• The Shandong canal culture

    This book tries to research the Shandong canal basin culture, expounds the development of Qilu culture and history. In this study, absorb a lot of the previous research results, this paper gives a comment and description. Also use the previous findings and collation of historical materials, but also the use of a large number of people have never found out,

  • Research on commercial port and cultural site development thirteen lines of Guangzhou pan

    Thirteen Guangzhou is a national trade organization semi official semi commercial properties in the late feudal society in China. This book from the perspective of protecting the city history culture angle, from the promotion of historic blocks the view of sustainable development, business hall on thirteen sites and their distribution in Guangzhou area and the relevant historical sites, places of historic interest and scenic beauty, paper,

  • Transformation of traditional thought of creating China

    Wei Zhengtong Zi Xuan Ji, book of selected Taiwan famous scholar Mr. Wei Zhengtong, the book is picked from scattered in the books in the article, the most representative works of a total of 22 articles. From the content point of view, first of all, based on the experience and method of individual learning, from which we can see how the author as "creative transformation",

  • Chinese children culture - (Second Series)

    Children's culture is an important part of the whole human civilization. Today, the development level of children's culture and the degree of attention, and has become an important symbol of a society and civilization development level. Development Research of children's culture, to promote academic research and discipline construction of children's culture, behoove to should also be,

  • Chinese and Western culture in

    Cross-Cultural Communication in Action (Paperback), Doing the Culture, Linell Davis is a Nanjing University American foreign experts, in Chinese coach has been for many years. Linell Davis in Chinese in this years of career, with interest in a cavity of the oriental culture, become an author to compare the nation the two Chinese and America in macroscopical culture Tongzhao under, the,

  • Ancient books version platitude

    Illustrations for the book learning, the edition of ancient books knowledge introduction book. The book systematically introduces the origin and development of ancient book engraving, the engraving of the general situation and characteristics, the definition of the rare, towel box type book 帕本 chromatograph edition features version knowledge. At the same time to copy, copy, school and other special version is also discussed. Last.

  • Research on strategic and security culture Chinese

    The book is the cultural strategy and security China monograph. The author thought forms Chinese culture strength and continuous development, strengthen cultural strength strategic measures; emphasized to carry forward the Chinese national spirit, give full play to the role of national cohesion, cultivate the national self-confidence, enhance the whole nation's culture "immunity" in China's economy,

  • Deep valley 书缘

    "Shulinqinghua library" a full set of the first series in 6 volumes, including 6 experts and scholars to work. Although the focus each book has its own, but all of ancient books, library culture, books and spiritual connotation but the same breath. Their article is academic, and fun, readers in taste, so clear,

  • Vitoria era of Olympus

    Victorian Olympus by William Gaunt, "the Vitoria times" is the famous Mount Olympus in art history in British William Gunter "Vitoria times art trends" final part of the trilogy. Work from the different angle, different strokes, life and creation of this period of British painting, many artists are reviewed, described a kind of personalities,

  • Naxi culture to the world.

    On twentieth Century the Naxi culture,

  • The essence of Cultural Studies Reader

    Cultural studies as an academic research, have physical existence, but it is a discipline or a or a can not be classified as knowledge exploration areas, always argue back and forth and cannot agree. As early as in 1977, Colin Spark, pointed out the definition of cultural study sleepy impossible. After a lapse of several years,,

  • For the wrong set

    In this little book, mainly set part of the text outside the sun song a few years of academic papers. For him, it is more important than his academic papers. That is because, at the time of writing these things, he can feel in the face of themselves and the world face staring, can feel the soul of facing the world open,,

  • Longwen

    Chinese dragon culture research, "Longwen: the Chinese dragon culture research" includes: Chinese "dragon" culture communication overview, from ancient times to the Qin and Han Dynasties period of the evolution of the dragon worship and cultural connotation, Hongshan Culture jade animal face slotted shape uses research, the belief and Buddhist research, national totem and National Flag: the dragon and the China's national image dissemination, ming,

  • Should not be forgotten

    "World War II" period in Europe homosexuals, original data Mr. Jean Lobito used a large number of detailed testimony, and his party with Jean Paul Sutter and Michel Volker's conversation, to reveal a hidden history. -- "World War II" homosexuals persecuted by the Nazis in Europe during the fact. He also posed this question: is,

  • Look down the revolution

    On the history of thought of modern folklore Chinese (1918-1937), "China folk culture exploration: look down revolution" is the research works on the early development of modern folklore China. Is divided into three parts,. Part one mainly discusses the Chinese modern ethnology the social background and academic origin, part relates to the folklore of the main representatives of this period, according to the folklore of the,

  • Jinggong new theory research

    This book focuses on the genre's point of view, the Jinggong new doctrine the political and cultural background, the main disciple Jinggong new doctrine and writings, Jinggong new academic construction and characteristics of the theory, and in the Song Dynasty and history, impact on the history of academic thought in Song Dynasty, and Wang Anshi behind evaluation issues are made more systematic examination,

  • A broken mirror and shadow

    Doctor thought series,

  • Ancient history and culture of Southeast Asia

    This book is about the history and culture of Ancient Southeast Asia research works, systematically discusses the important historical and cultural development of Southeast Asia from the ancient to the beginning of the nineteenth Century. Both the research angle of view, history, social characteristics and development process of a total discussion; and the ancient history of South East Asian nations,,

  • On the history of cultural exchanges between China and the West

    Early forty's reading in the southwest United University, I have chosen to reach Mr. "Western transportation history lesson", this is I came into contact with the field, then to Mr. is famous at home and abroad for the history of Sino foreign communications authority. Mr. lectures very carefully, often also play some brilliant theory,

  • The ancient place names in Kunming

    The book consists of 17 chapters, including: "Kunming" and other places of origin; Kunming and the names of Kunming place names; settlement; landscape of Kunming place names. ,

  • Cultural Studies (Second Series)

    In China, we found that the scholars academic opinion often can't be friends (if not become the enemy is rare), and edited by a particular scholar publications often with considerable "circle" color. On the contrary, "cultural studies" in its initial period between several editors agreed:,

  • The annual Cultural Research Report

    "The annual Cultural Research Report (2011)" and strive to become an important platform and brand culture research, and make due contributions to the domestic of cultural studies, cultural studies "annual report (2011)" edited by Tao Dongfeng, fully demonstrated the domestic research culture in 2011 academic results. With annual theory,

  • International Sinology (eleventh Series)

    "International Sinology (eleventh Series)" is hosted by the Beijing Foreign Studies University research center of Overseas Sinology, a comprehensive academic journal edited by Mr. Ren Jiyu. The aim is to introduce Sinology research in domestic academic circles all over the world history, achievements and the latest progress, to broaden the research Chinese traditional culture. At the same time product,

  • The academic and Cultural Studies

    This book is about the academic and cultural symposium, 23 papers were selected, generally show the research results of the academic and cultural fields on both sides of the Taiwan Straits in recent years. The thesis is academic, Huxiang culture, the philosophy of Wang Fuzhi, Hunan, Hunan philosopher, personality spirit of the people of Hunan, lake,

  • Introduction to Cultural Studies

    "Introduction" cultural studies emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of culture study, CO authored by 5 experts from different fields, including cultural studies the main content of the. The book is divided into two parts. The first part expounds the meaning of cultural theory, different cultural concepts, symbols, language, art, advertising, television and other paper,

  • Shaman theory

    The shaman, mysterious call this in the world history of human culture has enjoyed an excellent reputation and awe, worship, has been known to the world. Especially in recent years, our country attaches great importance to the Chinese northern minority cultural heritage and warm-hearted rescue, have prominent. Particularly impressive, many ethnic respectable old man,,

  • Folk Culture Research

    Folk culture research, ISBN:9787806597873, author: wu,

  • Study on the culture of Chinese traditional festival

    "Study" the Chinese traditional festival culture is a book, it is a folk cultural works to adapt to the urgent demand special this kind of comprehensive research and publication. The author of the book with his unique perspective of culture and folk culture point of view, the interpretation of the influence of culture, the Chinese traditional festival culture elements and culture. At the same time,,

  • The female media

    History and tradition, this book on the basis of the existing research results, in the following aspects: to attempt to do some attempts to show the whole system structure, the integrated use of in order to achieve the research method, try to use the first hand data. This paper analyzes the horizontal based on reference and absorption of existing research results, the longitudinal tensile steel. Both of the woman,

  • Duel

    The French passion, great change in the history of the 1789-1914 French indulge in turbulent times, people of the hero's summon, "Duel" like a luxuriant weeds. Literature cannot do without the soil, there are so many writers and thinkers talking about this time, to talk about the time available,

  • Life and culture

    The forum in Taiwan in fifty years Chinese history scholars in the field of classical works of compilation, is divided into thirteen topics, fourteen copies, respectively is: the method of history and historical interpretation; system and national; politics and power; ideological and academic; social change; economic fluctuation; city and countryside; family and society; women students and society,

  • Huxiang culture and modern Chinese

    China modern history review, "Chinese modern historical review" is a series of essays in the history of modern China Hunan Normal University national key disciplines introduced, "Huxiang culture and modern Chinese" is one of them. This paper set the theme of "Huxiang culture and modern China historical research", mainly involves three major themes: one is the Huxiang culture,

  • Cross cultural study of human nature and ethics

    Cross cultural studies, human nature and ethics of ISBN:9787207061447, author: Zhao Dunhua,

  • From the Han to the Chinese Science

    China research in Modern Japan, this book is from the point of view of "macro view of Japan China learning", the five chapter thirty-six section layout, the elaboration from "Sinology" to "the academic history of China learning", included in this specific time in Japanese academic circles on Chinese "Chinese" grasp the change, "the books" the transfer and classical scholar's academic achievements and ",

  • The political structure and cultural patterns

    Study of Bashu ancient civilization, "political structure and cultural pattern: study" Bashu ancient civilization is the series in the first chapter, the ecological environment and the origin of civilization, the evolution of the second chapter origin of civilization of ancient Shu political organization, the third chapter review and Ba Ba ethnic and political organization, the fourth chapter: the culture of Sanxingdui the fifth chapter theocratic regime and civilization,

  • "Cultural studies" trend of thought

    The trend of "cultural studies" the introduction, ISBN:9787010038544, author: Yu Wenxiu,

  • Foreign China ten theory

    This book is the extraterritorial China ten theory, main content include the eighteenth Century academy and thinking of Japan in the ninety's China learn new concepts on Xing meal macro, Kawai Yasumi "Sui Shu Jing Ji Zhi detailed examination", from the funeral system in understanding Chinese religion and society, Japanese Chinese Taoism history research, literature and history impression approach,

  • Taoism and the Yangtze River Culture

    Taoist school and Taoism and the Yangtze River Yangtze River culture, "cultural" mainly includes: me moral theory, Chuang-tzu's natural philosophy and social thought, the Yangtze River culture in the Huang Lao thought, metaphysics and the Yangtze River culture, the Sui and Tang Dynasties Taoism's re Metaphysics Thought in song and Ming Dynasties Yangtze River culture, traditional culture in the transformation of Taoism and the Yangtze River culture, in the late Qing Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty's personality liberation,

  • The introduction China traditional culture

    "Introduction" Chinese traditional culture on Chinese structure of traditional Chinese culture, features, modern value and the conflict between Chinese and Western culture, the contemporary cultural trend of thought, new insights into individual. In this book "China culture is the main structure" complementation of Confucianism and Taoism, and by social culture mainly as a clue, system and briefly expounds the China,

  • Study on the songs of Chu and ancient history and culture

    China ancient culture "of the solar cycle, Chu and ancient history and culture (Chinese ancient solar cycle culture revelation)" Description: "Chu Ci" research has long been a discipline, in recent years, especially the "hot". According to Mr. Tang Bingzheng said: "since 1977," the songs of Chu "study published more than 100 kinds of newspapers, at home and abroad,

  • Study of the contemporary Chinese city elderly culture

    This book examines the urban elderly population growing and living conditions through the literature method, questionnaire method and interview method, the method of analysis of the cultural exploration of the cultural phenomenon of its hidden behind and rules, present state and development of contemporary Chinese urban aged culture vein. The book can be said to fill the old culture,

  • The history and current situation of American Sinology

    This book is the history and current situation about Western Sinology research at home and abroad to discuss and translations collected, respectively, introduced the method, Italy, Britain, Germany, America, Russia and more than a dozen countries in Europe and America Sinology research and achievements, including both macro analysis of European and American Sinology overall development, also has Sinology in different countries,

  • The Guinness book of World Records

    The world's most authoritative record! Amazing things! There is nothing comparable to this human achievement! The 50 anniversary edition of the world's most exciting new record and amazing pictures! The book of the new record holder exclusive and special reports, to review the most inspiring of human achievement! The 1 in the world,

  • The classic Chinese culture

    "Classic Chinese culture (set of 10 volumes)" includes: "the Analects of Confucius" Chinese cultural classics, "Chinese cultural classics", "Mencius on China culture classics under the Mencius", "China cultural classics" me, "Chinese cultural classics and Chuang-tzu", "China cultural classics, Chuang-tzu" "China culture by,

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