from the angle of thoughts; or from history, folklore, or a combination of the cultural exchange between China and Japan on Japan's Shinto investigation and study.
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On the "root leaf flower talk" and ideological influence of national Shinto thought theory origin Yamazaki anzaei God Confucian learning and thought and Confucianism Japanization of Amaterasu in Shinto position in the formation and development of Christianity and Shinto thought first confrontation Huayi idea and God's Thoughts -- on the conflict the development of Sino Japanese relations in modern Mikado System in the process of establishing the international influence of Tiantai Sect and Japanese Shinto Japan ancient continent Immigration Department shrine -- and on the mainland immigrants on Japanese Shinto influence of Ming Dynasty Chinese Japanese Shinto outlook of modern intellectuals in the late Qing Dynasty China Shinto view of Chinese Shinto view -- to diplomats and inspection tour officer as the center of this faith eastward, and its impact on the evolution of Japanese folk beliefs Miao and Japanese origin myth of gion Festival and China afterword
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