Lu Xun and Chinese culture

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As the ancestor of me, and what Lu Xun is about man. On the one hand that he was "doing nothing, acts as a grand talker 999 thought that" this' large but impractical 'thinker' is useless, I for him no sympathy "(February 21, 1936 to Xu Maoyong letter); on the other hand, think he has deep" 'to take, will first with the' strategic '' ("three leisures. My attitude volume and age"), one is empty, and there is a military strategy and politics, which is a complete image of me. Lu Xun evaluation of me no system, but the specific analysis of this kind of attitude is also useful to researchers. As for Chuang-tzu, Lu Xun is critical of the "this is also a non, relativism philosophy thought he is also a non - '', but at the same time reveals:" is Zhuangsheng themselves, not in the "World Report", cited the lack of others' by his' no 'light everything' there is non 'words and deeds?' '("and dielectric Pavilion two essays set." Scholars scorn each other. "") which clearly that Chuang-tzu also has a clear view of what is not, only such, as "the only when there is no concept of" relativism, sometimes even for strong "is non", due to various objective reasons hindering, unable to realize their own quite is not view, so it is very indignant took another extreme opposite expression method.

Lin non, Jiangsu Haimen, Han, winter 1955 graduated from the Fudan University Department of Chinese. He China Academy of Social Sciences, Graduate School of literature research professor, doctoral tutor, China Lu Xun Research Association, China prose Association, etc.. Academic works have "early ideas of Lu Xun", "the development of Lu Xun's novels on the draft", "Lu Xun and China culture", "Chinese modern novel history of Lu Xun", "modern prose notes", "sixty", "Chinese modern prose history of scholarly meditation", "prose", "theory of prose mission", "Lin non prose" etc.. Prose collections "farewell", "contemporary prose masters boutique library?", "the forest non volume", "bosom friend" his words more than 20. Editor in chief "China prose", "dictionary of contemporary prose" China system, "Twentieth Century Chinese masters 200 essays" etc..
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The first chapter of Lu Xun China traditional culture section of China traditional culture overall evaluation in section second China in traditional culture of Confucianism and Taoism, Buddhism, third section of the China cultural history some problem in chapter second Lu Xun on the first day of enlightenment in modern enlightenment thoughts and Lu Xun second about scientific enlightenment third the third chapter section about literature enlightenment thoughts of Lu Xun on "human" proposition "people first" proposition second "people" of the proposition to section third, "human nature" and "class" the fourth chapter of the national Lu Xun on a national definition in section second "reform national character" problem in section third "National" of "weakness" analysis of the fifth chapter of Lu Xun on the first day Chinese Chinese new cultural construction of traditional culture and modern western culture comparison of second section about the new culture construction in section third on Ideological and cultural character building [Annex] Lu Xun and I study "five four" the Enlightenment from the postscript @##@ evaluation The great founder Lu Xun -- China modern literature, modern China the suffering of the soul, a great enlightenment, the eternal national spirit. His novel is a horn, can arouse the people numb the nerve, the promotion of national self awareness; his essay is a dagger, is a javelin, and the reader through a survival way, also can bring people pleasure and rest. This book from Lu Xun on Chinese traditional culture, the enlightenment, the "human" proposition, the national character, Chinese new on the five aspects of culture, discusses the relationship between Lu Xun and China culture from the perspective of spiritual culture. Author Lu Xun's thought in the history of modern China context, based on all kinds of social ideological trend, discusses his past in Chinese modern ideological history, at the same time, the author also by historical view objectively points out the limitations of Lu Xun. The book version of the Nankai University press 2007 edition.
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