• Chinese name alias

    The name "alias" Chinese for the books, mainly introduced the name and word combinations, the name of the characteristics of the times, the name of the application, the posthumous title, nickname, nickname etc. "Series" cultural history China predecessor have 110 topics, covering all aspects of history and culture, by the commercial press,,

  • Study of Ceng Houyi Zhong Ming school bells and release

    In order to check books Hou Yizhong had inscriptions, this research sets a great, to have meaning and cut, including without involuntary discharge of urine, coherent, fine detail calm. The researchers of this volume in hand, that was all. This is also the new covenant, one of the great merits. And the bell temperament to a firm for comparison, in the predecessor research base,

  • Shinto and Japanese culture

    One of the series of studies on Japanese culture. This book is about the study of Japanese Shinto culture articles, received a total of 15 papers. The article or from the angle of thoughts; or from history, folklore, or a combination of the cultural exchange between China and Japan on Japan's Shinto investigation and study. ,

  • Study on the reform of China culture unit

    "Overview" reform unit China cultural undertakings of cultural institutions of reform China's basic situation, based on the concept that institutions, cultural institutions and so on, assessing the course of cultural institutions of reform in our country, analyzes the basic reasons behind the reform of cultural institutions: both,

  • The East Asian Cultural Studies (first series)

    "East Asian Cultural Studies" based on the modern East Asia, have the whole world in view, each with a theme, scholars can carries on the discussion and dialogue on issues related to the subject. Brainstorming, responsible. This series of theme of "East Asian philosophy and twenty-first Century"; in addition to the theme, also has some columns, real-time display of the East Asian academic,

  • Xun 勖笛 law research

    Xun 勖笛 law is rich in musicology ore. Mr. Wang Zichu following the footprint its teachers and previous exploration, double in the academic discoveries, harvest. Many years ago, Wang Zichu studied under Mr. Huang Xiangpeng and received a master's degree, the master's thesis topic is Xun 勖笛 law research. After graduation, he continued the subject,

  • Kroraina Cultural Studies

    Kroraina culture research series, "Kroraina cultural studies" is Chinese center of Kroraina culture research of Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang in Bayinguoleng hosted "Kroraina Cultural Studies Series" in a book, the book compilation included studies in recent years China scholars on the culture of Kroraina a number of important academic achievements. Ancient Kroraina is China ancient Xiyu (Modern Xinjiang) region,

  • The fusion of horizons

    "Fusion of Horizons" is a concept of hermeneutics, refers to the world (or the text meaning the world) and the reading and interpretation of the world in communication, dialogue, exchange process of their vision (perspective) of the fusion, mainly for the discussion of problems related to the meaning of the text and understanding. The book,

  • China bathing culture

    "Chinese bath culture" discusses China bath culture from tracking traceability, myths and legends, the mysterious religion, etiquette, customs, religious rites for thousands of years, bath things, miscellaneous philosophizing text color etc.. ,

  • The historical literature and Cultural Studies (first series)

    This book collects 28 papers, the content is divided into four parts, namely Chinese historical literature research, the study of Confucianism and Taoism, Zhang Shunhui research study of academic thought, cultural history, the vast majority are the crystallization of years of research work. ,

  • Interesting research

    Textual research, is the basic method Chinese traditional academic. In order to actually textual knowledge, commonly referred to as the textual criticism. Textual criticism is not in old books exudes Meiqi old dead knowledge. Read many outstanding textual research achievements in quality, can feel the wisdom shine, be full of wit and humour. Book selection, study,

  • Cultural Studies (Fourth Series)

    This book is devoted to cultural research publications a, study the special case is the image. ,

  • Taoism and China cultural spirit

    This book mainly part of the China traditional thoughts of Taoism are briefly discussed, focusing on the Taoist thought giving China ancient literature and art, natural science and social life. ,

  • Cultural research interview

    Cultural research interview, ISBN:9787500438427, author: Xie Shaobo, Wang Fengzhen eds.,

  • The development of cultural industry China Road

    On the basis of "taking innovation as the soul, construction of China's cultural industry system" for the purpose, reviews the rise, the development of China's cultural industry, especially the profound analysis of the face of China's cultural industry in the context of WTO problem, which leads to the China cultural safety, cultural industry policy, the reform of the cultural system,,

  • Research of Tsinghua University thought and culture of the second series

    Research of Tsinghua University thought and culture of the second series, edited by Liao Mingchun, Tsinghua University press,

  • Tripod set

    Chinese ancient eating utensils culture, "tripod set: Chinese ancient eating utensils culture" the China ancient dietary culture, including: human fireworks, said stove, ancient Hot pot, bronze, wood, paint the gluttonous ancient wine, Dalian cup and other Food preferably with beauty, etc.. ,

  • How to face the Chinese 101 questions

    How to face the Chinese 101 questions (Spanish version), ISBN:9787508521176, author: Shen Yi, (USA), Bing grand exhibition translation,

  • City context and mass culture

    Analysis of Shanghai urban cultural space,,

  • Study on the novels and the culture of ancient city

    The ancient novels and city has a special relationship: have an important impact on the emergence and development of novel city on the one hand, on the other hand, the ancient novel a vivid picture of the city, but reflect the ancient city life vivid. This paper focuses on the latter. Mainly in ancient novels as the research object,

  • In the intercultural communication practice

    "Sino Japanese intercultural communication practice" in Japanese professional university undergraduate students as the main object, with the language reform and curriculum construction from the perspective of intercultural communication, the cultivation of intercultural communicative competence of foreign language talents. Ability to cultivate cross-cultural awareness, how to deal with in the aspects of cross-cultural communication activities to learn,

  • How to face the Chinese 101 questions

    "How to face the Chinese 101 questions (Arabic version)" content brief introduction: "in the same world -- in the face of a foreigner 101 questions" companion, is also the world's understanding of a window Chinese, we can from the Chinese history and culture, people's basic necessities of life, Chinese logical thinking, cultural aspects,,

  • Study of Zhou Qin Han and Tang culture. Second.

    As one of the books published by the generation of academic journals numerous, although for various complicated reasons, not like the official journal, publication that is retrieved, description, but we are also pleased to see, she was a welcome and praise in the academic circle, some contents are of considerable authority Abstract journal,

  • China smokers and the cigarette culture

    "China smokers and tobacco culture" is not the wine culture of the book, nor the tea culture of the book, but one of the China smokers and tobacco culture book. As smokers on the author's own personal experience to tell, for readers to analyze. Many cultural elements such as Chinese, ritual, music, and, and, no, deeply fall,

  • Chu Culture Studies

    Chu Culture Studies (sixth sets), ISBN:9787535141866, author: Chu culture study ed.,

  • Comparative study of Hongshan Culture and primitive religion nomads

    A comparative study of "Hongshan Culture and primitive religion nomads (Mongolian)" is an academic work for the first time on the system of Hongshan Culture and primitive religion of northern grasslands of comparative study. Based on the detailed archaeological data, combined with the data of ethnology, cultural anthropology, applying archaeological,,

  • Zhou Yiliang (the fourth volume)

    Japanese history and the history of Sino foreign cultural exchanges,

  • Cultural Studies (Third Series)

    The study of culture. The third series, Tao Dongfeng, Jin Yuanpu, Gao Bingzhong, ed., Tianjin Community College press,

  • Study of Zhedong academic culture in Ming and Qing Dynasties

    This seminar will be fruitful and meeting the obtained the good academic atmosphere, into the East Zhejiang academic and cultural development of Ningbo history. The scholars of articles, from different angles expounds theoretical contribution of Zhedong academic culture and profound thought connotation and the representative personage, reflects the,

  • Believe in the future

    Believe in the future, ISBN:9787503419959, author: sun bing,

  • Research on popular culture Chinese (Third Series)

    "Research" China custom culture is pure academic journals published by contemporary scholars latest research results on the modern scientific spirit China popular culture. This print published related research China vulgar culture results, as well as domestic nationalities, the comparative study between Chinese and foreign culture in the traffic. Covers history at home and abroad,

  • German culture and modernization

    German culture and modernization, ISBN:9787806492086, author: Lu Shicheng,

  • How to face the Chinese 101 questions

    "How to face the Chinese 101 questions (French version)" is "in the same world -- in the face of a foreigner 101 questions" companion, is also the world's understanding of a window Chinese, we can from the Chinese history and culture, people's basic necessities of life, Chinese logical thinking, cultural aspects, to understand foreign,

  • Celebrities

    A celebrity phenomenon of cultural studies, have a look the directory will know, this is a rare, interesting and thought-provoking book. "With the decline of God's gone and the church, people seek salvation Canon props were destroyed, celebrities and wonders to fill the void, thus creating entertainment worship, but also led to a shallow, the vanity of the commercial culture,

  • The life of Kangle

    This set of books on various Chinese ancient social life and folk culture, be arranged for the presentation and discussion, the book featured a large number of ancient relics and historical image, intended by visual images, pictures, so that the majority of readers of the complex of ancient life events have a basic understanding of. Since the first series,

  • The history of world civilization

    Book tightly around the main theme of the development of human history, to be described will be divided into several types of civilization of human civilization, such as the ancient oriental civilization, Western classical civilization. And in the specific narrative, at the technical level device, display the clues for the development of the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and information technology revolution in the students,

  • Cultural Studies Reader

    The book what is culture of origin, cultural studies, the differences in political and cultural identity, political economy of mass culture, special media studies, included the most important trace twenty-five writing culture research in the development of the. ,

  • Cultural Studies (Volume 1)

    Cultural Studies (Volume I), comparative literature at Peking University Institute of cultural studies and comparative, new world press,

  • The study of popular culture (an interaction between culture and economy development angle of view)

    Mass culture is a historical category, fully embodies the relationship between culture and development of economic interaction. Change of contemporary China mass culture from the edge to the center, in parallel in the Chinese development basically with the socialist market economy. This development process is not linear, but several Yunjuanyunshu, and divide and appreciation,

  • Study of Yanghu literary school

    Yang Hu School of literature study -- series, Chinese traditional culture studies by Cao Hong, published by Zhonghua publishing house,

  • The value rationality and Chinese literary theory

    The value rationality and China literary theory, "rational value and Chinese literary theory", is a quite science component of the doctoral dissertation. The thesis topic and its conception, novel bold, creative. Author according to the present academic major controversy and pending, for hair, strong pertinence. The author points out that, in the studies of China ancient literature, ancient,

  • Cultural Studies

    The theory and practice, in twentieth Century since the 90's, Chinese ideological circle rapid differentiation, chaos cloud Feidu, fan Yong thought, thinking of the "new era" coming true. Ideology is no longer clear "left" and "right", and show the original ecological thought as a kind of spiritual activities, even those who seem to feel irreconcilable hatred for sb. theory such as modernity and post,

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