• Study of Erlitou site of Erlitou Culture

    Chinese · Erlitou site of Erlitou culture and international academic symposium proceedings, in 2005 October, China Archaeological Research Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences and the Yanshi Municipal People's Government of Henan Province, CO sponsored the "China · Erlitou site and Erlitou Culture International symposium". In this paper, are included in the thesis submitted more than 50 papers (or abstract). The content involves the Erlitou site and Erlitou culture,

  • The room supplies.

    "The room supplies dictionary" is divided into "the pen", "ink", "mold carving artist", "paper", "Yan", "traditional Chinese painting", "mixed with" the seven part. ,

  • The kite

    "The kite" also pointed out, the kite is Chinese invention. USA Washington Smith Aerospace Museum Hall, that reads: "the earliest aircraft is China kites and rocket." By American famous writer 比尔斯尔克 screenwriter, by American Thompson film company produced "science and education film,

  • The pre Qin classics and Chinese subject culture

    The "Six Classics" is followed from the inheritance, and traditional coherence. Trace back to the origin, and the Duke of Zhou Wen Wang Zhao since should. My book "on Zhou Wenwang nation thought and the Zhou Dynasty ritual music system -- Also on the Confucian culture and the origin of the", "Li" as research week metric "Le" is derived from the Confucian culture,

  • Yanhuang Culture Research (Fourth Series)

    Carry forward the Chinese human ancestor -- Yanhuang two emperor exploits, the inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional culture, to unite all the children of the Yellow Emperor at home and abroad, to promote the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation in the new century, is always advocated series since the founding of the purpose of. At home and abroad is only to highlight the Yanhuang two emperor and the age of science,

  • Qi Culture Research

    This book is one of the Qilu Culture Studies in the Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, is a film about the Qi culture research theory monographs, content involves the Qi culture of natural environment and cultural origin, Qi culture development course, Jixia Academy and Jixia Academy, Qi culture and basic characteristics of the content, suitable for Shandong culture researcher reference learning,

  • Going beyond culture and cultural cognition

    This book uses American human culture famous scholar, University of Chicago professor Edward T. Holzer's cultural extension theory, discussed in the context of globalization, developing mode and way of cultural exchange, communication and mutual understanding and correct cognition. On the Sino US culture as an example, analyzes the present problems in the process of cultural exchange between China and asked,

  • Yanhuang Culture Research (fifth series)

    With the increasing number of archaeological finds, Yanhuang two emperor has become a historical era, become the National Humanities ancestor, is a symbol of Chinese ancient civilization. This book from the multi-disciplinary, multi perspective on Chinese culture, reproducing Yanhuang two emperor and their elegant in manner, attitude and speech. "" Yanhuang Culture Research and general research of the chinese,

  • The sublimation of life

    Study of Oriental human culture, the oriental culture of the human body is a new subject in the field of the social sciences. This book is based on the background of the national history and culture, from the dance, opera, Chinese medicine, fencing, aerobics form aspects of a more systematic, scientific and extensive in-depth exploration of human motion, so that human life can be sublimated. Therefore, this book,

  • Image narrative from the perspective of culture of Zhejiang Province Social Science Planning Projects

    Image narration, culture in the perspective of ISBN:9787307056749, author: Chen Linxia,

  • Study on the construction of campus culture theory in the new period

    Research, campus culture construction theory in the new period, the author: ISBN:9787810923279, Wang Ji, Zhao Xiuyu,

  • The jade culture of the Yangtze Basin

    Research Library of the Yangtze River culture, the book is the library culture in the Yangtze River, is the author of the famous archaeologist and jade expert. Based on detailed field of archaeological data, the author summarizes the development process from the new stone age to the Ming and Qing River jade. Directory introduction chapter China Neolithic jade culture,

  • Yangshuo tourism culture research

    "Guilin Scenery is a landscape of Guilin, Yangshuo". The book begins sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, a bird's eye view of the development situation and Prospect of Yangshuo tourism development, and then describes the causes of change, Yangshuo tourism social cultural trend of Yangshuo tourism culture phenomenon, and the Yangshuo social language phenomenon of the study. This article lists,

  • Chinese culture exploration

    Chinese culture exploration, ISBN:9787532539970, author: Shan qi,

  • Studies China Uighur history and culture

    This book is the proceedings, contains a total of Uighur history and culture China papers she thirty, has high academic value and social value. Whether from the research and theories are quite good, has certain guiding significance for the teaching and scientific research work. ,

  • Heritage charm

    "Is the inheritance charm" 100 forum series in a book, after more than one thousand sunrise and sunset, "100 forum" the biggest gain is more than 700 disc heavy tape. Seven hundred forty-five minutes for television programs should be a short time, especially when this duration record the essence of human thought,

  • Shu Culture Research

    Modern historian Zhang Kaiyuan once told me: "scholarship not Mei language, seeking truth and only later." "History should keep their own independent scientific character, historians should keep an independent scholar personality. History is not the political handmaid, money is not the servant. Excellent historiography is the national culture treasure, and,

  • Study on local culture

    China and Japan in the long river of history, each forming a rich culture system. At the same time, the exchange also formed a relationship, and this relationship is more reflected in the local culture. To explore the local culture, is the study of culture and cultural exchange mushroom to subject. In view of this,

  • The Haining Zha family culture research

    In the history of several thousand years Chinese society, family organization has always been the cornerstone Chinese traditional social structure; the family culture is an important part of traditional culture, is the power of traditional culture, penetrating into every aspect of social life. This book to check the family culture as the research object, tries to theoretical innovation,

  • Study of Liao Yan

    Liao Yan is at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty has the heterodox thinkers and writers, as a commoner, neither glorious family, but also lack of wise assistance, so not only after the death of the poor reputation, which was also less known. China literature and Philosophy Research Institute of rare ancient books series "Edit" in a series of Liao Yan's "twenty income,

  • Language and Cultural Studies (Fourth Series)

    Language and Cultural Studies (Fourth Series), ISBN:9787810954617, author: Wu Youfu,

  • Study on Guangdong ethnic and regional culture

    "Research" Guangdong ethnic and regional culture, culture and ethnic culture of Guangdong Han people and groups, there are the following main contents: Guangdong ancient human and the ancient Yue's culture in history; Qin unification of South of the Five Ridges Han culture blend with the South Vietnamese culture; Guangdong Han Cantonese, Chaozhou and Hakka the three people's principles,

  • Study of school culture

    This book from the perspective of organizational culture, from the micro perspective in the study of school culture, the theory method and the narrative research combined, for the study of school culture is a heaven and earth. Especially the author of the book "educational narrative" way to reproduce a fresh place in "the school site" story, uncovering,

  • Chinese University 1895-1995

    A cultural conflict of the century, "1895-1995" China university professor Xu Meide, is the famous scholar in Comparative Education Research in higher education, one of the experts China is also the world's most prestigious, former Canadian ambassador to Chinese embassy, Professor of the Department of higher education of University of Toronto in Canada, the Ontario Institute of education,,

  • Village tradition and Ming Qing gentry

    "Village tradition with the Ming and Qing Dynasties gentry: introduction of institutional change" Shanxi Zezhou rural society: Song Jinyuan period local beliefs and village system, Song Jinyuan's local beliefs and village system, national and local history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties village, Zezhou gentry society, a town of the "social" and the village,

  • Research China national cultural security

    In twentieth Century 80 since the emergence of globalization, greatly highlighted the cultural security problem, including Chinese weak nation. The book stand in the world of the globalization of the world, from the perspective of cultural philosophy, adhere to the unity of logic and history, the principle of combining theory with practice, such as culture and culture,

  • Salt culture studies (first series)

    This album is a collection of the national scientific research institutes, universities and industry experts, scholars institutions submitted to the center the first symposium of papers and works a total of 28. It mainly contains six parts: A, salt and culture: the salt in the history not only promote economic prosperity, but also greatly promote the culture of the,

  • Dongyi culture research

    Dongyi culture research, ISBN:9787533317348, author: Pang Zhenhao,

  • Liang Qichao culture

    Liang Qichao is a famous Chinese modern history scholars and politicians, have very high academic achievement. This book unique insights in the cultural aspects of the great revolution, including the European tour was recorded heart shadow excerpt, the spirit of science and culture, the cultural history of the research of several important issues, India and Chinese culture,

  • The study of network culture

    Research on network culture, Wang Wenhong, Gao Weifang, Chinese Yanshi press,

  • Yanhuang Culture Research (Third Series)

    With the increasing number of archaeological finds, Yanhuang two emperor has become a historical era, become the National Humanities ancestor, is a symbol of Chinese ancient civilization. This book from the multi-disciplinary, multi perspective on Chinese culture, reproducing Yanhuang two emperor and their elegant in manner, attitude and speech. Can't Chinese traditional culture and feudal culture,

  • Differentiation and integration of cultural region

    This book is to present Shaanxi province for regional definition of cultural geography research monograph. In the composition, the author is by a large number of documents in their possession, in the region and the level to promote a clue, differentiation and integration to philosophy, from the academic culture, dialect drama, the spread of religion, marriage and funeral customs and folk beliefs,

  • Selected readings in Cultural Studies

    Selected readings of ISBN:9787560064451, cultural studies, author: Wang Fengzhen,

  • Study on Confucian culture (first series)

    New studies from the Chu bamboo slips, study of Confucian culture, the first series: studies from the Chu bamboo slips. This book is the traditional characters. "Series of Confucian culture research", is to explore the problems of Confucianism, thoughts and culture of the special speech space. Through domestic and foreign published home learned Govan discussion, will pass through the creative transformation of Confucian tradition is dedicated to the China and,

  • 2004-2005 annual report Chinese cultural innovation

    "2004-2005 Chinese cultural innovation annual report" is a comprehensive research on the national culture innovation of the theory and practice of cultural innovation and development, basic content relates to the national level research direction and trend, also includes the practice case of cultural innovation rich, in the present stage represents the cultural innovation,

  • The original culture and classical

    "Original culture and classical" focuses on the classic of Chinese classical, Hebrew and Mesopotamia, focuses on the original culture and method, the formation and interpretation of Chinese classic, "the formation and interpretation of" the Bible, Mesopotamia classic and classic encounter will pass the important theoretical problems. In the book it as,

  • The study of Han culture

    The Han Dynasty has a special status in the history of Chinese culture Chinese, derived therefrom, broad and profound, has a long history. Not only Zhang Heng's scientific, literary achievements universally acclaimed, and Chinese medicine culture in Zhang Zhongjing's "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" as the representative of the still shine with incomparable luster, better known as the "Chinese culture three,

  • Collection and culture

    Collection and culture: a study of ancient private book collection culture, ISBN:9787303050185, author: Zhou Shaochuan,

  • Study of Zhou Qin Han and Tang culture (Third Series)

    Study of Zhou Qin Han and Tang culture (Third Series), ISBN:9787806289044, author: Huang Liuzhu, Wei Quanrui,

  • Garner

    This book is "one of the Commonwealth countries modernization.". Garner was the first to independence from colonial rule in the black Africa state, and is the first in the country in Africa smoothly realized by the military regime transition to democratic government. However, in the realization of modernization, the Garner administration is like,

  • To explore the mystery of culture

    "Mystery of culture" to explore the main introduced the human history of the unbelievable architectural culture, business culture and so on various aspects of mystery, all kinds of mystery, attracting a large number of readers, here, not be a wild legend things, clear bright, vivid and interesting story, afford much food for thought, is to explore the magic,

  • Chinese memory - Chinese Cultural Heritage Archives

    "Chinese memory: Chinese Cultural Heritage Archives" is a large cultural 2006 CCTV science and education channel first passion launched live show, the program has Rong pseudo 2006 year CCTV best program Award; in 2007, the science channel CCTV once again tries their best to build [China memory -- Cultural Heritage Expo months]. ",

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