Research on popular culture Chinese (Third Series)

Date of publication:2005-12   Press: Bashu   Author:Xiang Chu   Pages´╝Ü244  

"Research" China custom culture is pure academic journals published by contemporary scholars latest research results on the modern scientific spirit China popular culture. "Research China vulgar culture (Third Series)" published related research Chinese vulgar culture results, as well as domestic nationalities, the comparative study between Chinese and foreign culture in the traffic. Covers to overseas cultural relics of various dynasties literature as the research material, China popular culture in the field of traditional disciplines, new disciplines and cross disciplines, such as literature, historiography, philosophy: Science, religion, ethics, aesthetics, art, archaeology, philology, phonology, philology, bibliography, edition, collation Dunhuang, Turpan science, political science, military science, economics, natural history, history of science and technology, folklore, ethnology, minority.
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