• Zhejiang cultural research project overview

    "Zhejiang cultural research project overview 2" according to a large number of archaeological material and documents, in a large number of reference on the study of this subject in recent years, the prehistoric cultures in Hangzhou conducted a comprehensive, system, in-depth study. From the view of macro research, the first time the framework of the Hangzhou prehistoric culture,,

  • Research and comment on Chinese traditional culture (first series)

    "Research and comment on Chinese traditional culture (first series)" the main contents: Chinese traditional culture is the spiritual link between the sea butterfly compatriots on both sides, promote cross-strait peace and common prosperity, economic and cultural relations should be equal. Both scholars to use knowledge, personality and wisdom, arouse the treasure of the Chinese traditional culture,

  • "Leaves collection" and China culture

    "Leaves Collection 'and' China culture" the book is divided into two parts, mainly for the comparison of leaves Waka and China literature after weaving, mainly discusses the "leaves collection" changes involved in the immortal thoughts articles and God, thought in Japan. The book layout rigorous, before and after the two series of the selected items are related to each other, especially immortal thought,

  • China (ninth, ten series) (six volumes)

    "China" is from the Tsinghua University Institute of International Sinology, Chinese culture research center of Zhongshan University, University of Hong Kong Rao Zongyi academic librarians, Thailand huachiew chalermprakiet University Chinese Culture Research Institute Co sponsored by the Chinese traditional culture to study for the purpose of academic books, published irregularly. This is the "huaxue" Ninth series, concentrated income,

  • The discipline construction and application of roll - ethnic studies.

    The Marx doctrine of ethnology, refers to the Marx's dialectical materialism and historical materialism as the guiding ideology of the system of theories of ethnology. It is historical materialism theory propagation of the Marx doctrine, for the excellent culture of various ethnic groups, has made a significant contribution to promote solidarity, cooperation and social progress of the people of all ethnic groups. ",

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    "The chrysanthemum and the sword (English version)" tells the story: the late World War II, Ruth Benedict and a number of anthropologists, appointed by the government, to study japanese. Benedict inherited the teacher 波厄斯 cultural anthropology theory, starting from the unique Japanese language habits, thinking patterns, grade system, study,

  • Chinese genealogy

    This book formed according to the Japanese scholar Taka Akigoro works "Genealogy Research" research compiler. ,

  • The invention of tradition

    The book consists of six case studies, respectively, of Welsh national costume, Scotland classics reengineering, Royal ritual change, under British rule changes, India celebration etiquette Africa national imitation of the British middle class lifestyle, and from 1870 to 1914, England and France, Germany national holiday,

  • Harmonious Culture: An Introduction

    This book is a key project of Shanghai "eleven five" planning, is a discussion of harmonious culture's work. The content includes the harmonious culture and harmonious society, harmonious culture connotation and the characteristic, harmonious culture and harmonious thought of ancient Chinese, harmonious culture and Western view of harmonious society, harmonious world, harmonious culture and social structure, harmony,

  • Ba Shu Culture Research Quarterly

    "Bashu Culture Research Quarterly 4" the main content includes: Bao Shan Chu Jane 鄗 that Pakistan said; "Yu the great was born in Xiqiang" said new evidence; legends and history Ba Ba era art source; source; "Linjun legend" surname origin and distribution of Linjun myth -- research two; from the Qi site to explore the altar of BA culture,

  • Ethnic studies.

    The Marx doctrine of ethnology, refers to the Marx's dialectical materialism and historical materialism as the guiding ideology of the system of theories of ethnology. It is historical materialism theory propagation of the Marx doctrine, for the excellent culture of various ethnic groups, has made a significant contribution to promote solidarity, cooperation and social progress of the people of all ethnic groups. ",

  • City famous research works / Yaojiang Culture Series

    "Introduction to the city famous research works" content: from the geographical sense, the northern grassland, the western mountain are the cultural barrier and side pole, the direct impact on Chinese culture; Eastern and southern sea is a strange presence of Chinese culture, have not set the affinity. Therefore, the paper,

  • The culture of living history

    In the long history, broad and profound Chinese civilization system, China living culture is one of its important components, is the most personality, the most practical, the most far-reaching impact on future generations of civilization subsystem "treasure house of fruits". China -- each historical period as the contemporary Chinese residential culture source,

  • The Northern Song Dynasty writer's economic life

    "The main content of the Northern Song Dynasty writer's economic life": economic life is an important part of the literati of daily life, to understand the song literati literati mentality to explore the economic life, are of great significance to understand the literature of song dynasty. The Northern Song Dynasty writer in the official before, because economic source Co., generally poor economic conditions. While,

  • Mazu Culture Research

    There have all kinds of connections with the relationship between Mazu legend and Chinese ancient myth, closely. This is the original intention of the author to write a book. Mazu legend originated in the feudal society of Chinese mid song and Yuan Dynasties, flourished in the late feudal society in Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations. This period "legend", "rumors" extremely prosperous, more common in,

  • Research Confucius culture

    "Research" Confucius culture published by Shanghai culture press. ,

  • Shanghai style culture and wonderful world expo

    "Shanghai style culture and wonderful World Expo" content is: you are all college students, scholars, has read a lot of books, reading a lot of books. Today, I want to suggest that you read a "Shanghai style culture and wonderful World Expo", a book, a living book. I believe you will accept this suggestion I very happy, because this,

  • Keywords culture research

    The book is a collection of 193 cultural theory entries, sorted according to the Chinese phonetic alphabet, made about 50 words discussing. Editor's choice, especially in the study of cultural theory are often used but to shed light on the concepts, describes its theoretical origin, history and trend and important figure. This book is dedicated to domestic culture,

  • The origin of civilization

    "The origin of civilization" is the origin of Heluo culture research series of Heluo civilization. Heluo culture is the sum total of Luoyang as the center of the ancient the Yellow River and the junction area of the material and spiritual culture, is the core of the culture of Central Plains, it is also the essence of Chinese traditional culture and the mainstream. Heluo culture "riverside", "Luo Shu" as the standard,

  • Study of Dayu culture across the Taiwan Strait

    "Content" Dayu culture study on both sides of the Taiwan Straits: Seminar 2008 the Dayu culture anthology collects 35 papers from scholars across the Taiwan straits. These 35 articles involving many fields King Yu combating the flood myth, Da Yu and Yue culture, relationship, Da Yu and Da Yu of Taiwan spirit and the modern society construction, the paper,

  • Mongolia Han Tibetan religious culture communication research

    "Han Tibetan Mongolia nationality religious thoughts of cultural exchanges with Han, Tibetan, Mongolian" three national mutual combination of points, three, the Mongolian and Tibetan religious ideological and cultural exchanges, mainly spread from Tibetan Buddhism to Mongolia nationality areas, including the background, process, significance propagation, Tibetan Buddhism from the political status,

  • Flying the language - Sun Danlin couplets

    "Flying the language: Sun Danlin said" the main content: couplets couplet by the five generation of initiation, after long term evolution, the progressive development, in the formal bodiless pianfu, poetry and became the literary form very mature, independent, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is the most prosperous. People from the imperial courtiers to the head, from the palace pavilions to Peng window Mao households, creation,

  • Veiled beauty - Chinese needlework culture

    Chinese needlework has not underestimate the significance to construct the China culture character. The basic problem of book culture function of needlework, humanities, culture, art characteristic made a panoramic scan. Function theory that the functional characteristics of needlework is "a multi product can"; cultural theory points out the characteristics of needlework and symbols,

  • Remodeling China farmers image

    Zhao Benshan's research, "Remodeling China farmer image: Zhao Benshan's research (1995-2000)" after the use of cultural colonization studies, discourse power, mass culture, discourse, vulnerable groups study theory in pragmatics, and humor, cognitive context, relevance theory, the essay by Zhao Benshan et al plastic,

  • Elegant

    Poetry in my arms, Jun Mu Fuga, for thousands of years that a live person, an interesting story, a poem, a word, a sentence of fine word witticism, yun ji deep, meaningful. Elegance is the essence of Tang culture, embodies the Tang and song literati elegant spirit, is also a legacy of the rare Tang prosperity,

  • Chinese way of life

    From the traditional to the modern, "modern China transformation of cultural study of 3: Chinese way of life: from tradition to modern" volumes in writing before, we have used for a very long time to discuss, including the transformation of the basic trajectory of the China modern culture, and cultural transformation of external conditions and internal mechanism of knowledge and so on, get height,

  • Soochow cultural heritage (first series)

    "Wu cultural heritage (first series)" is to reflect the cultural heritage research responsibility series. Research results of this series is not only concerned about the non-material culture, research results are also concerned about the material culture. To make this series is rich and orderly, set up some programmes, such as "non material Cultural Forum", "folk hook,

  • Yanhuang Culture Research (Ninth Series)

    "Yanhuang Culture Research (Ninth Series)" is the China Yanhuang Culture Research will be a comprehensive academic culture series founded. To practice and reflect their purpose, and can reflect the research and cultural research in the field of academic research results, in column design, the establishment of the "articles", "the emperor and the age of the Yanhuang two,

  • China cultural relics Statistical Yearbook 2009

    Included the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and the municipalities, provincial cultural department make a report after the past culture career statistics, and reflect the development of cultural relics undertaking 2008 statistics. ,

  • The land of blue gown

    The turn of the last century Chinese really live, what kind of life? Experience how to upheaval and change? Keep what cultural tradition and outdated customs and bad habits? How to position urban, rural and social each aspect? This series will give you the answers to these questions. The author of the book series are in China one hundred years ago,

  • The experience of the reform of the cultural system in 70 cases

    This book includes promoting the business unit of cultural transformation and restructuring, discovery news media propaganda and management "two separate", deepen the public cultural institution reform, strengthen the construction of public cultural service system, speed up the transformation of government functions ten. ,

  • Ningxia drum music study / Ningxia intangible cultural heritage protection and Research Series

    "Ningxia drum music research" introduces: advocating music is part of China traditional music in the most practical, the most popular, the most abundant, the most beautiful. It is deeply rooted in the national, regional traditional customs and folk custom fertilizer in soil, the ecological environment in the characteristic and culture breeding, in the long,

  • Leibniz and Chinese culture

    Secondary school in the west, the first chapter of Leibniz: outstanding scientists and thinkers of the first section studious section second into the society section third Paris period fourth settled in Hannover section fifth academic contributions and historical evaluation of Marx in the sixth quarter, Engels and Leibniz Leibniz. The second chapter,

  • The feasibility study report set intangible cultural heritage project in Beijing City, the first series

    "Intangible cultural heritage of Beijing City: project feasibility reports (first series)" the main content description: the intangible cultural heritage of humanity and create inheritance has important historical value in history, culture matters with knowledge skill and skill of artistic value, scientific value, cultural value, such as folk literature,

  • The Song Dynasty Cultural Studies (fifteenth Series)

    "Song culture study (fifteenth Series)" for the collation of ancient books twenty anniversary of Sichuan University Institute of festschrift. The book is included in the article, the content includes two parts: Memorial articles and papers. The former is the establishment and development of ancient books review process, which relates to the ancient literature, history,

  • Study of Japanese language and culture

    "Study" of Japanese language and culture, published by the Hunan University press. ,

  • Eat post modern and post modern eat

    The book is divided into "I saw the dark light," the Hunger Artist and magician, eat post modern and post modern eat and Platon teaching method and four, on the East and west modernism and post modernism literature, including Kafka study. The essay into paper, these essays are full of profound thoughts, really,

  • Light of the East -- on China culture Wei Li Xian

    "Light of the East: Wei Rhenish on China culture" content brief introduction: since the late Ming Dynasty, Chinese has already begun with the west to the Western civilization contact, Chinese own history has not developed on the original track, Yi Xia's ideas began to shake. The relationship between the outside world and the China has already become an important problem China development, paper,

  • The research of Chinese traditional Confucian culture

    "The main content of" Chinese traditional Confucian Culture: Confucian traditional culture is the Confucian school represented by Confucius created by Yan, Lide, ritual, culture human centered ideology. The traditional Confucian culture, human civilization is everyone's responsibility, to advocate the whole society catch education. Confucianism not only explains the people,

  • The Chinese ancient family classic - Volume Four

    "The Chinese ancient family classic (fourth volumes)" content brief introduction: "Ci" refers to the elders to the younger generation of caresses; "filial piety" refers to the younger generation of support and respect their elders. "Ci" and "filial piety" constitute the Chinese traditional culture is the most important, but also reflects the important moral standard and family China traditional culture teaching,

  • Modern feelings between the local world

    China modern vernacular literature theory study and interpretation of the text, "modern feelings between the local world: the main content Chinese modern native literature theory study and interpretation of the text:" in the Chinese modern "local literature" this theory to the understanding of the concept, there are discrepancies, from the beginning of brewing, some writers, scholars to turn human strife. The present study,

  • Cultural differences and conflicts

    "Cultural differences and conflicts" includes: a comparative study of the Sino Japanese cultural impression; comparison between the national day; compare the difference between the two countries national way of thinking; difference between the Chinese and Japanese national main psychological characteristics comparison. "The cultural difference and conflict" by the Liaoning people's publishing house. ,

  • A study of university culture in the construction of advanced culture

    "Research" university culture in the construction of advanced culture is one of the National Education Science "fifteen plan" national key project "the major results in the study of" university culture in the construction of advanced culture, included a number of "University Culture Forum" conference papers or theme of the speech and the members of the project group in the course of research,

  • Literature in the history of landscape prism

    "Literary prism in the historical landscape: an introduction to the contents of" historical narrative of cultural studies at the turn of the century: a history of historical writing, since twentieth Century since the 80's has been the event is not bad. Among them, look for the cultural context and the new changes, such as the "beautiful" Ling, "son of heaven",,

  • Multidimensional perspective of literary and Cultural Studies

    Shanghai Academy of social sciences literature research institute paper selection, "study" literary and cultural dimensions of the research literature of Shanghai Academy of social sciences collection, received a total of 32 papers, a relatively complete recording of the research literature of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Institute of scientific research personnel in the winding and the past half a century of brilliant academic Lu, condensation of the literature of Shanghai Academy of social science research,

  • The real China.

    Real Chinaman, a lot of good moral quality and character admirable Chinese entangled together and gain by contrast interaction with defects and deficiencies of their. These things and times of coexistence, although with exuberant vitality, however changes very slowly. But, no matter who, when fully understand the Chinese, he will,

  • Jiangnan literati

    "The main content of literati Jiangnan": in this day, the Qinhuai River on the show is very leisurely, Wende bridge, near the shore, a boat alongside and habitat, although in the din, still appears to be quiet. This bridge and the ship was an excellent on, the ship, the bridge also appeared to show, and the boat across the bridge,,

  • Ningbo scenery

    Jiangbei District field investigation of Ningbo intangible cultural heritage, the book includes "intangible cultural heritage of Ningbo Jiangbei District and field investigation, street", "intangible cultural heritage of Ningbo Jiangbei District in fieldwork, Ma Street", "intangible cultural heritage of Ningbo Jiangbei District, field investigation, Baisha Street", "intangible cultural heritage of Ningbo Jiangbei District, hole fieldwork,

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