• Chinese happiness

    Chinese happiness, book introducing westerners is Chinese folk customs. Chen's view: the game, rituals, festivals, although every country, nation, but "they have unique personalities from the various national common people". This is Chen Jitong chose this perspective Chinese cultural entertainment life to the western world,

  • Yinzhannaxi and Confucian culture

    Yinzhannaxi and Confucian culture, the book is composed of four parts: introduction, text, conclusion and reference. The first chapter analyzes the social and historical roots yinzhannaxi who accept the influence of Confucianism. The second chapter discusses the relationship between the selection and the influence of Confucianism Injannashi's on writing the way of life. The third chapter mainly discusses the influence of Confucianism he theoretical writings. The fourth chapter analysis,

  • The culture of Italy

    Today's European civilization, generally also refers to the modern western civilization, its nothing more than three things from the perspective of history: Greece and Rome classical civilization, Christian civilization and the modern civilization since the renaissance. The three time alternating potential, nature and opposition: such as classical Issac reason, christ,

  • 2009 China children's Culture Research Annual Report

    "2009 Chinese children's Culture Research Report" is a comprehensive, panoramic picture of large data this year China children's culture research, the whole set for retrieval of reference books, is also a theory that the compilers observation, critical thinking and suggestions of the annual report and the blue book, expectation,

  • The Greek spirit

    "The Greek spirit: an introduction to the content source" of Western Civilization: Ancient Greece as the source of the source of Western civilization, after a brief brilliant eventually attributed to perish. But it left a valuable spiritual heritage for future generations is really the time, the degree of civilization and blossom, even in this world American also unmatched,

  • The thought of walking

    Research on Qu Qiubai's "Cultural Revolution", one of the early 1930's the Chinese thinkers as the most outstanding, "Literature Revolution" Qu Qiubai on the basis of the "Cultural Revolution" experience, combined with China's revolution literature practice, formed its own "Cultural Revolution thought". The left wing literature is most revolutionary literature ideological exploration depth. In the book,

  • Study on Confucian culture (fifth series)

    In recent thirty years in China: Retrospect and prospect from philosophy, income of the series of Cheng, Guo Qiyong, Shen Qingsong, Youlaine Escande (orchid), Liu Xiaogan, Li Weiwu, Liu Qianmei, Abramova Natalya (Natalya) and Yan Shufang, Li Chenyang, Jiang Xinyan, Ni Peimin, John Make,

  • Silk culture 100

    "Silk culture 100 asked" content brief introduction: "keep trophozoites to spit statesmanship, clothes and all nations, beginning Chinese Fu" is the home of silk, silk production has a long history of thousands of years. Mulberry cultivation, sericulture, silk reeling, Chinese people is a great invention in the history of the world civilization, wrote a glorious page. The silk is Chinese,

  • The cultural inheritance of contact forces

    Women's life and worship of the goddess of Vietnam, Dr. Wu Yunxia's "cultural heritage of the invisible forces of the Vietnamese women's life and the goddess belief". In the area of distribution, including China, Japan and South Korea, the East Asian civilization is a can explain each other the whole book on the basis of investigation of Vietnamese folk, cut into the East Asian Spirit of the core from the perspective of the goddess. ,

  • Wenders on film

    Emotional film's logic, "Wenders on the film" collected by Wenders early film school student film notes and rock music, and the recent criticism of German cinema, and the film's future reflection prose. The book includes a German director Wim Wenders two important books: "emotion" and "image of the film,

  • Cross cultural research

    "Introduction" cross-cultural research content: over the years, an obvious weaknesses in the study of intercultural communication in China is the lack of empirical research. I have done a survey, I refer to the 1999-2002 China periodical full text database, in the literature history and philosophy, education and social work, were found involved in cross - cultural communication,

  • The Han Dynasty's poetry and traditional culture

    "The Han Dynasty poetry and traditional culture", this book: Han Dynasty is an important period in China's traditional cultural stereotypes, has a profound impact on many aspects of the Han Dynasty literature. This book introduces the poetry of Han Dynasty's traditional cultural background, the social and cultural integration of the basic trend of Confucianism and Taoism, the explicit and implicit and customs,

  • The study on Cultural Heritage (first series)

    "Cultural heritage research: first series" is the main content of inheritance with the development of science has become a big social universal attention, the creation of meaning and the urge, to the basic role of publications published. Not only rational, wrote on the foundations, but also can be used as a series of Academic Journal of cis,

  • Study of national culture

    "Study" the nationality of culture is the author of Dong Ping. The nationality of culture since the capitalist era history an important issue highlighted, with the further expansion of globalization, it has gone beyond the cultural category separate and increasingly become the important problems in less developed nations and countries be a life-and-death matter. In the,

  • The collapse of Dr. Sun Yat sen

    The Dr. Sun Yat Sen mausoleum collapse, "the collapse, he" content brief introduction: burial custom is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, is a mirror of the understanding of ancient society. He is the highest level of China ancient funeral activities take place in the palace. Dr. Sun Yat Sen "the collapse, he" discusses the form and function of large funeral etiquette, can help,

  • The ideal cultural survival

    Cultural survival of the world, based on vector carrying culture. The ideal cultural survival, the first requirement is the carrier of culture and reasonable. "The ideal cultural survival" potential readers, is doomed to the exploration on the people in the cultural development and cultural communication, the cultural dissemination work silently media person,,

  • Song Yang, in order to meet with you

    "Song Yang, in order to meet with you: outstanding research achievements of teachers and students in Zhengzhou University hospital culture" of students reading materials, they will show the history academy and gone back through a full of tender feelings of the saints, and to the fine tradition of ancient reference today, and give the inheritance and development of big science enlightenment. But "song yang,,

  • Chinese ancient calligraphy history

    Before the Wei and Jin Dynasties of cultural philosophy, calligraphy art of calligraphy, brewing from ancient times, from the Xia and Shang Dynasties, after two weeks of development and integration of Eastern Han Dynasty Qin, mature, not only through the thousands of years long course of development, and become the most important Chinese calligraphy history stage milepost. The book break through the history history of the park, from the physical,

  • The modern crisis and the thought character

    An important book book about modern China ideological and cultural history. The representative of Hu Shi, Qian Muwei, Chen Yinque, in twentieth Century Chinese culture as the center, to explore in the deep modern crisis of national identity and cultural identity, Chinese traditional culture and the undertaker is how to consciously in the contradiction and struggle, in the transformation,

  • Jiangnan Culture Research

    Studies of Song Lian album, November 4, 2010, is the 700 anniversary of the founding of the first Ming Wen Chen Song Lian, Jiangnan culture research center of Zhejiang Province Federation of Social Sciences, Jinhua Municipal People's government, Pujiang County People's government, held "Song Lian Symposium on Song Lian's hometown of Pujiang county". The experts: 80,

  • Communication of International Sinology Research (second)

    "Communication" International Sinology is a comprehensive information publication sponsored by the Peking University international sinologists training base class, the aim is to study the dynamic report International Sinology, Sinology forum, a literature world, Chinese characters, works review, survey, column base register. Each year, about 30 words. ,

  • On the university campus cultural dimension

    This book is a multidimensional study on the university campus culture, including the campus political culture, teaching culture, technology culture, sports culture, arts and culture, historical culture, ecological culture, commercial culture, network culture, tourism culture, new trend, the mainstream culture and campus culture of foreign university campus culture construction,

  • Popular language reflects the popular culture

    "Catchword index of popular culture" of the third sociology is to expand and consolidate the relevant sociological branch. Research on popular culture involves many branches of sociology discipline, for example: the cultural sociology, the sociology of language, tourism sociology, sports sociology, sociology of everyday life, sociology of leisure,

  • Hypoxia

    Context and situation, "hypoxia: context and situation" of culture is the mother of institution, it is like water, only to find the way out, it will flow in or out. If our previous society is twisted by hand and a stick to keep clothes clean washing, then, this society is like a public washing machine. If the reform and opening up,

  • Oriental forum. Second.

    "Oriental forum, second (2009):" from the beginning of the second series, as Shanghai International Studies University Oriental Language School and professional academic garden, devoted to Afroasiatic language teachers and graduate students of outstanding research achievements. A collection of essays a total income of each professional language policy, language, literature, culture, politics,

  • Mo Yan Wang Yao dialogue

    In the process of this dialogue series planning, we ("we" is a can not easily use the word) first to get us some so-called "intellectuals", in fact, to "humanity" two words and "intellectuals" in the title, because both the surface of history or respond to reality, we from time to time,

  • The Fu st culture

    "The Fu st culture" by Li Xueqin, editorial director, Song Zhenhao, Gong long as editor, brings together a large number of academic papers and precious historical pictures, from the literature history, literature, unearthed archaeological discovery in many aspects such as history, discussed his land, and he for Chinese traditional culture,

  • The magazine viewpoint

    China Japan Research Deepening and world links, "Journal of view (China deepening Japan research and its links with the world)" edited by Lin Chang, "the magazine viewpoint (China deepen Japan research and its links with the world)" is China Journal of Japanese Studies and related international journal of research colleagues wrote. It from the academic journal view, reflects the Chinese date,

  • Li Bai and the culture of Tang Dynasty

    "Li Bai and the culture of the Tang Dynasty (Revised Edition)" from Li Bai and Tang Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, "literary selections", regional culture, foreign culture, ganye wind, hermit ethos, militarism, roaming, music, dance, painting style, calligraphy, garden culture, wine culture, Yue Wen the seventeen aspects of li,

  • 海越 American culture in Guangxi

    GUI 海越 American culture history, "Gui 海越 American culture in" by Huang Guiqiu: South China more people called Baiyue, splendid culture, has a long history, is the creator of rice cultivation and marine culture. This book is the author of the South Vietnamese ethnic culture in China nearly 30 years of research articles. A total of five parts. The first episode of "national literature and folk literature and art",

  • Liu Ji comments

    "Liu Ji says" Liu Ji's life, the status and role of the thought of Liu Ji, development, strategy thought, military thought, Liu Ji and the Yongjia school, Liu Ji and Liu Ji culture, Liu Ji culture and the utilization of culture and economy, Liu Ji, Liu Ji culture and regional culture development, Liu Jiwen and humane accomplishment of. "Liu,

  • Linqu canal

    "Lingqu canal" brief introduction: South of the Five Ridges culture is the culture of the Chinese nation of distinctive features, bright and colorful, full of vigor and vitality of the regional culture, its development use has caused the attention of the society. South of the Five Ridges is rich in cultural connotation of the excavation, sorting and research, although "south of the Five Ridges" as the carrier of the result of library. But "south of the Five Ridges library",

  • The dragon and the China culture

    Since 7000 years of the Neolithic age until today, dragon, almost throughout the history of cultural development in the long and complex, and in the fields of religion, politics, literature, art and other plays an important role in. This phenomenon is rare in the history of human development. The dragon is not only in the culture of the Chinese nation everywhere,

  • History of civilization in Europe

    "History of civilization in Europe" author Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizo (1787-1874) is a famous French bourgeois politician and historian. A Christian family he was born in Nimes, his father is a famous lawyer, in 1794 by the Jacobin government executed. He's in exile. ,

  • Modern cross cultural communication

    How to communication with foreigners, "modern intercultural communication: how to communication with foreigners" or as one of our research in the field of representative. Wide range of intercultural communication theory, interpersonal rules, language and body language communication, strategy, modern commercial negotiations abroad and cover topics such as. The book has unique design, novel rich data,,

  • Introduction of Da Yu culture

    Da Yu as a historical figure, the center of the study can be referred to as the "Da Yu". Da Yu culture is a concept proposed today, but for the Da Yu culture research, start as early as 4000 years ago. "Yu the Great Cultural Studies" is edited by Liu Xunhua et al., Wuhan University press,

  • My country

    My country, Chen Jitong is the Chinese culture to Westerners, prompting western society understand the first person China culture. His fame is not Gu Hongming, but he is better than Gu Hongming as early as ten years to introduce China culture, Chinese drama and Chinese classical novel "Strange tales from Liaozhai" to Western readers. This book introduces the reader to the West Chinese society,

  • Double variation of literary and Cultural Studies

    "Double variation of" literary and cultural studies of the author in a unique way for twentieth Century since 80 time some academic and cultural trends reflect and think. The relationship of literature in the new century, the relationship between some factors, diversification and value reconstruction of literary and reality (through), and the condition of fiction and poetry,

  • Study of Islamic culture and social realistic problem

    "Personal feeling of" Islamic culture and social realistic problem based on fieldwork in Arabia national got, carefully analyzes the questions covering Islamic social reality, mining their relationship between society and people, to provide basic point of view of a true and reliable understanding of Islamic society to,

  • The three sub study of clouds

    "Yao Rong book" Wang Jisi academic fund Guangdong Chinese culture, yellow Tianji academic Fund Series: the cloud three sub study "is divided into two parts: the first part mainly, the three son of his thought; the main research between the three literary creation. The discussion between three sub activities of life, and in their,

  • The study of Nantong culture

    The book consists of 8 chapters, including: Nantong culture plate and special research value, the research on the development of Nantong culture (on), study of the process of cultural development in Nantong (middle), study of the process of cultural development in Nantong (below), the culture of Nantong distribution pattern of Nantong cultural characteristics, research. ,

  • Integrated innovation road of Chinese culture

    "The main content of integrated innovation road" Chinese culture includes: the family culture and the future of the world -- a review of Huntington's "the clash of Civilizations", to deepen the comprehensive innovation study of the concept of cultural, adapt to the needs of the times, to create a new country of two new situation, Xiong Shi force in the modern transformation of Chinese traditional philosophy more,

  • Dissemination of the culture

    Wisdom of the Mohist Thought, although once because of historical reasons by dispersal limitation, but never because the passage of time loses its intrinsic value. The views expressed in the discussion of a series of life difficulties, to give people inspiration and warning profound. The Mohist school to do off the problems of the thought is, so far no one,

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