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The first chapter of calligraphy and the origin of words the wall, the wall art of calligraphy and Chinese Taoism homology, seems to be a metaphysical proposition, but if the three times on the investigation in the framework, you will find there are many reason. The wall in the calligraphy by writing become plays an important role in the process of the special aesthetic art in the understanding of this proposition, is the most acceptable reason. Wall inscriptions calligraphy as a special technology, because of its writing characteristics of mediator and writing posture, in cursive script for. Wall inscriptions calligraphy as a special skill and gave occupation very obvious full-time wall population, matched with the pen, ink, ink and other writing tools will produce. Like blowing premise in calligraphy art wall -- wall characters and calligraphy China from source, has an indissoluble bound with the wall activities. The text was originally developed as a tool, it plays an extended memory and promote interpersonal communication effect in the primitive time, less color art. Later, we pursue the perfect ancestors, to beautify and improve the external form of the words, and gradually the given text to appreciate, sensory and spiritual entertainment properties, so the text from the writing development simply has a variety of aesthetic significance of artistic forms, such as the content of the entertainment, leisure, and human and synchronization the inherent appreciation ability and desire; as to guide or constraints on human behavior, strengthen the social function of the text; the text such as shape of continuous improvement, the consistency and the aesthetic ideas of human. However, limited to the ancient times of the means of production is relatively backward, and the development of human civilization under the situation of economic development constraints and other factors, process of text with social and cultural function is very long. Regardless of the Yellow River River Basin ancient China of oracle bone inscriptions, ancient Egypt or ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform, a common characteristic is the character portrayed in the carrier above most easily preserved, it is a difficult and very difficult to master the skills, the text that users also should be a good craftsman. So, onlyThe best people to possess and use these two kinds of skills. Although the heart of beauty and human nature, but in that situation, the preferred function words is probably still the record and communication, and its aesthetic significance should be too busy to attend.

Wall poem all make felt, come with Xing, sustenance. However, the best non creativeness agile, outstanding talent who can not. Those works spread so far, his political ambitions there, Chi love landscape is, derided political persons, vent their grievances of those who have, be immersed in love emotion sustenance from a heroic feelings, show a...... Numerous, complex, a large number of subjects. The famous works of Wang Anshi's "the plum blossom", Su Shi's "title Xilin wall", Lu You's "Phoenix hairpin"...... These wall masterpiece, is sung through the ages. The culture has a long history, began in the Han Dynasty, flourished in Tang and song dynasties. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, China traditional poetry culture at its peak, the wall poem suddenly increase, the formation of a cultural trend. The so-called "official 壁诗 title as", the so-called "wall all is heartbroken poetry", were words thriving Wall creation. Unfortunately, while writing in various media above the text difficult to resist the years, the gold book your words have never been found. However, when we meditate comb wall context, when we savor spread down the wall works, we can still feel the human language wisdom treasure coruscate glorious.
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Liu Jinzhu, born in 1963 in Hebei city of Baoding Province, Hebei University professor of history of the Song Dynasty, master of literature, history. 1985 to participate in the work, done in the venture board, the general manager, the assistant director in the press, the Graduate School of Hebei University, vice president, art, literature, ancient history of professional master's tutor.
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The introduction of a "problem", two, "wall" three, "wall culture" the first chapter wall calligraphy and origin like blowing premise in wall -- wall characters and calligraphy wall -- wall of letters and single form of works Liu Lang but sparsely Civilization -- the wall's occupation tendency in chapter second, the wall literature protection and die lest dust turn erode -- Chinese scholar of ancient writing carrier selection now before Pitt sarong Tibi words -- preservation traditional poem word has been falsely -- PS plate and 诗牌 poem chapter third wall culture communication function between multi -- others years imperial examination caused by population flow enterprise not meet your poem -- the cultural dissemination the fourth chapter the wall function and the Buddhist temple culture had no one, where the dye dust -- with the walls for the stage of a koan busy in Shek Pik title poem monks the wall of life -- stick head pick -- wall in the temple culture mountain temple return smell good influence on language temple culture China ancient writers of the fifth chapter of wall and Lv Dongbin Taoism culture clouds is our home -- the wall and Taoist clearly know that the deity -- into the protagonist Lu Peng Taoist wall story Laishan Yao Yao -- full of magical color wall story sixth chapter teahouses and wineshops in under the basket and visit the restaurant wall -- Chinese ancient literati poem liquor complex him if then Lingyun -- restaurant anti poem spring city love wine does not return -- restaurant like scholars writing on the wall of the seventh chapter Chinese ancient female culture of wall five feet Luo towel swab tears -- wall reflected the position of women women literacy is chaotic sentiment -- the author's sex ratio by the hungry without shame -- Ning China ancient women "righteousness" a piece of knitted brows locked open -- "farming in Nan village" records of women how not to tear down this wall -- by the blood and tears of life and to build on the work the eighth chapter offbeat wall -- unconventional vector leaf poems and literary activities from city one one red poem subject rheological handheld it off wine -- problem fans as he hated -- from a bridge under the window -- who sound of reading problems, such as Lao Ya door window painting poem -- carved in the skin on the ninth Tang poems chapter lists -- famous scholars writing on the wall Wang Anshi, Su Shi, Lu You and the wall rock chart written my anecdote really -- Wang Anshi wall just because in the mountains -- Su Shiti wall bad Drunk wall of dust problem misty -- Lu You wall of appendix: the earth outside the culture of wall -- wall only birds in Korean culture in ancient to Mr. Liao -- ancient Korea "plate" hatchet shaped to lie over a sand -- the ancient Korean poems with bark when rain Gaotang -- prostitution prostitutes museum building's poems chimed reference
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